The Sims Freeplay- Falling for Fall Update

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA Creator Network) may differ from actual version

Update available from 5th September 10:30pm UTC

Fall has arrived in Simtown! Be inspired by cozy textures and harvest colours in the latest update of The Sims Freeplay, keep reading for more information


The Glamorous Getaway Live Event (available now) will begin on the 5th September for 10 days, complete in the time limit to unlock Glamorous themed items and the Glamorous Getaway House Template


Influence Island Season 29: Glam Lounge (available now) starts on the 5th September for 10 days

Hair for male and female adult sims and outfits for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: White Glamour Lamp (S83,500) Gold Glamour Wall Lamp (S115,100) Gold Glamour Sidetable (S61,300) Black Glamour Lamp (5LP) Black Glamour Wall Lamp (12LP) Black Glamour Sidetable (4LP) Gold Glamour Coffee Table (S84,600) Black Glamour Coffee Table (7LP) Gold Glamour Chandelier (S104,000) Black Glamour Chandelier (11LP) Gold Glamour Divider (S82,200) Black Glamour Divider (11LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: White Glamour Clutter (S61,200) White Glamour Sofa Stool (S125,600) White Glamour Corner (S94,100) White Glamour Bookshelf (S75,200) White Glamour TV Unit (S256,700) White Glamour Sofa Corner (S91,300) White Glamour Ribbed Sofa (S124,600) White Glamour Sofa Large Corner (S126,300)
  • 2 Star Rating: Black Glamour Clutter (6LP) Red Glamour Sofa Stool (12LP) Black Glamour Corner (9LP) Red Glamour Bookshelf (8LP) Black Glamour TV Unit (22LP) Red Glamour Sofa Corner (8LP) Red Glamour Ribbed Sofa (12LP) Red Glamour Sofa Large Corner (15LP)

Influence Island Season 30: Wine Cellar 2 (not available yet) starts on the 25th September for 10 days

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Oak Coastal Benchtop (S64,000) Oak Coastal Corner (S64,000) Ash Coastal Benchtop (6SP) Ash Coastal Corner (6SP) Brass Cellar Roof Light (S73,000) Gold Cellar Roof Light (7SP) Brown Cellar Wall (S795) Brown Cellar Wall Upper (S795) Blue Cellar Wall (S805) Blue Cellar Wall Upper (S805) Oak Coastal Shelf (S62,000) Ash Coastal Shelf (6SP) Oak Coastal Corner (S61,250) Ash Coastal Corner (6SP) Yellow Stone Cellar Floor (S695) Blue Stone Cellar Floor (S715) Oak Glass Railing (S4,900) Ash Glass Railing (S5,000) Oak Glass Bend Stairs (S86,500) Ash Glass Bend Stairs (8SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Oak Macaron Platter (S58,000) Oak Diamond Juice Rack (S94,000) Oak Diamond Corner (S98,500) Oak Platter Table (S93,000) Oak Barrel Sink (S62,500) Oak Coastal Fridge (S135,000) Oak Coastal Juice Bar (S108,750) Oak Juice Tasting Table (S154,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Ash Macaron Platter (5LP) Ash Diamond Corner (9LP) Ash Coastal Fridge (13LP) Ash Juice Tasting Table (15LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Ash Diamond Juice Rack (9SP) Ash Platter Table (9SP) Ash Barrel Sink (6SP) Ash Coastal Juice Bar (10SP)


SimChase Season 47: Fall Feud (not available yet) starts on the 16th September for 9 days

Outfits for female and male preteens

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Orange Pumpkin Platter (S71,000) Green Pumpkin Platter (5LP) 1×1 Orange Checkered Rug (S41,100) 1×1 Green Checkered Rug (3LP) Brass Glamour Wreath Light (S105,000) Silver Glamour Wreath Light (9LP) 2×1 Orange Checkered Rug (S53,600) 2×1 Green Checkered Rug (6LP) 1×1 Brown Stone Fence (S43,600) 2×1 Brown Stone Fence (S54,000) Brown Stone Corner (S63,700) 1×1 Black Stone Fence (5LP) 2×1 Black Stone Fence (8LP) Black Stone Corner (5LP) Brown Stone Gate (S97,400) Black Stone Gate (10LP) 4×1 Brown Stone Fence (S81,700) 4×1 Black Stone Fence (6LP) Oak Single Wreath Door (S76,200) Pine Single Wreath Door (8LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Orange Pumpkin Planter (S67,300) Brass Weather Vane (S92,800) Orange Corn Stalk (S75,600) Oak Garden Rocking Chair (S232,700) Orange Garden Table Set (S137,000) Oak Garden Shed (S144,300) Orange Pumpkin Leaf Pile (S119,000) Oak Garden Bench (S58,600)
  • 2 Star Rating: Green Pumpkin Planter (9LP) Silver Weather Vane (5LP) Green Corn Stalk (9LP) Pine Garden Rocking Chair (23LP) Green Garden Table Set (13LP) Pine Garden Shed (13LP) Green Pumpkin Leaf Pile (12LP) Pine Garden Bench (3LP)

SimChase Season 48: Autumn Aversion (not available yet) starts on the 29th September for 7 days

Hairstyles, hats and outfits for female and male teen sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Tan Accented Counter (S73,000) Tan Accented Corner Drawers (S79,000) Tan Accented Counters (S80,000) Tan Accented Corner (S86,000) Black Accented Counter (5SP) Black Accented Corner Drawers (6SP) Black Accented Counters (6SP) Black Accented Corner (6SP) Green Leaves Wall Light (S62,000) Pink Leaves Wall Light (4SP) Ash Cluttered Buffet (S120,800) Brown Cluttered Buffet (10SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Blue Wall Wreath (S63,000) Gray Tins (S28,500) Silver Kitchen Utensils (S37,000) Tan Accented Sink (S73,000) Cream Retro Fridge (S129,900)
  • 2 Star Rating: Orange Retro Fridge (15LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Brown Wall Wreath (4SP) Black Tins (1SP) Black Kitchen Utensils (1SP) Black Accented Sink (6SP)

RETURNING- SimChase Season 29: Garden Grapple (not available yet) starts on the 9th October for 7 days


If you started it before but didn’t finish it you will start from the beginning, if you unlocked any of the prizes before you will earn a free one of each in buy mode


There are new time limited prizes when you complete the 9 day pregnancy event in the time limit and earn the baby bonus between the 28th September- 6th October

If you start the 9 day pregnancy event anytime during the time frame you have the chance of earning the maternity items in that pack if you complete the event in the time limit, for example if you start a pregnancy event on the 6th October and complete in the time limit you will earn the items above

You need to have completed the first pregnancy event in the A Bump-y Ride Quest before you can earn the maternity prizes

Returning Quests and Events?

The Snow Problem Christmas Quest (not available yet) will be back between 18th September- 3rd October as a Player Favourite Quest* complete in the 13 day time limit to unlock the Snow Chalet house template (the link is to the post from last time this quest was available, I will create a new post when it returns)

*What is a Player Favourite Quest? You will be able to start these within an open period date when they return if you haven’t completed it already. These are optional so you will need to click on the green play button next to the title of the event in the active tasks tab to start.

The Captivating Coast Live Event (not available yet) will be back for 10 days from the 5th October, complete to unlock coastal themed items and the Captivating Coast house template (the link is to the post from last time this event was available, I will create a new post when it returns)


The Chocolatier Halloween Hobby Event (not available yet) will be returning for 7 days on the 9th October, complete the chocolatier hobby 7 times in the 7 day time limit to unlock all the Halloween themed outfits (the link is to the post from last time this event was available, I will create a new post when it returns)

Timings may change

What else?

  • NEW Active Tasks Menu- active task has now been split into two, active and upcoming so you can see what events and quests are coming soon.

  • NEW Inbox Notifications- you will now be notified when your sims finish actions, work shift or when constructions have finished.

You will find the inbox where the globe (party boat button) used to be, this is now with the town map:

  • You will also be able to get double rewards from the paperboy between the 9th-13th September and 30th September- 4th October:


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