The Sims Freeplay- Pregnancy Update!

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version

The most requested feature ever is now available- pregnancy is here! Complete the new discovery quest and see your sims baby bump grow over three trimesters, you can also buy maternity clothes and new nursery items!

Missed the facebook live stream announcement? Watch it here!


Complete the A Bump-y Ride Discovery Quest to unlock two types of pregnancy!

Check out my Guide to Pregnancy post for more information on how Pregnancy works in the game!

Stuck on a daily goal or support task? Check out my list here that explains how to complete each goal!



Build the Maternity Store to start the A Bump-y Ride Discovery Quest and to be able to buy maternity clothes and nursery furniture

Any returning events?

Dream Daycare Live Event– complete to unlock toddler and infant items! (available now!)

Long Hair Hobby Event– complete to unlock long hair for your female adult sims! Not available yet, begins 9th July  (the link is from the post last time this was available, I will create a new post when the event begins)



My Pregnancy Update Videos:

A Bump-y Ride Quest

Maternity Store

Guide to Pregnancy



81 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Pregnancy Update!

  1. When will this update be available? I can’t see anything in the app store yet. Thank you for your posts! They really help me out!

  2. Will this new quest show up automatically like the others have in the past? What is the max #of Sims we can have? ________________________________

  3. Oh my gosh I have been waiting for this, it totally made my day! Thank you for making these posts so clear and thorough–you are wonderful! You said how much the maternity store costs depends on how many buildings are already built–i have built all of the business and many of the house lots, and it cost me 3,500,000 to build the maternity store! I would think it would go down the more businesses and houses you have built, or am I misunderstanding that? Speaking of businesses, how cool would it be if you could have your pregnant sim go to the hospital and deliver her baby?? 🙂

    • You’re welcome and thank you 🙂 Unfortunately not, it actually increases the cost and time with each business you have built
      That would be cool! 🙂

  4. I got a reminder about the update, but I don’t see any change in the game. Should I have on certain level or finished a quest or something? An interesting thing, there is baby icon at top left, but if I click on that, I can buy a tropical romance island pack for 14 days, not an event.
    Any idea?

  5. Hi! thanks for you posts,can you please tell me how many sims I can have in my town.

  6. Hello.. i already update the app but but i don’t see the quest only the simtown market one.. is it not begin yet? Thank’s before

  7. why does my game freeze when I press the pregnancy event button? I’m currently doing the pregnancy quest and i’m finishing with all of the tasks but not the supporting tasks but it keeps on clutching and I can’t finish the quest.

  8. I tried to build the Maternity Store and got a message The Book of Spells quest needed to be done first. Why is that needed? What does it have to do with pregnancy. I haven’t wanted to do that one because of the sourcery theme. E

    • You must have begun the book of spells quest to be getting this message, you can only complete one discovery quest at a time so complete the book of spells quest and then you can build the maternity store

  9. I tried to enter a post on your website and kept getting an error. I hope you get this as I wanted to ask about this latest update regarding pregnancy.  I have completed the Two and a Half Sims quest so I tried to build the Maternity Store and got a message that the Book of Spells quest needed to be completed first. I have not wanted to do this one because of the sourcery theme. What does this have to do with pregnancy and why would this quest needed to be completed in order to move on with the pregnancy one.

    • You must have begun the book of spells quest to be getting this message, you can only complete one discovery quest at a time so complete the book of spells quest and then you can build the maternity store

  10. My pregnancy quest has stopped working not sure why. Just freezes then game shuts down

  11. Even after today’s update, I can’t open the app at all. It force closes every time I try. It was fine until today. Anyone else not able you get in at all?

  12. Firstly, I’ve followed your blog for years and you have helped me tremendously! So thank you.
    I was wondering if there is any chance of you creating a catalogue/ archive of all the different items that are unlocked? There’s been so many times that I have gone to a neighbours house or I look at the architect homes and see objects that I’ve never seen before and I want to know which quest/ event they had to complete in order to unlock said item. I understand it would take a while, but I’m sure the community on here would help you out!

  13. Hello! If we can’t access the game while we have other quests active, do you know if EA will extend the time for those quests too? I’m currently doing the Ghost Busters quest and the Basement of Kings quest, and I’d hate to miss out on the prize houses because the game won’t load 😦

  14. I can’t build the maternity store until I do Teachers pet quest. I already have the high school built. How can I do this?

  15. The appointment daily tasks are still on my update and cost almost 200,000 simoloneons or 14 LP is this going to be romoved later on?

  16. Just a tip for those whk doesn’t know yet… When doing the pregnancy quest, you don’t have to do the daily tasks in the order it appears, you can select the longest task and let it run through the night, for example.

    • I only get the option of doing the daily task as it appears. I can’t get any others to try. Is something wrong with the game?

      • I meant only the list of each day’s tasks. You can do it in any order. You can’t see other day’s tasks in advance

  17. I’ve finished the tasks within 8 days, but the baby isn’t born yet, what should I do next? Should I wait for 9 days?

  18. Hello! I am trying to complete a ‘Support Task’ that says to have 11 Sims wash my pregnant Sim’s dishes. So I have her eat and then others wash. However, I’m not getting credit for these. Are you able to help explain what I’m doing wrong? Thank you!

  19. My maternity coins STOPPED increasing!?!? When my other sims are done with their support tasks they are no longer earning their coins; they just got done giving advice to 13 sims and my coins did not increase when the task was completed. Is it just me? Side note I absolutely love the fact that I randomly came across your blog; it so amazingly helpful and has a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for all the help you provide to everyone!!!

  20. Please how do I try calming a tired sim for the support task in the pregnancy event?

  21. Do you have to complete multiple pregnancies to earn enough maternity coins to buy a complete set of furniture (either the nautical or contemporary sets)? Just curious if I should have a second pregnancy start to have a complete nursery in time for the first baby.

  22. can a parent who has two kids already participate in the 9 day pregnancy even or does It have to be someone who doesn’t have any kids or 1 kid

    • There needs to be space in the house to add a new sim so if you already have 4 sims in a house you won’t be able to start the pregnancy event in that household

  23. How can I see how much time I have left to do the ten daily goals for my pregnant sim? And for the support tasks? Do I have to complete the ten dail goals each day or just all of them during the nine days? Normally for time limited events you can see how many hours you have left but this time I can’t figure how much time I have, or when the days starts and stops for my ten daily goals?

    • The time limit for the support tasks is 9 days, you just have to complete them all in the time limit. You cannot see how much time is left on a day but if you don’t manage to complete all those goals that day you will be able to complete them the next day. You have to complete each day before you can move onto the next.

  24. Do you have to complete any quests other than the two and a half sims quest to do this one?

    • It’s just the two and a half sims one but if you are currently completing another discovery quest you will not be able to start this one until that quest is complete as you can only do one discovery quest at a time.

  25. HI.

    Can I have a pregnant sim if I already have the max number of sims? I haven’t reached level 55 yet, so my max is still 33. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to start the pregnancy quest.

    • Unfortunately you cannot start this if you don’t have space for another sim, if you really want to start it right now you could delete one of your sims to make room

  26. Hi. Just wanna ask if there’s a possibility that the “the bump-y ride quest” event will gonna back?

  27. I have the maximum number of Sims in my town and can’t find a way to get rid of one to make room for a baby. Does anyone know if this is possible, or am I just stuck?

  28. I completed the daily tasks and the support tasks as well and had earned maybe 1/16th of the amount of tokens needed to purchase the full furniture packs from the maternity store. I don’t get it. How are we supposed to buy the items if the quest ends and we have no way of earning maternity coins anymore?? so stupid.

  29. I’m stuck on the wash dishes in the sink support task. She won’t cook for herself. If I have someone else cook and have her eat, the option to wash the dishes when I click a sink does not come up. Am I doing something wrong?

  30. Can you have your baby after the event timer is up for the pregnancy event? Or can you not?

  31. Hi ! My sim is pregnant and it seems like the red circle is complete, but my sims cot is greyed out. It says sim limit reached. I can unlock it by paying lifestyle points but it returns to the options. And I deleted 2 sims to make space and it still says the same thing. What can I do now ? I’m stuck.

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