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The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Bird Feeding


20140216-163459.jpgThis post will tell you all you need to know about the bird feeding hobby.

Who can feed birds?

Only senior sims can do this hobby
How can you be a bird feeder?

You need to first complete the bird feeding quest which can be found here:
Where can you feed birds?

  1. Park
  2. Swim center
  3. Community center
  4. Snow park

The first time you do this hobby you need to unlock the next place by finding all 3 birds from the previous place.

What are the bird feeding options?

  • At the park: feed birds- 10 minutes
  • At the swim center: feed birds- 1 hour
  • At the community center: feed birds- 6 hours
  • At the snow park: feed birds- 12 hours

What are the bird feeding levels?

  1. Egg
  2. Fledgling
  3. Pecking Orderer
  4. Skilled
  5. Eggspert
  6. Flockstar

How do I bird feed?

You need to find the bench in the middle of the park that has pigeons on it and click the option to feed birds, once you have found all the park birds you unlock the swim center bench and so on.
What birds are there to collect?


Park Birds

  • Rock Dove
  • Dove
  • Rainbow Lorikeet

Swim Center Birds

  • Blue and Yellow Macaw
  • Scarlett Macaw
  • Eastern Rosella

Community Center Birds

  • Crimson Rosella
  • Golden Dove
  • Cockatoo

Snow Park Birds

  • Galah
  • Major Michell’s Cockatoo
  • Green Macaw

What do you win?

The first time you complete this set you unlock the parrot in a cage- they will cost you 10LPs. The second time you unlock the park bench for your homes which costs 2Lps and can be found in promotions r us!
Further times you complete the collection you get 3LPs.
I can’t find a bird what do I do?

You just need to keep going until you get it, there are no cheats or tricks, it’s completely random.
Is it worth using the lucky spin?

I would say no, it doesn’t give you the one you are missing it just gives you one at random so you will probably just waste LPs
How do I start the collection again?

Once you have finished the collection you can click start collection again at the bottom of the list.

Confused about hobbies? Read my Hobbies Frequently Asked Questions post

Thanks for reading!



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51 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Bird Feeding

  1. 請問 一開始要如何收集?

  2. 十分感謝妳的回覆 謝謝

  3. My sims freeplay seems to have a bug. I completed the park and swim center birds to unlock the community center ones, but the bench is not there. So I used the lucky spin and unlocked the snow park bench. That one is there. So I am missing the community center one. Do you know why this could be?

    • Are you looking in the right place? It should be by the entrance of the center
      I’m sorry I don’t know why it isn’t working, have you definitely found all the birds you need to unlock it?

  4. I have unlocked all the birds from the park and the pool center. The snow park bench still won’t unlock. Is there a bug ??

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  6. Hi, I finished up collecting all of the birds, and now I can’t find the prize (parrot in cage).
    Is this in the inventory somewhere? When I go to the “pets” it shows it costs 10 LP although the first one should be for free.
    Pls help, Ran.

  7. Wow, I didn’t know you are Chinese. 🙂 I love your site! It’s the best Sims Freeplay guide out there! Thanks for all your help!

  8. i finish it today at the time! is this the last quest ?

  9. Please help! I completed the bird feeding quest awhile back (before in stitches quest).

    I now have a senior sim that I chose the life dream to feed the birds so I can earn a life orb for the pet fanatic personality. I have my sim at the park & for some reason I cannot get her to find the bench to feed the birds…

  10. Update: Now, the second time you complete the hobby, you unlock a bench… and I’m guessing it is a bird-feeding bench that can be purchased from the home store. (Haven’t completed it a second time yet for details.)

  11. Just wanted 2 say thx 4 this blog!! It’s really helped me a lot!!

  12. Hi, I am doing this hobby and i am at the Community Center now. If I do the 10min one , at the park, can i find the birds that are supposed to be found on the bench at the C. Center or I have to be at the c.c ? And does this also count when i will have unlocked all benches? Thanks 🙂

    • you have to be at the community center to find the birds at the community center.
      When you unlock all the benches you still have to go to the specific place to find all 3 birds there, but when you unlock the bench for your homes you can then find all the birds at one bench, if you pick the 10 minute option you will find the park birds on that bench, 1 hour will be the second row and so on.

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  15. Hint, try and find a neighbour with a bird feeding bench, these are 2* so you can do all the tasks quicker ie 11 hours not 12 hours at snow park. And they are all birds in 1 place. Just working towards my bench myself now.

  16. Can this hobby be done at a friends house?

  17. Hey um I can’t find the bench in the park for the first row

  18. I completed the hobby and the parrot isn’t showing up in the pets section! If it’s a glitch what do I do?

  19. Hi I just started this quest, and it says, search a tree at a house for birds? Am I looking for a birdhouse somewhere?
    Thank you, Cheri

  20. Does this hobby have a time limit reward? Similar to the infant hobby which gives the bouncer as a time limit reward… so that I can prepare right away.. hehehe

  21. Hi. I just started the hobby with one of my seniors (I’ve completed the Life Dreams & Legacies quest) but the only bench available is the one at the park that takes 10 minutes. And I have no time for my seniors to keep doing this every 10 minutes to complete their Life Dream. Why aren’t the benches at the snow park or the swin center showing anymore?

  22. You are a great help! Thanks for posting all of this info im level 36 thanks to your help i have made a sim for my family which has made it more fun

  23. Where do you feed birds at the snow park ?

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