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The Sims Mobile- Izzy’s Fashion Shop


This post is going to explain all about Izzy’s Fashion Shop. You will find Izzy’s Fashion Shop in Parkside, click on it to start creating items:

It costs 20 fashion gems to create a new design:

Click create and Izzy will come up with something at random, the design will consist of a piece of clothing in a certain colour, a special effect and a trait.

We can see below Izzy created the Flirty Long Sleeve of Fortune which is a long sleeve top in coral with the heart effect and the lucky trait so a sim wearing this will have a bonus lucky trait:

Click claim if you want to keep the piece, if not you can click retry design and Izzy will create a new piece but this will cost 16 fashion gems.

Earning Fashion Gems– To earn fashion gems you need to complete the daily to do list task of giving stickers. Also the more stickers you receive from other players the more fashion gems you will earn at the end of the weekly sticker contest, read my guide to stickers post for more information

Pin Items– If you like one of the items but not the rest you can pin it and then retry the design keeping that item, it will cost 21 fashion gems to retry once you pin one item instead of 16. If you want to pin two items it will cost you 35 gems

You can find Izzy’s items in the style section under Izzy’s Special Creations.

A sim can only wear one of Izzy’s creations at a time and only one sim can wear that item at a time.

Items are gender based so only females can wear the female items and males the male items:


Any questions about The Sims Mobile? Give my Frequently Asked Questions page a read!

Click here to watch my Sims Mobile playlist on YouTube- new videos are added each week!

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9 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- Izzy’s Fashion Shop

  1. Thanks for the post! Is there a way to choose a Male or Female creation, or will it just always come out randomly? I was using my male sim and went to Izzy’s shop, but then he created a female shirt…

  2. Do you know if there’s a way to make boy or girl outfits? I’ve only gotten 1 girl and the last 4 or 5 have been boy.

  3. I have a floral top from Izzy’s creations but every time I put it on my sim she gets this green smoke around her. Why is this and how do I get rid of it?

  4. I keep getting male items and I’m not sure why I have tried his creations over 6 times and I still keep getting male items do you know how to prevent this? Thank you 🙂

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