The Sims Freeplay- Symbols Explained

There are a lot of symbols in the sims freeplay and you may be unsure what some of them mean, if so give this post a read!


This can be found at the top of the screen, there is no longer a clock but just remember that the time in the game is the time it currently is for you (if it is 8pm for you then it is 8pm on the game)
On the bar you can find your:


The circle around your level shows your XPs, when the blue line fills the circle you will level up.


When you purchase items from the online store for real money you earn VIP points, the more points the higher level you are, unlocking you more perks.


Simoleons are the main currency in the game. Click on the + to buy more for real money.


Another currency used in the game, more expensive/ premium items cost LPs, Click on the + to buy more for real money.


Another currency used in the game, earn these by completing social tasks in a neighbours town. Click on the + to buy more for real money.


Click on the last symbol to open up your simtown information, this includes your towns sim count (level up to increase this) and your town value (building places and buying items increases this)

Town Value- you can see how much a building will increase your town value by looking for the town value symbol (1), building will then increase the town value shown on your simtown information screen (2)

Your simtracker will look different depending on the device you are playing on, on a larger device it will be a pop up tab on the sims needs bar (1) and on a smaller device it will be in a folder on the side of your screen (2)

On the simtracker you can see the tasks your sims are currently doing (3) and if they have completed that action their face will flash with an XP symbol (4)

The simtracker is also used to send sims to work (click on the pulsing suitcase(5), bring a sim to the location you are currently at (using the whistle(6) and sending a sim home (click on the house with the arrow inside it button(7)


Your sim info panel will look different depending on the device you are playing on, on a larger device it will be a pop up tab at the bottom of the screen (1) and on a smaller device it will be in a folder on the side of your screen (2) with the simtracker.

(3)Careers and Education- this is where you can give your sims a job, enrol them at school, send them to work or school or quit their job.

(4)Hobbies- here you can see all your sims hobbies and what level they are currently on in that hobby, click on the picture of the hobby to open up the hobby collection so you can see how many pieces they still need to collect before you will earn a reward:

(5)Relationships- relationships for the sim you are currently playing as.

(6)Life Dreams- complete the life dreams and legacies quest to get this tab. You will then be able to give your sims a life dream from here or see how far they have progressed with a life dream so far:

(7)Age Control-  complete the life dreams and legacies quest to get this tab. This tab allows you to advance, reverse or pause a sims age. Read this post for more information


Around their face on the simtracker there is a circle, the more actions they complete the more the green line will spread clockwise around the circle, when it reaches red you know that your sim will age soon


Complete Pregnancy Events in the time limit to earn the baby bonus, you will see this as a gold ring around your sim on the simtracker. Sims with the baby bonus will earn more experience points when they complete actions, complete actions faster, are not affected by low motives (low needs) and they will have these bonuses for life!



Sims have 6 needs, if there needs are unfulfilled they become sad and will complete actions slower, which is why it is important to know what the needs are and how to fulfil them.

The top picture is the needs for that sim and below that is a picture of an item that fulfils each of those needs, you can tell if it will fulfil a certain need because underneath the price of the object the same symbol you can see in the simtracker is shown here.

  1. Hunger
  2. Bladder
  3. Energy
  4. Hygiene
  5. Social
  6. Fun

    when you click on an object in the game the symbol appears again to tell you which need it will fulfil



Next to your sims needs there is a sparkling person symbol (1) if you click on this you will get two options, cupcake (2) or rainbow cake (3) Both of these options are used to completely inspire that sim (fulfil their needs)

Sims who are inspired complete their actions faster!

The cupcake costs 5LP to use while the rainbow cake can only be used if you have purchased items with real money to unlock the VIP Perk for rainbow cakes, this post explains VIP Perks in more detail

Inspired sims will have a green background on their simtracker picture and will complete actions quicker


Normal sims will have a white background on their simtracker picture and will complete actions at normal speed


Sad sims will have a red background on their simtracker picture and will complete actions at a slower speed



Click on active tasks to see which quest or event you are currently partaking in (and the time you have left to complete it)
 You can also see your weekly tasks and social tasks here, on these there is an orange skip symbol, you can use this to skip a task but this will cost you 10LPs.

If you have main quests left to complete you will also see them here, next to the main quest task you are currently on it will say ‘quests waiting in queue’. They will only appear in the queue once you are on the level for the quest to unlock, so I am currently on level 13 and still on the money grows on trees quest so I have 8 quests in my queue waiting to be completed.

These quests need to be completed in order and the next one will start as soon as the previous quest is completed.


On the active tasks screen you will see the FREE button in the corner, click on this to get a reward for watching a short video:



When your sim is completing an action you can click on them and the bar above will appear, in the middle it tells you what task you are doing, how many XPs you will receive when complete and the time the task will take. If you just want to look at the time left you can click on your sim to view this then click the green button on the right hand side to close the pop up. But if you don’t want your sim completing that task anymore you can click on the red cross to cancel the task (you will not earn the XPs when you cancel)

If you want your sim to finish the action quickly without cancelling (great for completing quests in time limits) you can click on the orange LP button, next to the button it tells you how many LPs it will cost you but it is one LP for every hour so any time up to 1 hour 59 minutes will cost you 1LP. It is one extra LP for every full hour so if a task has 4 hours 20 minutes left it will cost you 4LPs to speed up or if a task had 23 hours 59minutes 59 seconds left it would cost you 23LPs.


These appear in a speech bubble above your sims head:


They appear when you are trying to do an action that isn’t accessible to your sim, this could mean that the item they want to use is blocked, rotate an item and try selecting the option again.


These appear in a speech bubble above your sims head:


They appear when you are trying to do an action that your sim cannot do, for example a toddler cannot use a shower so if you were playing as the toddler and you clicked on the shower this red cross will appear.


The daily reward is delivered to a mailbox at the front of your sims house once a day, this is based on your town value so the higher your town value the more simoleons you will earn (although there is a cap on this at around S7,000 so you cannot receive more than that unless you started playing before the cap was added)




This is used to take pictures of the gameplay without all the information that usually appears on your screen:


Clicking on these will zoom you right in or right out of the gameplay, you can zoom with your fingers if you just want to zoom in or out slightly.


Down the side of your screen you will see a button similar to one of these above, the floor you are currently on will change what the button says:


1= Ground floor

2= Second floor

Click on the up or down arrows to move up or down a floor

Remember you need to complete the Multi Story Renovations Quest before you can add extra floors to your houses


Click on this to choose a house from the list, pick the empty lot if you want to build your own house. If this is greyed out you will need to finish constructing another building first as you cannot build two places at once or if you have no other places building you will need to level up before you can add a house as you are at your house limit for the current level.

This symbol shows you that a house is empty so you can add a new sim, if the add a new sim option is greyed out you are currently adding a baby to your town or you are at your sim limit for that level, level up to be able to add another sim.


On the town map you can see how many sims and pets are currently in a house, the person symbol shows the number of sims and the paws symbol shows the number of pets (you can only have two pets brought from the pet store living in each house)



This is money and XPs you receive when you build places in simtown, some places will only earn you simoleons (2) or XPs (3) but some places earn you both (4) To collect the revenue click on the buttons with these symbols above the building. The more expensive the place was to build the more simoleons you will receive. If there isn’t a simoleon or XP symbol there will be a time instead, come back after that time to collect the revenue:


While you are in the home store mode you will be able to click on items in the house and several options will appear. The rucksack button (1) is your inventory, click on this to store the item in the inventory section of the home store, you can use your inventory to move items from one house to another, you will not have to buy the item again, it will be free from your inventory. The tick (2) places the item, it will be greyed out if you cannot place the item because there is something in the way.

The red simoleon button (3) is what you press if you want to sell the item, the amount of simoleons you will receive for selling the item is shown next to the button, this will be less than what you paid for the item. The 4 arrows button (4) allows you to move the item, but you can just click on the item itself to move it. Finally the curved arrow (5) allows you to rotate the item, some items do not have this button as they cannot be rotated, such as doors.

If you are buying an item you will only have 4 buttons as you cannot store it in your inventory before you have brought it and the tick button will show the price it will cost you to buy the item next to the button.






Whenever you bake something on the stove that has the red fire triangle symbol it means that it could cause a fire, if it does start a fire you will not earn the simoleons or XPs you would have got if it didn’t burn and you will need to extinguish the fire before you can bake on that stove again.



Some seeds you can plant on the garden patch have a green monster triangle symbol on them, this means that they could turn into a sim eating plant instead of the plant. If this happens you will not earn the simoleons or XPs you would have got if it didn’t turn into a sim eating plant and you will have to negotiate with it for 3 minutes before you can use the patch again.


Once you complete the Mysterious Island Quest you unlock 4 monuments on the Island:

1.The Riches of Terra- Resources needed are Pickaxe, Gold, Granite

2.The Flames of Wisdom- Resources needed are Igneous Rock, Bronze, Magma Embers

3.The Tempest of Bliss- Resources needed are Onyx, Bamboo, Essence of Wind

4.The Springs of Fortune- Resources needed are Limestone, Chisel, Pearl

You will find these items randomly when you complete actions, the symbol of the resource you have found will appear above your sims head who found it:

Click here to read my Mysterious Island Monuments and Volcano post


Once you complete the Teen Idol Quest you can start building the sim sign, the resources needed for that are:

  • Magazine Photoshoots
  • Radio Interviews
  • TV Show Cameos

My Sim Sign and Teen Mansion post explains about this in more detail


Once you complete the Ghost Hunters quest you will unlock haunted items, once placed in your house you use these items to search for ghosts to be able to complete the Ghost Hunting hobby. In the home store there will be a picture of a red ghost on any item that is haunted. NOTE: these items will flash every so often after being placed in your houses which can be an issue for some players so please bare that in mind.


Depending on the device you play on this will look different for you: 
While at a sims house you will see 5 options on the bottom of your screen:


The world symbol is the party boat. When you have neighbours you can visit the party boat once a day to collect money rewards, the more neighbours you have the more rewards you will get. A present symbol will appear when you can collect the rewards.

You can also visit the party boat on the town map.


The chair with the lamp symbol is the home store. This is where you customise the house you are currently in, you can do things such as redecorate, buy new items and add swimming pools, patios and even balconies! (once you complete the quests that unlock these)


The building symbol is the town map. Click on this to take you to the town map, once you unlock the mysterious island you will have two buttons appear when you click on the first button:

You can also visit the mysterious island by clicking on the bridge on the town map.


The shopping cart is the online store. The online store is where you can purchase items for real money, read this post for more information.


The 3 dots will take you to the settings menu:

Resume Game- click this to get back to gameplay.

Options- here you can change the volume of the sound effects and music as well as changing the language. You can also choose if you want to receive notifications from the game.

You can reset your game from here too, if you do this you will delete your whole game.

Info- this tab includes information such as terms of service, end user license agreement as well as help information.

If you restart your game you can restore purchases you made on your device previously on this tab.

The about section includes your player ID which you will need to contact EA if you have technical issues with your game, read this post for more information on how to do that

Support- clicking on support will take you to the firemonkeys support page.

The Cloud- this is very important as this is where you save your game! You should be doing this at least once a day so you do not lose your game if your device ever crashed or broke. Read this post for more information about the cloud

Account Manager- this is where you sign into your accounts such as Facebook or Game Center to allow you to save your game with the Cloud as mentioned above.

You will not see furniture or town map buttons when you are on the town map


If you find any other symbols in the game you are unsure about please let me know and I will add them to this post

Thanks you reading!


53 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Symbols Explained

  1. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into creating this blog. I know that I wouldn’t have completed a lot of my tasks on time if it wasn’t for your information. The detailed walkthroughs, and specifics of quests and events is more than I would expect from anyone doing this, and I really appreciate it. You’re wonderful. 😀

  2. You wrote: “I am currently still completing my monuments so I will create a post as soon as I have finished building them all”

    I recently, with the help of LPs, completed (to level 25) all of the monuments. From what I can see, the only “exciting” thing is that the volcano starts to erupt… but is just another “House/Building Revenue” – once a day.

    Interestingly, the monuments keep getting upgraded above 25…. I have one at level 26 at present and still going upwards with further extended bonuses.

    Hope that helps.. Malcolm

  3. I need neighbors to help with different Quest/Task can I please add you. I tried to reach you through Facebook? Thank you, Carl Gibson

    • Unfortunately my gaming facebook profile has been suspended so I cannot access my facebook page so I did not see your message and I am unable to add anyone, sorry!

  4. Thank you so much for these blogs. They are very helpful and they help me get through the Sims Freeplay easily. If I am stuck on a quest, I come here and you always help me out! Keep doing what you are doing! X

  5. You know when you sometimes get a bonus for completing tasks, such as pick-ax, bamboo etc. Well I completed a simple task and noticed I was rewarded with “radio interview”. What’s that about?

  6. Hi there, I love your blog :)! I just wanted to ask about the new Police Station update, is this brand new or a new chance for those of us players that are newer to the Sims World? Idk if it’s politically correct to offer my town for friendly visits but if so, my name is AisisX. Thanks for all of your updates, this is the best Sim’s walk through/explanations ever!

  7. You put so much effort into these it’s incredible! Had a read through JIC, but I know them all 😂😂 How do you get so much money with no in-app purchases?

  8. Random question: Is there any point to experience points beyond level 55, given that you can no longer gain levels? do they become useful again if You do the life dreams and legacies quest? Thanks for all your time and effort on this blog. It’s great.

    • Well there is no point once you reach the highest level but you cannot play the game without earning them and who knows they may add more levels to the game at some point in the future.
      The life dreams and legacies quest doesn’t add more levels to the game.
      You’re welcome!

  9. Hi there, love the blog. My question is about the daily videos for free things. I used to get xp, simoleans, lp and sp. The past two months they have only offered me the xp and the simoleans. Is everyone experiencing this or just me? I miss getting the lps and sps everyday and the game is a lot less fun because its harder to buy stuff.

  10. What dies the heart with the x mean
    You are so helpful and have helped me so much good luck on completing the monuments I’m only on level 4 on them😉

  11. My quest is to drink double Shoten coffee but whenever i do it the blue footprints appears. How am i suppose to do?

  12. Do you (or does anyone else) have any idea why pick axes are flashing over some of my empty houses? I thought it might just be a prompt to demolish them but one of them has just been built. I’ve never seen it before. Thanks. Great site – it’s goldmine for Sims Freeplay!

  13. Thank you for your efforts & time.
    My question is that have u ever noticed a blank transparent bar glowing at the left side of the screen when we select a sim for a basic need like(planting/wash hands/drink coffee/chat/etc).
    What does that means?????
    I have noticed that there is no harm of that bar but what it means is the issue?
    And you site is great… thanks a lot & keep the good work going!!!!!

  14. When you click on the home store and go to sell or move there are 2 icons that show up each side of the green checkmark. One is red and one is blue that kind of looks like a bag. I have no idea what those symbols mean. I was trying to sell an item, I hit the blue button and the item flew away. I didn’t get any money back for the item so where exactly did it disappear off to? And how do I get money for it?

    • I have now added these to the post for you so for detailed information give that a read but briefly the red button is what you click if you want to sell the item and the blue button is what you click to store your item so the item will be in your inventory section for you to place somewhere else, this is useful if you want to move an item to a different house.

  15. You asked for other symbols I have run across in the game, and this one confuses me. What is the symbol next to the interaction “scare”? It adds friendship points, so it’s a positive action, but I can’t decipher what the symbol is.

  16. I have a question about the icons on residences for purchase. For example, the unfurnished studio shows a “townhall” symbol (it looks like) , a plus sign (+) then (Simoleon)44,500. On the line below that, it gives the time to build (1 day) and 99,000 in a white circle with the Simoleon symbol next to it.

    What do the two different prices represent?

    Thanks for all your hard work, it’s been tremendously helpful!

  17. Hi there, great article! Hoping you can help. I still can’t figure out the purpose of that circle bar indicator surrounding the sim’s photo what exactly is it related to? It varies from green to red for my Sims and I had an elder pass away once it was empty but I also have sims where the circle bar color in red while all 6 needs are full consistently. Thanks in advance for your time!

    • This is their ageing indicator so the more actions they complete the more the green line will spread clockwise around the circle, when it reaches red you know that your sim will age soon

  18. Hi there! Your blog has helped me through many a quest, so I’m hoping you might be able to help me with what looks like a glitch. When I go to “look at charts” in the hospital (it’s just a task for the nurse, not part of a quest), I do the required amount of time, but when the time is up, it looks like I didn’t even do the task. The task bubble is not filled in and I get no credit. So now I have two patients with only that task missing and I’m afraid I’ll accumulate more and be stuck with several patients whose tasks I can’t complete. Any ideas on how to complete tasks like that? I’ve tried using the gold coin to complete the task and i lose the coin but still get no credit. Thanks!

    • Sims with the baby bonus will have a gold ring around them on the simtracker, this is from completing the pregnancy event daily goals every day and all the support tasks. The baby that is born will have the baby bonus which means they will earn more experience points when they complete actions, complete actions faster, are not affected by low motives (low needs) and they will have these bonuses for life.

  19. Question – when a quest says you have 4 days left, do you have 4 days and some hours? Or 3Days and some hours?

  20. I had a task ad (a video ad automatically played) complete itself in the Palm Promenade and now instead of the green check next to the task on the left, it is an orange filled in circle with the white check. Is that normal?

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