The Sims Mobile- Renovate Your Space Update

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The Sims Mobile Renovate Your Space update (coming 3rd August) isn’t a huge update but it does bring with it a highly requested feature- photo mode!

Photo Mode allows us to take screenshots without all the icons on the screen being in the way!

How does it work?

The feature is only available in build mode so if you go to a party you won’t be able to take pictures but the host of the party can. In build mode you will see a camera button on the screen: 

Click this and you will see a much clearer screen:

There are a few buttons at the bottom of the screen:

1.Remove UI (icons)- this allows you to take your screenshot without anything in the way on the screen but first you can use some of the other options to set the scene

2.Pause/Play- get the perfect pose by pausing the gameplay

3.Lighting- there are 3 buttons in a rectangle:

a.Sun- set to daytime

b.Auto- will be the time of day it currently is for you

c.Moon- set to nighttime

4.Walls- allows you to toggle the walls up and down

5.Floors- move up and down the floors with this button

Once you have set your settings you can then click the remove UI button and then take a screenshot using your device (look up online how to do this if you are unsure how to take screenshots on your device) You will then be able to find the picture in your phone’s gallery and it’s as simple as that!

How do I get the UI (icons) back?

Just click on the screen and the bar shown above will return and then you can click the x in the corner to exit photo mode.

Watch my video to see how Photo Mode works:

What else is new?

The Raise the Roof Update allowed us to add 3 stories to our houses- we can now go one better with a fourth floor permit!

Once you reach level 30 and above you can buy a fourth floor permit for S200,000 (you will need to have brought the second and third floors first) it will take 3 days to receive the permit or you can rush for 300 simcash:

Watch my video here if you are unsure how to build multi story houses

Dream Garage Sweet Treat Showdown Event: Complete the latest Sweet Treat Showdown (starting 3rd August) to unlock hobby themed decor and a garage door to create the garage of your sims dreams!

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