The Sims Freeplay- Building, Deleting and Resizing Rooms

This is a guide to show you how to build, resize and delete rooms in the game. You firstly need to go to the house section of the home store and it will open on the first tab called rooms:

This gives you some instructions about how to build a room:

To build a room, hold and drag on the grass or anywhere within an existing house. A green room means it’s clear to build, red means that it cannot be built.

Drag on walls marked with a white highlight to resize existing rooms.

Building a RoomBuilding L-Shaped RoomsDeleting a Room Resizing a Room FAQs


Like the instructions say you need to hold and drag on the grass inside the grid, you cannot build a room outside of the grid. Once you have dragged and created a room you will see an image similar to the one below:

Click on the red cross to delete it or click the green tick to build it for the price shown on screen.

The room will appear red as shown below if you cannot build it there:


Once you complete the L-Shaped Rooms Feature Quest you will be able to create L-Shaped Rooms!

You firstly need to create a room like normal as shown in the steps above then you will notice one of these two orange buttons now on the screen, click on the room renovator button to be able to create an l-shaped room and when you are done click the room button to create normal rooms:

I’m going to use the image below to explain how to create l-shaped rooms:

1.Build a room like you normally would

2.Click on the room renovator button

3.You will see yellow lines on some walls, these are the ones that can be extended, click and drag on these to make your l-shape

4.Click the green tick to confirm

5.Click on the room button to modify your l-shaped room (this allows you to drag that section to make it wider)

6.Click the green tick to confirm


Deleting a room is actually selling it as you will earn simoleons when you delete it. To delete a room you need to go to the rooms tab again, then you can click on a room and if it can be deleted it will look like the image below:

You can click the tick to keep the room or click the red simoleon to sell the room for the price that is shown next to the red simoleon button. All the items in the room will move to your inventory- apart from the wallpaper and flooring.

Not all rooms can be deleted, if it appears like the image below you can’t delete it:

L-shaped rooms can be deleted in the same way as normal rooms

Why can’t I delete a room?

The two main reasons are:

  • If you have a second or third floor you will be unable to delete a room when there is a room above it, you need to delete the room above first, which is why I cannot delete the room in the image above.
  • If there is a plate in the room you will need to get a sim to clean it up first before you will be able to delete the room.


On the same tab you can resize any room that has a highlighted arrowed edge, it will look like the image below:

When you resize the room the options that appear are the same as building a room.

Why can’t I resize every room? If two rooms of different sizes are next to each other then you will not get the option to resize between the two rooms, rooms have to be the same size to resize them together.

For example, the lounge and kitchen can be resized to make one of them smaller and the other one bigger:

But the hallway and lounge cannot be resized because the hallway is longer than the lounge:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can you add a room inside a room? No you cannot
  • Can you delete a wall? No, you can only delete the whole room
  • Can I join two rooms together to make one? You cannot delete walls but you could do this either by adding a door between the two rooms or deleting the rooms and building one big room in place
  • Why can’t I delete rooms on my ground floor? If you have a room above you will have to delete the room above first before you can delete rooms below
  • What is the smallest room you can build? 1×2
  • How much is the smallest room to build? S40
  • Can I move a house to a new lot? No you cannot
  • Can I move a room to a different part of the same lot? No you cannot, you would have to delete the room and build it where you wanted it
  • Why can’t some rooms be resized? If rooms are a different size then you will not be able to resize them, read the resizing section of this post for more information
  • Can I change the flooring/walls in half of the room? You will have to have the same flooring in the whole room but if you complete the Back to the Wall Quest you will be able to have different wallpaper on each wall
  • How do I add a second floor and stairs? Give this post a read!

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123 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Building, Deleting and Resizing Rooms

  1. As of the latest update, it now costs of LP as well as simoleons to expand a room. This is horrible!

  2. I have completed several quest with free houses. How can I build template house on existing plot/land that I have already own? Your blog is great! Thank you so much!

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