The Sims Mobile- Neighborhood Update

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The latest Sims Mobile update (coming out 26th November) is adding 3 new house lots to the game, perfect for players who love to build and decorate houses but hate demolishing them (like me!)

New Town Map

The map looks slightly different, there is no longer the house location, instead there is a house button in the right corner to take you to all the house lots:

Building A New House Lot

Once you reach level 18 you will unlock the 3 new house lots in Briny Heights, the price to build each lot varies (it increases each time you build one):

  • 2nd lot- costs S40,000 and takes 8 hours to build (but can spend 250 simcash to build instantly instead)
  • 3rd lot- costs S100,000 and takes 2 days to build (but can spend 500 simcash to build instantly instead)
  • 4th lot- costs S250,000 and takes 7 days to build (but can spend 750 simcash to build instantly instead)

Each house lot has a slightly different background and there are still grass patches/expansions to clear up but these should cost less in this update and you start with more space anyway (check out my land expansions post here to see how much they all cost)

You will be able to add 12 sims to each house but you still can only have 4 playable sims in total, I really think they should make it possible to change who your playable sim is without having to delete current playable sims from the game

Moving Sims

In Briny Heights when you click on a house you can see all the sims who live there, click go there to visit the house or click on a sim and then on a different house to move them to that house- you can even move out children to live on their own!

Family Portrait

You can now buy more family portraits in the wall decorations section to place in each house. When you click on the portrait you will see each household, click on the arrow to scroll through the households (playable sims will have the plumbob above their head)

You will see previous generations via a button in the corner of this screen but this isn’t separate for each household so you will see all your previous sims here

You can also see the family portrait by clicking on the house name in Briny Heights


Parties can only be hosted in the original house so make sure you have any party items you want your friends to use in this house

What else is new?

  • There is no longer the move out option when sims are retired, it is now just delete to avoid confusion
  • There is no longer a limit/count on objects in build and buy
  • Energy boosting items don’t need to be in every house, placing in one still gets the benefits in all houses!

I am so glad we can now build more than one house in the game! I haven’t changed my original house for so long as I don’t want to delete it but now I don’t have to! I would have liked to see more than 4 playable sims but I can see why it would be difficult to change that, hopefully in the future there will be an option to at least change which of our sims are playable and I would love to see more neighbourhoods with different themes and new themed items to go with them.

What are your thoughts on this update?

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2 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- Neighborhood Update

  1. I love this update, the second I updated and saw the extra lots, I bought one and started building a second house until perfection (moved out half my Sims, half the stuff, bought a lot of new stuff, etc). I also changed my primary house to reflect a style I’d long wanted to try.

    But I just tried to host a party at my second lot, when lo and behold I find out to my horror that parties must be hosted from the primary lot only. I have no idea why I didn’t question that I’d be able to host from any of the lots, but…I didn’t. I’m kind of upset now because I spent a lot of time and cash on creating the second perfect house, and part of the fun is having my consistently party-throwing friends come over to see it. I really hope that we are able to host from non-primary lots in a future update.
    (I loved everything else about this update).

    • Ah sorry I did say in the post you can only host parties at the original house. It is a shame that we can’t right now but maybe one day it will be possible.

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