The Sims Mobile-Hello Japan Update


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Visit the land of the rising sun for some joy, magic and pride in the latest Sims Mobile update available from 15th June

Sim Festival Changes

As well as the Festival Pass you can now purchase the Festival Pass Plus (yay to making us spend more money!!) The Festival Pass Plus as well as the Pass features also unlocks the first 15 tiers so you will start from tier 16


If you have purchased the Festival Pass or Festival Pass Plus any prize tickets left over (up to a maximum of 6,000) can be used in the next season, they will be saved to your Llama Bank and when the new season starts you will automatically progress to the tier based on the number of tickets carried forwards. You will not be able to carry forward your tickets if you just complete the free pass

Event Start Dates (dates in PST)

Sim Festival:

  • Season 2: Hello Japan!- 50 day event starting 15th June


Treasure Hunt:

  • Enchanting Nouveau- 11 day event starting 15th June


  • Bargains Aplenty- 11 day event starting 27th July


Wumples Wishlist:

  • Wumples Wishlist 57 Quest- 5 day quest starting 19th June


  • Wumples Wishlist 58 Quest- 5 day quest starting 3rd July


  • Wumples Wishlist 59 Quest- 5 day quest starting 17th July


  • Wumples Wishlist 60 Quest- 5 day quest starting 31st July


Sweet Treat Showdown:

Celebrate Pride:

  • It Gets Better Project FREE Pride Pack (rerun) available from 17th June


  • Fabulous Pride FREE Pack available from 23rd June


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