The Sims Freeplay- Faces of the Future Update

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA Creator Network) may differ from actual version

Update available from 18th October 9:30pm UTC

Get ready for more realistic looking sims in the latest update of The Sims Freeplay, keep reading for more information


Preteen, teen, adult and senior sims faces have all been refreshed! This new look is far more realistic as these new face meshes have allowed the makers to add eyelashes, tongues and improve the textures:

This change has taken the team 6 months to test and roll out, only babies and toddlers haven’t been changed at this stage:

All hair, glasses and earrings are now available for all genders so adult males can use adult females hair and vice versa (you still can’t share hair and accessories across age groups so senior sims cannot use adult sims hair etc)

I really love these changes, they were definitely needed! This is a permanent improvement and can be accessed by selecting create a sim on a wardrobe. The old faces are no longer available as they are unable to use both face meshes in the game at the same time.

I cannot wait to see the new creative sims you all make!


Influence Island Season 31: Plant Conservatory (no longer available) starts on the 18th October for 10 days

Outfits and shoes for female teenage sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: White Conservatory Window (S70,000) Green Conservatory Window (7LP) White Conservatory Door (S71,600) Green Conservatory Door (8LP) White Conservatory Double Window (S80,000) Green Conservatory Double Window (8LP) White Conservatory Double Door (S97,500) Green Conservatory Double Door (8LP) White Hanging Lantern Light (S121,000) Black Hanging Lantern Light (9LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Pine Botanical Stool (S36,400) Evergreen Hanging Plants (S61,500) Yellow Botanical Watering Cans (S67,800) Evergreen Botanical Shelf (S75,500) Pine Botanical Outdoor Dining (S73,800) White Botanical Hanging Chair (S114,400) Pine Assorted Plants Stand (S112,200) Evergreen Botanical Glass Shelf (S85,700) Evergreen Potted Plant Set (S76,300)
  • 2 Star Rating: Walnut Botanical Stool (5LP) Purple Hanging Plants (5LP) Purple Botanical Watering Cans (9LP) Purple Botanical Shelf (8LP) Walnut Botanical Outdoor Dining (9LP) Green Botanical Hanging Chair (10LP) Walnut Assorted Plants Stand (7LP) Purple Botanical Glass Shelf (6LP) Purple Potted Plant Set (10LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Pine Tortoise Enclosure (120SP) Oak Tortoise Enclosure (120SP)

RETURNING- Influence Island Season 12: Wine Cellar (no longer available) starts on the 5th November for 10 days


If you started it before but didn’t finish it you will start from the beginning (the clan progress will also be reset), if you unlocked any of the prizes before you will earn a free one of each in buy mode


SimChase Season 49: Flowerful Faceoff! (no longer available) starts on the 18th October for 9 days

Hair, shoes and outfits for adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Forest Sheen Tiles (S400) Sand Sheen Tiles (S450) White Hanging Lightbulb (S102,600) Black Hanging Lightbulb (12LP) Pink Compact Laundry Bench (S80,900) Black Compact Laundry Bench (5LP) Pink Compact Benchtop Corner (S68,900) Black Compact Benchtop Corner (8LP) Pink Compact Benchshelf (S74,700) Black Compact Benchshelf (9LP) Pink Compact Benchshelf Corner (S80,800) Black Compact Benchshelf Corner (6LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Evergreen Potted Monstera (S77,900) Pine Floating Shelved Toilet (S173,100) Pine Roll Holder (S25,600) Pine Floating Towel Rack (S53,100) Pine Botanical Hallway Nook (S43,400) White Botanical Bathtub (S130,000) Pine Botanical Hanging Plants (S64,000) Cream Botanical Floating Sink (S105,900) Pink Compact Bench Sink (S80,200) Pine Compact Washer Dryer Unit (S150,000) White Compact Laundry Basket (S85,700)
  • 2 Star Rating: Purple Potted Monstera (7LP) Walnut Floating Shelved Toilet (14LP) Walnut Roll Holder (2LP) Walnut Floating Towel Rack (6LP) Walnut Botanical Hallway Nook (4LP) Black Botanical Bathtub (13LP) Walnut Botanical Hanging Plants (7LP) Black Botanical Floating Sink (12LP) Black Compact Bench Sink (9LP) Walnut Compact Washer Dryer Unit (15LP) Black Compact Laundry Basket (7LP)

SimChase Season 50: Modish Matchup! (no longer available) starts on the 7th November for 9 days

Outfits and shoes for female senior sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Orange Fringe Lamp (S65,400) Green Fringe Lamp (4SP) 4×3 Leopard Pink (S90,000) 4×3 Leopard Green (7SP) Cherry Stork Partition (S126,000) Ash Stork Partition (9LP) Silver Post Guardrail (S4,700) Black Post Guardrail (S4,800) Black Post Stairs (S300,000) Silver Post Stairs (25SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Red Hat Stand (S49,000) Black Necklace Display (S97,000) Cherry Fashionista Portrait (S63,000) Metallic Sunburst Mirror (S75,000) Rose Gold Sunburst Mirror (S80,000) Black Jackal Statue (S127,500) Black Sewing Mannequin (S60,000) Black Fabric Display (S87,200) Black Cage Display (S96,000) Black Corner Mirror (S120,500) Cherry Sewing Table (S385,000) Pink Gaudy Divan (S164,800)
  • 3 Star Rating: Yellow Hat Stand (3SP) Silver Necklace Display (6SP) Ash Fashionista Portrait (4SP) White Jackal Statue (10SP) White Sewing Mannequin (4SP) Silver Fabric Display (6SP) Silver Cage Display (6SP) Silver Corner Mirror (10SP) Black Sewing Table (35SP) Yellow Gaudy Divan (14SP)

RETURNING- SimChase Season 16: Eco Engagement! (available now) starts on the 18th November for 9 days

If you started it before but didn’t finish it you will start from the beginning, if you unlocked any of the prizes before you will earn a free one of each in buy mode


The Botanical Beauty Live Event (no longer available) will begin on the 28th October for 10 days, complete in the time limit to unlock plant themed items and the Botanical Beauty House Template


There are new time limited prizes when you complete the 9 day pregnancy event in the time limit and earn the baby bonus between the 10th-27th November

If you start the 9 day pregnancy event anytime during the time frame you have the chance of earning the maternity items in that pack if you complete the event in the time limit, for example if you start a pregnancy event on the 27th November and complete in the time limit you will earn the items above

You need to have completed the first pregnancy event in the A Bump-y Ride Quest before you can earn the maternity prizes

Returning Quests and Events?

The Long Hair Hobby Event will be returning on 30th October for 7 days, complete the fashion designer hobby collection 9 times in the time limit to unlock long hairstyles for adult sims (these hairstyles can now be used on both female and male adult sims!)


The Brilliant Backyard Live Event (available now) will be back on 16th November for 10 days, complete in the time limit to unlock backyard items and the brilliant backyard house template

The Thanksgiving Quest (available now) will be returning for the first time since 2014 as a Player Favourite Quest* for 10 days between the 16th-25th November, complete in the 3 day time limit to unlock the turkey and golden turkey!

*What is a Player Favourite Quest? You will be able to start these within an open period date when they return if you haven’t completed it already. These are optional so you will need to click on the green play button next to the title of the event in the active tasks tab to start.

Timings may change

What else?

  • Premium Perks is a brand new time limited event that will be available for 10 days from 18th October, the aim of this event is to spend social points to unlock prizes. (you need to be player level 16 or over to be able to participate in this event)

When this event is active you will see it in the active tasks tab, click on the icon in the circle next to the task to access the prize tab:

On this bar you can see the prizes you unlock in this event and how many points you need to unlock each prize pack.

1 social point spent = 2 points

Once you have unlocked a prize a pop up will appear at the top of the screen, click visit to view the prize tab:

Click on the item to claim:

If you don’t claim them before you complete the event a pop up will appear to claim any rewards once the event is over:

Halloween Teen Witch Premium Perks Prizes

  • Milestone Prize 1– Lighting Section: Teal (S90,400) and Red (10LP) Mystic Crystal Balls

  • Milestone Prize 2– 1 Cupcake
    Bedroom Section: Pine (S69,200) and Oak (6LP) Mystic Bedside Tables

  • Milestone Prize 3– 1 Free Hobby Lucky Spin
    Decorations Section: White (S61,900) and Maroon (7LP) Mystic Wall Tapestries

  • Milestone Prize 4– 1 Mystery Box Key
    Bedroom Section: White (S197,700) and Purple (18LP) Mystic Vanities

  • Milestone Prize 5– 1 Free Hobby Lucky Spin
    1 Cupcake
    Bedroom Section: White (S161,300) and Black (15LP) Mystic Double Beds

  • Milestone Prize 6– 1 VIP Point
    1 Mystery Box Key
    2 outfits and 2 shoes for female adult sims
    Hairstyles for adult sims

  • To celebrate The Sims Summit a FREE pack will be available in the online store between 18th October- 28th November. This pack contains four ceiling fans that can be found in the electronics section once you claim the pack and tattoos for adult sims:

  • The engineers have updated the walk tracks on the ground so sims no longer turn the corners in sharp square paths, they will now have smooth rounded (more realistic) walking! (currently this only applies to sims, not pets)
  • You will also be able to get double rewards from the paperboy between the 25th October-1st November and 23rd-28th November:

Update Videos:

‘My Botanical House’ Tour 🪴:

Thanksgiving Quest:


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9 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Faces of the Future Update

  1. this update is absolutely terrible! the sims all look creepy, the skin tones all darkened and look awful, so many of the makeup looks are now racist, etc, etc, etc. i hope they go back and fix it. my sims are so ugly now it’s almost unplayable

      • I’m really pleased that hairstyles are now gender neutral!
        Next, it would be great for all of the clothing could be gender neutral also and I would really love to see more stylish clothes added for senior Sims.

    • I agree, I hate the new updates. None of my black people look black anymore. There’s only one slightly Asian looking face for the men now and it’s horrible. They’re really puffy and weird. I understand people wanted new faces but why get rid of the old ones? I hate it now!

  2. They should’ve added the heads instead of changing them . I’ve not been so grieved since the sim legacy deaths. Hopefully they’ll fix the faces if everyone complains.

  3. I like the new updates of the Sims but at the same time where’s the Skin Color?! I don’t really recognise my Sims 😅 hopefully they will add it cause it’s weird some of them like Grace have said there skin darkened!… and others are white… 😅 so yeah I hope they will fix it soon! 😊

  4. I really miss the old faces. They had been in my life since 2012. Why can’t they just add the new ones instead of getting rid of the old ones (T_T)

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