The Sims Mobile- Spring Forward Update

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Spring into the latest Sims Mobile update and celebrate the Sims Mobile turning 4!

Update available from 7th March 3:30am UTC

Sim Festival:

Season 6: Spring Forward- 60 day event starts 7th March

Treasure Hunt:

  • Spring Fling- 13 day event starts 7th March

The hairstyle in this event is very similar to one already in the game but this unlocks highlighted swatches:

  • White Elephant- 13 day event starts 4th April

  • Wardrobe Overhaul- 13 day event starts 2nd May

Wumples Wishlist:

  • Wumples Wishlist 73 Quest- 5 day quest starts 14th March

  • Wumples Wishlist 74 Quest- 5 day quest starts 28th March

  • Wumples Wishlist 75 Quest- 5 day quest starts 11th April

  • Wumples Wishlist 76 Quest- 5 day quest starts 25th April

  • Wumples Wishlist 77 Quest- 5 day quest starts 9th May

Sweet Treat Showdown:

  • Country Living (rerun) 13 day event starts 21st March

Grand Prizes:

Click on the link to see all the prizes in this event

If you have completed the Sweet Treat Showdown Events before this time you will unlock new colour swatches and bonus rewards:

What else?

To celebrate The Sims Mobile turning 4 two FREE packs will be available from the 4th April for 7 days!

Anniversary Revamp:

Anniversary Makeover:

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