The Sims Freeplay- Building, Deleting and Resizing Rooms

This is a guide to show you how to build, resize and delete rooms in the game. You firstly need to go to the house section of the home store and it will open on the first tab called rooms:

This gives you some instructions about how to build a room:

To build a room, hold and drag on the grass or anywhere within an existing house. A green room means it’s clear to build, red means that it cannot be built.

Drag on walls marked with a white highlight to resize existing rooms.

Building a RoomBuilding L-Shaped RoomsDeleting a Room Resizing a Room FAQs


Like the instructions say you need to hold and drag on the grass inside the grid, you cannot build a room outside of the grid. Once you have dragged and created a room you will see an image similar to the one below:

Click on the red cross to delete it or click the green tick to build it for the price shown on screen.

The room will appear red as shown below if you cannot build it there:


Once you complete the L-Shaped Rooms Feature Quest you will be able to create L-Shaped Rooms!

You firstly need to create a room like normal as shown in the steps above then you will notice one of these two orange buttons now on the screen, click on the room renovator button to be able to create an l-shaped room and when you are done click the room button to create normal rooms:

I’m going to use the image below to explain how to create l-shaped rooms:

1.Build a room like you normally would

2.Click on the room renovator button

3.You will see yellow lines on some walls, these are the ones that can be extended, click and drag on these to make your l-shape

4.Click the green tick to confirm

5.Click on the room button to modify your l-shaped room (this allows you to drag that section to make it wider)

6.Click the green tick to confirm


Deleting a room is actually selling it as you will earn simoleons when you delete it. To delete a room you need to go to the rooms tab again, then you can click on a room and if it can be deleted it will look like the image below:

You can click the tick to keep the room or click the red simoleon to sell the room for the price that is shown next to the red simoleon button. All the items in the room will move to your inventory- apart from the wallpaper and flooring.

Not all rooms can be deleted, if it appears like the image below you can’t delete it:

L-shaped rooms can be deleted in the same way as normal rooms

Why can’t I delete a room?

The two main reasons are:

  • If you have a second or third floor you will be unable to delete a room when there is a room above it, you need to delete the room above first, which is why I cannot delete the room in the image above.
  • If there is a plate in the room you will need to get a sim to clean it up first before you will be able to delete the room.


On the same tab you can resize any room that has a highlighted arrowed edge, it will look like the image below:

When you resize the room the options that appear are the same as building a room.

Why can’t I resize every room? If two rooms of different sizes are next to each other then you will not get the option to resize between the two rooms, rooms have to be the same size to resize them together.

For example, the lounge and kitchen can be resized to make one of them smaller and the other one bigger:

But the hallway and lounge cannot be resized because the hallway is longer than the lounge:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can you add a room inside a room? No you cannot
  • Can you delete a wall? No, you can only delete the whole room
  • Can I join two rooms together to make one? You cannot delete walls but you could do this either by adding a door between the two rooms or deleting the rooms and building one big room in place
  • Why can’t I delete rooms on my ground floor? If you have a room above you will have to delete the room above first before you can delete rooms below
  • What is the smallest room you can build? 1×2
  • How much is the smallest room to build? S40
  • Can I move a house to a new lot? No you cannot
  • Can I move a room to a different part of the same lot? No you cannot, you would have to delete the room and build it where you wanted it
  • Why can’t some rooms be resized? If rooms are a different size then you will not be able to resize them, read the resizing section of this post for more information
  • Can I change the flooring/walls in half of the room? You will have to have the same flooring in the whole room but if you complete the Back to the Wall Quest you will be able to have different wallpaper on each wall
  • How do I add a second floor and stairs? Give this post a read!

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123 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Building, Deleting and Resizing Rooms

  1. Thank you for all of your helpful information. Can you please let me know the status of the aging and dying problem with Sims freeplay? I have not updated my game since they added this negative feature and wonder if they have removed it yet. Thank you

    Lorie Murphy-Freebolin

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Hello

    I want the page of buliding the important place

    I froget where you put 🙂

    Because its easy to save money

    Thanks so much for your help

  3. Hopefully this will make sense.

    I accidentally bought a house that I already had. After I realized I made the mistake and was too late so I waited for it to be finished building. I then sold all the rooms and kept the items in my inventory. If I demolish the house, will the new prices for them go down to the ones before I purchased it? Also, will I get any money demolishing the now empty lot? Thanks!

    • I have demolished a house before and the house prices didn’t go back down to what they were before and no you don’t get any money for demolishing, only for selling rooms. You could always just build your own house in that place 🙂

  4. Hello, i kinda messed up & was wondering if you coukd help. Ok so one of my sims house has its rooms & whole house actually towards the back/end of the property but i now wanna add a pool in the “backyard” but thats where all the rooms are & it doesnt exist. I have lots of space in the front or “frontyard” but i dont want the pool there. Anyway,is there a way i can like move the whole house up so i have space in the back ? Or would i have to erase & rebuild the way back rooms. Thanks in advance & hopefully you understand my scenario. 🙂

  5. Thank you for all your helpful information. I would like to know if it is possible to add a room inside one that already exists.

  6. Do you know if I sale the rooms in my skaters home then demolish to get rid of the skate ramp thing would I be able to rebuild on that lot or would I have to wait to level up? I have as many houses allowed until next level without paying 70 lp to build early and bought too many skate homes that are now annoying me.

      • I gave it a try being only a level away from unlocking a new plot anyway and was able to build a new home without paying the build early fee! I was so shocked. So for knocking down a house in town on regular lot I was then able to build a 2 story mansion on the island .which I chose after reading your guide on the houses. Thanks for your help and your very helpful blog. Now to save lps to finish the sim sign.

      • Just to confirm: if I delete/sell ALL of the rooms in a house, on the first and second floors, I wont have to pay the 300,000 again? Is this also true for the third floor? Like, if I delete/sell all of the rooms in the teen mansion, I could rebuild a 3 story home without the 100 LPs and 300,000 Simoleans? Sorry to repeat the question, but if I misunderstood your answer it would be a very expensive mistake!

  7. I just want to say thank you for your awesome blog! It has helped me enjoy the game while on Christmas holiday 😀 Your diligence is greatly appreciated!

  8. So in one of those pictures there’s a button that says you can get free lps… I don’t have and have never had that. Os there a way I can get it?

      • K… I have the first iPad.. Unable of updating past iOS 5… I guess there’s not rly anything u can do about that tho

      • I have an ipad 1 and I have been able to update my game- you need ios 5.0 or later and the highest the 1 goes to is 5.1.1
        so have you got the highest software update? if not go to settings, general, and click software update

  9. if i want to remodel my 1st floor, do i have to delete my 2nd floor too! or just the rooms upstairs .. im confused explain please!

  10. Can you move a whole place without resizing it? Like could you move a patio to a different spot without making it bigger and then changing it back?

  11. Hello! I have a premium lot on which I want to build a house on the island. I want to design it myself. I see two options that would be cheapest, but want to confirm before I do anything. I can buy an empty lot that would allow me to start from scratch, however, the Beachside Escape house has some things I’d like to use or sell for money on the new one and it is the same price. So, if I delete all rooms in the beach house, moving the items to inventory, I’ll have an empty lot to start from basically and a whole bunch of cool stuff to put in the new house, is that right?

  12. i just want to know that, if i already build 2 separate room with different size, can i combined both to become a big room?

  13. I built a tower just to see what it would look like, expecting to be able to delete it, but I can’t seem to do that now. It is four stories tall. I can add a room to it (essentially giving it a floor), and sell the room, but I can’t figure out how to get rid of the structure. The floors of the house around this tower have expensive patios and flooring, I would rather not remove the entire floor just to get rid of this annoying tower (you do loose those when you delete a room or patio, right?) Any suggestions?

    • You need to sell the rooms on each floor, including the bottom one to get rid of the structure, this will delete all the floors. If you want to keep the floors you can create the shape you want of the house by building rooms on the ground floor that are connected to the tower, then you can add rooms to the next floor and how many other floors you want then you can delete the tower part if you want to then you won’t have to buy the floors again. I hope that makes sense, its hard to explain without pictures!

  14. Hi I really love reading your posts they are exceptionally well written and always helpful:)
    I was wondering why certain interior walls can be moved and others can’t. I can’t seem to find a reason, or what makes some rooms different. Your help here would be great!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like them!
      Now I am just guessing here but I think its to do with the size of the room next to it, I’ll use the pictures in the post to explain, the kitchen and living room are the same size so you can move the interior wall to make the kitchen bigger and the living room smaller but you can’t do that with the bathroom and bedroom because the bedroom is much wider. Hopefully that seems logical!

  15. How do I delete walls? I know I can drag them and click x. But I want to delete a wall that is in between the kitchen and living room. =0

  16. Hi I’m so stuck on SOUS JUDGEMENTAL. After my sims reaced level 4 in cooking hobby why didn’t I get the cutting board? How can I get the game to the Queich meal part for the Grouch to eat? I’m stuck cooking cooking and cooking yet nothing working in my favor to move forward in this quest.

  17. hey i absolutely love your blog and i read that t everyday for quests and house decor and stuff but it’s really helpful thank you so much!! also i’m having trouble with deleting rooms?? I’d it because of the new update? it doesn’t come up with the delete simoleon sign

    • Thanks!
      Some rooms cannot be deleted, its hard to tell you what the reason is without seeing a picture but its usually if they are supporting a room above or if someone is in the room

  18. I am trying to delete a room but I have several stacks of plates with black circles under them and it won’t allow me to clean them up. Therefore it won’t let me delete the room. I’m assuming that’s the cause, because when I click the sell/delete button it says have your sim finish their actions then try again but yet I have no sims at the house period!! How can I solve this problem?! Please HELP!!!

    • The only way to fix this is to keep cleaning the plates, its not that it isn’t allowing you to clean up, you are cleaning them up but there are so many there (that’s why its caused a black ring) that it doesn’t look like they are disappearing but they are
      I made this mistake once and now I clean up as I go

  19. Well i m not sure how I did it, but I accidently just saved a whole room in my inventory. I was trying to figure out how to do it again and this did not help me one bit.

  20. Thank you for this blog, it has helped a ton. I want to delete a house, but my demolish icon is shaded. Making it not available to delete this house. Is there a max number of houses you’re able to demolish? Thanks for any help.

      • The demolish icon is shaded. I’ve clicked on it only for it to tell me that I can’t demolish because I have a sim or pet on the lot. But I’ve already moved all my sims and pets out. The house lot is on the island showing that the lot is empty of all sims and pets. If you can help, please do. I’ll take any advice you have.

        THANK YOU 😊 and HAPPY NEW YEARS!!🎉

      • Unfortunately I don’t really know what to suggest, if no one is in the house you should be able to demolish it, do you want to build a template in the space or your own house design? If its your own house design then I would suggest you just delete all the rooms and start building, if not delete all the rooms anyway and check again if you can demolish the house. If you still can’t and you want to build one of the house templates then you might have to contact the makers to see if they can fix this issue for you.
        Sorry I couldn’t be more help! Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

      • One Problem Solved!😁 I couldn’t demolish my house because it kept telling me that a Sim or pet still lived on the lot. But the house icon kept showing the house was empty. Then I remembered that one of my Sims from another lot was holding a pet from this lot when they automatically returned home when all their levels were too low. This gave their lot 3 pets and the lot I wanted to demolish none. That’s why I couldn’t demolish this house, the pet still lived there. So, once I relocated the pet to a new home, I could demolish the un-demolish-able lot. Hope this will be helpful to others.

  21. I accidentally made one of my houses only two gigantic rooms on the first floor before adding a second and a third floor. It was because at the baby quest near the beginning of the game, I could not figure out how to add a room, I could only expand. It was showing everything red back then. Now I am a master at adding new rooms, however, I cannot figure out how to add a new room within a room. I cannot just make the room smaller then make other rooms the same size, the game complains about the upper stories. I have a 2×8 room now closed off due to this same issue. It will not let me drag it into the other room making that room bigger, the other room smaller nor can expand the two into one. How do I create rooms within this gigantic room? How to I remove the wall from the 2×8 room and make it with the other room?

    • You cannot make rooms within rooms in the game and you also cannot remove walls from rooms so your only two options are to delete the upstairs rooms and fix the downstairs by deleting the rooms and starting again or you will just have to leave it.

  22. I can’t delete the accidental room i created and it bothers me. Even if i resize it the delete button won’t show up .

      • I’m having the same problem. I can’t delete a room that I accidentally created. There is no delete button or whatever. I don’t have any lower or higher floor.

  23. Thank you for all this helpful information but I was just wondering about something. In this apartment I’m making, the kitchen and living room are in the same room (like a dining room and kitchen would be in a real house) but the floors and walls in the kitchen are obviously different to the ones in the living room.. Is there any way to change one part of a rooms floors and walls to another while the other part is different? There probably isn’t a way but I don’t really know how to explain it😅It would be much easier if I could show a picture😞Also is there a way to join up two different sized rooms without putting an archway or a door between them? I’m really sorry that this paragraph is so long but I’m so clueless despite being at level 38 on sims freeplay😂😭

    • You’re welcome!
      Unfortunately it is not possible to change half of the flooring and walls in a room, they have to be the same for the whole room and adding a door is the only way to join up two different sized rooms.

  24. Hi I’m just wondering when you go to resize a room, how some of the walls aren’t highlighted and you can’t drag them? In my house I’ve built a hallway going horizontal and I can’t appear to be able to make it wider. Thanks

    • There are several reasons so it is hard to tell you why you can’t without seeing a picture. Are there different sizes rooms next to the hallway? If so you won’t be able to make the hallway wider, you could if there was only one room the same length as the hallway.

  25. I have put many things in my inventory while remodeling… Then when I went to put everything back my inventory is empty besides one free vintage sink that I did not even put in there!! And yes I’m positive I inventoried the items.. Any insight?

    • It may be that you haven’t completed quests that unlock those items yet so if you haven’t completed the teen quest you won’t find any teen items you have stored as the tab will not be in your home store yet, if this is the case you will get those items back when you complete the necessary quest. If you have already done all quests then you will need to contact EA to see if they can fix this issue for you.

    • Have you clicked on the room tab first? If you still can’t see the simoleon button it may be that you cannot delete at room, usually because there is a room above it on the upper floor.

  26. Hi, I’ve made a second floor but I don’t want the second floor to be the same size of the 1st floor. I’ve added rooms but the remaining space is still there when you view the entire house. Can I change this?

  27. I have an upstairs room and a downstairs room of the same size. I deleted the upstairs room so that I can also be able to delete the downstairs room but for some reason I still could not delete the downstairs room.

  28. Hey I love your blog and it’s been super helpful! I was wondering if there’s a way to save wallpapers and flooring to my inventory? I changed the flooring in a room and now can’t put it back because they don’t sell it in the home store:(

  29. can we destroy others building like super market etc and if you know how to
    earn quick money plss tell.helpp me.

  30. This is for computer right. I play on my tablet. I can resize the rooms cuz I dont have these options. How can I resize the rooms on a tablet? Thank u for ur time.

    • No, this game isn’t available on a computer it is only available on a tablet. This is how you resize a room on the game, if you can’t there may be something in the way or you are trying to change a room on the ground floor when you have rooms on the floor above, in that case you cannot change a room without deleting the rooms above it.

  31. What happens if I delete all the rooms of a 2 story house ,can I rebuild the house with repurchasing the 2nd floor?

  32. Hello, I just unlocked the snow chalet and I accidentally messed up the mezzanine and when I try to put it on my 2nd floor it doesn’t allow it! And I haven’t completed the 2nd floor quest nor unlocked it so how can I fix it?

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