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The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Jester


This is a post about the jester hobby! I will tell you a little bit about how to do the hobby and the rewards you can get from it.

Who can be a jester?


Only one sim can do this hobby at a time.

How can be a jester?

You need to firstly build the castle, then complete the royal lineage quest, then complete the archery hobby to unlock the royal gallery to be able to do this hobby

Where can you be a jester?

At the castle, click on the chest


What are the jester options?

  • Mime- 3 hours 30 minutes (second row)
  • Tambourine- 4 hours 30 minutes (third row)
  • Dance- 4 hours 30 minutes (first row)
  • Flags- 5 hours 30 minutes (last row)

The first time you complete this hobby you have to do the dance option to find all 3 in the first row to unlock mime, then all three in that row to unlock tambourine and the third row to unlock flags.

What are the jester levels?

  1. Beginner
  2. Novice
  3. Intermediate
  4. Skilled
  5. Advanced
  6. Master Fool

What moves are there to collect?


What do you win?

First time you unlock the throne room which is explained in the castle post

Further times you earn 3LPs

I can’t find one of the walks, any tips?

The only advice I can really give you is to keep going, that is the only way you can find them- there is no trick to it, its completely random.

Is it worth using the lucky spin?

I would say no, it doesn’t give you one that you need it just gives you one at random so really it is probably just a waste of LPs

How do I start the collection again?

Once you have finished the collection you can click start a new collection on the list to start over.

Confused about hobbies? Read my Hobbies Frequently Asked Questions post

I hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!


Author: weightlessmagic

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31 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Jester

  1. Level 1 is beginner.

  2. What a crazy hobby… I did pantomime already 6 or 7 times and got 1 piece…

    • It just seems to take forever!

      • Please help, ive done everything for the diy homes patio quest, I left the diy house (the last step for the quest) and nothing happened, I dont even have the option to go back to the house, it shows that I have 96% completed and it still says to leave the diy house… which I already did, so lost, no idea what to do

      • try cancelling all your sims actions, that works for some people

  3. I have collected the mime and the tambourine. But no matter how many times i do the dance one i cant find the jester helppleaseeee

  4. Hi, I have this social task saying that I need to find this treasure using a neighbours dog to bury it up, but no one has a dog. I don’t want to skip it because I am saving up my lifestyle points for a house :-/ Do you know how to do it? Thanks

    Sent from my iPad


  5. I’ve completed mime, flags and tambourine it’s brought up dance but I’m not being awarded anything clicked on dance 10 times now but the last row isn’t filling up so I can’t complete hobby?!

    • Dance is to find the first row of collectibles, the second row is mime, third is tambourine and fourth is flags so you need to do flags to find the last row

      • I have done the flags 10 times and nothing on the bottom row has been awarded. All other rows are complete. Any suggestions ?

      • You must have found at least one if you have done flags as that is the only option that unlocks items on the last row, it won’t unlock items on another row. Try doing it again and let me know the exact move you win for doing the action

  6. I somewhat disagree about whether or not you should use a lucky spin. I used it and it worked I also used it for one of the horse thingys as well and it worked! Lol but I must admit I had tried to get the final pieces for a loooong while each time before I just went ahead and used it.

  7. GWG – you’re right about the last level – I’ve been doing the 5 h 30m “flags” for well over 10 days non stop with 2 different sims now, the first one aged into a senior and i still didn’t get the final level, my current jester is about to age as well. very frustrating.

  8. Hi! When I go to try the Jester hobby (with the same Sim I did the archery hobby with), it says my Sim will forget everything about the other hobby. This makes sense, but my question is this: Can ANY Sim become royalty, or just the one that becomes the jester? Do I have to use the same sim as the archery quest? Not quite sure about this process.

  9. I cant seem to do the jester hobby. I have built the castle and completed the archery hobby but get no option for jester hobby?

  10. Umm hi well your blog is super helpful and I finished the lovey dovey balcony quest 2 weeks ago and the basement one still isn’t popping up please help😭

  11. I’m a lvl 6 jester and still can’t access tambourine or flag!

  12. Anyone else find yourself get tired of these hobby quests? Especially when only one sim can do it?

    • Jester hobby is a tough one but at least there is no time limit!

      • Oh yes. I miss one last item in “flags” and have been practicing my sim for 10+ days. My sim will be senior, old and alzheimers before long (and so will i, it seems).
        Nevertheless: thank you very much for your site and i am sorry to hear that you lost your game.
        Your site is a bliss to read and very structured 🙂
        Have a very nice day 🙂

      • It just seems to take forever!
        You’re very welcome and thank you so much, I really appreciate it 🙂
        Have a good one!

  13. Is this like teen idol? You must do flags for the flag level, dance for dance level? I’m going to try that.

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