The Sims Freeplay- How Many Sims Can I Have In My Town & When Do I Unlock Them?

Without VIP Perks the maximum amount of sims you can have in your town is 34

In the table below you can find out what level you unlock a new sim:

1 YES 2 sims
2 NO 2 sims
3 YES 3 sims
4 YES 4 sims
5 YES 5 sims
6 YES 6 sims
7 YES 7 sims
8 YES 8 sims
9 YES 9 sims
10 YES 10 sims
11 YES 11 sims
12 YES 12 sims
13 YES 13 sims
14 YES 14 sims
15 YES 15 sims
16 YES 16 sims
17 NO 16 sims
18 YES 17 sims
19 NO 17 sims
20 YES 18 sims
21 NO 18 sims
22 YES 19 sims
23 NO 19 sims
24 YES 20 sims
25 NO 20 sims
26 YES 21 sims
27 NO 21 sims
28 YES 22 sims
29 NO 22 sims
30 YES 23 sims
31 NO 23 sims
32 YES 24 sims
33 NO 24 sims
34 YES 25 sims
35 NO 25 sims
36 YES 26 sims
37 NO 26 sims
38 YES 27 sims
39 NO 27 sims
40 NO 27 sims
41 YES 28 sims
42 NO 28 sims
43 NO 28 sims
44 YES 29 sims
45 NO 29 sims
46 NO 29 sims
47 YES 30 sims
48 NO 30 sims
49 NO 30 sims
50 YES 31 sims
51 NO 31 sims
52 YES 32 sims
53 NO 32 sims
54 YES 33 sims
55 YES 34 sims

How many extra sims can I add with VIP Perks?

You can add one new sim at VIP Level 6, 8 and 10 and at VIP Level 15 you can add 4 extra sims so that is 7 additional sims taking your town limit to 41 sims. Read more about VIP Perks here



20 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- How Many Sims Can I Have In My Town & When Do I Unlock Them?

  1. Hi, I’m at vip 9 … It says I can have +2 additional Sims per town. My stats still say I have 36/36 Sims in my town and can’t add amymore. What does this perk mean then??? Pls help.

  2. Hey! Love what you do! You are awesome!
    I have a question, once you get to Level 55 can you build in all empty lots whenever you want to?
    I know now that you have to wait until you get to a certain level to build a building…..

  3. I’ve reached the sim limit (41) there’s an offer to add an additional Sim to town for $34.99 but I’m afraid to purchase it as I am unsure if it will increase my town limit to 42. Do you know if it will increase the limit or should I save myself the hassle of trying to get a refund if it doesn’t work?

  4. First, thank you for your blog! It is so helpful! I read often! I have a question about VIP being further along than Level. I am still not at level 55 (I’m level 46) but I am VIP 11. I have 33/33 Sims right now and to add another it says I have to wait until I reach level 55 or until VIP 15. If I hit VIP 15 before level 55 and get the +4, then my game will only allow 37 sims right? I feel like I messed up leveling up my VIP so fast and now I won’t get as many sims 😦 any thoughts?

    • A higher VIP level won’t cause a major issue, it just means that you have reached the sim limit quicker (you have 33 sims and can only add another when you reach level 55 as this is when sim 34 is unlocked) but once you reach VIP level 15 you should be able to add 4 extra sims still

  5. I cleared a lot to place the new produce market, I have empty lot, but I can’t add the new prize. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your blog.

    • When you click on the house in simtown you will get options, one of these is demolish house, this is the option you need to click on to be able to build the produce market.

  6. It says I have the maxImum amount of some possible in my town and I am on level 31, VIP 15, is there any way I can get more without spending real money? Thanks 😁

  7. Is there a new glitch as says my maximum sims is 34. I can’t add new adult sim, but it has let me add new baby. Now on 35 sims with another baby on way. Is it a glitch or because I have vip perks

  8. Hi! Love what you do, all the info really helps me lay out plans for what I wanna do with my town. My question concerns the sim springs update. I know that before, you could only have 41 sims and about 38 available house lots. With the sim springs update you can now have 44 houses. Did the max number of sims increase as well?

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