The Sims Freeplay- Simtown Market

The simtown market has been added to the October 2016 update of the sims freeplay. If you have finished upgrading all the workstations at a profession workplace and have been wondering if there is any point in sending your sims to work to collect resources or if you have reached your limit on the resources you can store, and find it a waste just to sell them- then this update is for you!

The simtown market allows you to use these spare resources to earn prizes! You earn market points by shipping market orders (these orders are made from resources, for example, you may be asked to ship 1 coffee and 2 popcorns) The more orders you ship, the more market points you earn, meaning the more prizes you will unlock!

The more developed your workplace is (the more workstations you have built/upgraded) the more market points you will earn as you will receive a bonus %

Couriers appear at the workplace and they need to be helped by a sim who works in that profession. Like helping a normal sim in this profession, when you complete all the tasks and help the courier you earn market tokens but there is a time limit in which you will need to help them in otherwise they will leave and you won’t receive the tokens.

NOTE: it costs SPs to speed up helping the courier- not LPs

Shipping tokens earns you a lot more points than shipping normal resources but you can only store 3 so you have to use them to collect more!


Simtown Market Tutorial– completing the tutorial unlocks access to regular special events, allowing you to earn prizes you previously missed out on or completely new prizes!

NOTE: you cannot start the tutorial until there is an event available- check in your goal tab to see if an event has started or is coming soon!

  • View the Simtown market (go to the Movie Studio (this may be a different profession workplace if you complete this tutorial during a different event) and click on the symbol of the person holding a parcel)

  • Complete a market order (again view the simtown market and click on a box and select ship order)

  • View the workplace overview (this is the button in the left hand corner of your screen while you are at the movie studio)

  • Start helping a courier- the courier will arrive at the movie studio:

(a sim needs to be working at the studio to be able to help the courier- the same way you help other sims at a profession workplace)

  • Spend a market token (go to the simtown market again, click on the box and select ship order)




Special Events- I am not going to be creating a post each time a new one is released as I believe they will all work in the same way

All you need to do is ship market orders and earn market points to fill up the bar in the time limit. Each time you reach a line on the bar you will receive a prize! The green is your current progress towards the prizes.

Most of the prizes are different for everyone as it depends what you have already unlocked but the grand prize is a new item so that is probably the same for everyone!

If you have completed all the current orders you will need to wait 30 minutes for new ones to appear or skip waiting for 10SPs- you can also unlock new slots for SPs!

Currently I am still upgrading my workstations so I probably won’t be using this too much unless I cannot collect new items without selling my resources but I think it is a great idea!

Time Extension Event- this works the same as the other events but instead of just using resources from one profession you can ship resources from all professions and the grand prize for completing this is a time extension which can be used if you run out of time on a quest or hobby- previously only available as a VIP perk


If I’m on the last task helping a courier will he stay if the time runs out?

He doesn’t seem to stay anymore annoyingly! (let me know if this changes again!)

If you unlock an extra slot costing social points in the market event does it stay unlocked for future events?

Yes, they will stay unlocked

Can I save courier tokens for the next event?

Yes you can!

Does the courier arrive at a specific time?

The courier doesn’t seem to appear at a certain time, you need to have a sim working and the more customers you get through the more chance you have of seeing the courier

Thanks for reading!


141 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Simtown Market

  1. How many times courier appear in a shift? Is it for as long as they still in a shift? I’m at 96.3% in movie studio. Had to stop upgrading for a while to complete this event.

  2. I think you can get more than three market tokens per event you just have to use them for a shipment as you can only store a maximum of three. When I earned them they appeared in that top box but when I used them it went back to zero?

  3. I collected 3 market tokens so it appears I have full storage of them (3/3) yet I keep getting more npcs (couriers) after collecting 3?! 😛 So I guess what Kuku said is true. My question is, how do I use the tokens? All the shipments I got are of normal resources. Do I keep having to send shipments until I get a token one?

  4. Some things I have noticed with this update, 1. If you click on the circle containing what level you are at, it now tells you how many XP you need to level up. 2. I received a weekly task I have never seen or heard about before “cancel an action”. 3. All the buildings, monuments and locations now have little symbols in their bubbles indicating what they are. Also all the empty/ un- constructed lots have a person inside the house silhouette.

  5. HI, as always you are right on top of this. Sounds like you had an amazing time at the EA convention. Glad you are getting the recognition you deserve! Kudu is correct – you can use more than three courier tokens per event, but you can only store 3 at a time (haven’t been able to store any as I use them right away). I wasn’t sure how I felt about this simtown market but it actually goes quite fast and my movie studio is only 41% developed (less than yours). I am down to 6 days left and I just unlocked the 4’th prize. I have not used any sp’s to speed up tasks so getting the grand prize is achievable. I did use sp’s to unlock shipping slots though. Hope that once they are unlocked, they are unlocked for all future market events! Slot 4 costs 50 sp, slot 5 costs 100 sp, and the last slot (which I can’t afford to unlock and am not sure I really need) costs 250 sp. The market is a really good way to keep all those profession workplaces (that we worked so hard on) involved.

  6. Do you think there will be more events for different workplaces? I’m wondering because I haven’t built the hospital yet but maybe I should now because I don’t want to miss out?

  7. I’m really enjoying the marketplace. It’s like a little mini event with prizes in between updates. Just a note, sims at the workplace do not have to be at any particular skill level. All three initial workstations (escort car, id booth and concession) work for the event just fine since the courier doesn’t need any resources collected. I tried to put my level 9 sims in to level up and just ran into frustration, so I’ll wait until after this is over to finish them up. Also, the courier takes about 4 hours to complete for a token. I usually get another sim working on resources, cancel both shifts after they’ve gotten through the first two hour task with the courier since they are nearing their work limit, and then just restart them. The courier remains at the studio.

  8. How do I spend tokens? I have 3/3 so I can’t collect the one that I just completed. The boxes I can ship only have resources in them, no tokens. I even shipped 2 boxes and waited to see if the tokens would show as an option to ship. No luck! Please help. Thanks 😀

  9. I bought an extra slot with SPs and this seems to speed up getting the tokens being the resource to ship out so I have not reached the max. I am sure eventually one of the regular slots will require it just maybe not as often? You get anywhere from 3000 to 6000 coins when you do depending how far along you are upgrading the workstations.

  10. Is there any reason to keep the tokens (as opposed to sending them out in a shipment) you get from completing the courier’s requests?

    I now have 3, and have not seen new couriers since I got the third (although, that was just a few hours ago). But, I guess a similar question would be, is there any reason not to just immediately send out a token-shipment once you get a token? Why do they even have the “0/3” noted on there?

  11. After working multiple shifts in a day for all three profession locations, I believe there are only four couriers a day. In order to complete without many upgrades in my locations (ranges from hospital 18% to the police station at 44%), I ignore my specialized sims for the duration of the event – or play them later in the day after the four couriers are gone – and use level 1-6 sims to grind through the couriers and accumulate resources.

  12. Hi,
    I’ve been checking your blog for a long time and I’ve always been able to find answers when I needed them. Only now, with the market, I have no clue what to do.. It didn’t start the tutorial when I got the update, and I don’t know how and if I can start it manually? Do you have an idea?

  13. Hi, I have just got my police station to 100% and I am not getting any of the bonus points. Does anyone know if there is some other hoop to jump through before you get the bonus? I thought I was going mad so I used a calculator to add up what I was expecting before filling and order and it did not give the bonus.

  14. How do I get the market place tutorial, I have couriers but they are grey and the message says there a re no events, check later
    Is the long hair event, coming soon, an event that will lead to the tutorial?
    I have already completed this event previously so was not going do it again, as it would be a waste of time for my fashion hobby sims

    • It says in the post: ‘NOTE: you cannot start the tutorial until there is an event available- check in your goal tab to see if an event has started or is coming soon!’
      The long hair event is a timed hobby event, this isn’t a simtown market event.

  15. If the courier has 5 minutes before leaving and you start one of the actions 20 mins long will the he stay to complete the action or leave in the middle of the action when his timer finishes?

  16. Just a tip: When you are nearly done with a market place event, i.e. you have 59700 out of 60000 points or whatever, don’t finish if you still have time left in the event! Make sure you have an order that will give you enough points to trigger that grand prize and resources enough to fill the order. Save that (and you could cancel all other orders to keep your overview). Wait for the courier to come back and collect up to three tokens for your market place inventory, then finish the event and get your grand prize. Next time an event starts you will have these tokens and will be ahead of your game already 🙂

  17. If you collect a courier token but don’t use it in the current market event, will it go away at the end of the event or will it be in your collection to use on the next market event?

  18. Is there any way to get rid of people who you can’t help at the work places?

    At my movie studio I have someone who needs the task, which takes 35 minutes, and you have to be at level 8 to unlock, but since it’s a mystery Sim, and I won’t be able to help other mystery Sims there’s no way for any of my Sims to advance to that level.

  19. The Reindeer event was supposedly available to everybody but I never got the opportunity to do the Reindeer Simtown Market event. It never showed an event available for me like it did with everybody else (or so they say)

    Any ideas? Thanks

  20. On my new account, one of my sims got to level 3 in the movie studio but the simtown market still says I need to make level 3. I even had the sims go level 4 with the movie camera and I still cannot do the tutorial. My main account had several greater than 3 professions when the simtown market came so I didn’t have to worry about this problem. Is there something else I need to do? The game says that is the only requirement not met but I did.

      • So other people can find the answer if they ever have the same problem, It let me do the event after I closed and reopened the game. I had to take care of my cat and when I opened Sims Freeplay afterwards, it gave me the event.

  21. The very first Simtown Market event I got when Simtown Market first came out was time extensions event. When I got that back in October, I needed 155,000 points in order to receive the time extensions. The extensions event came to me again on the same device, this time I only need 78,000 points to get the time extensions. Do you know why I need much fewer points for the time extensions now than I did a few months ago? My newer account got robo-cat needing only 46,000 points. What is with the point requirement variations?

    Thank you.

  22. Do you know if you unlock the last theee “extra slots” (the ones that cost SPs), if those will carry over to future events? Or do I newd to buy them again next time.

  23. Will an event from the sim town market come back? I just built the movie studio and then the sim town market event came and I really want the prize but I don’t think I’m going to finish it.

  24. How often is the market open? My man is grayed out so I know I can’t ship orders but it doesn’t say how much longer until its open.

      • It’s been months since I’ve seen a Market event. I personally love them because I can get resources and unique prizes. Not many othet new evwnts eithet. Have developers moved on to other games and forgotten Freeplay?

      • Within the game, I haven’t received notification of updates. I went to google Playstore, and the Sims Freeplay game itself is not an option, which usuallu means my game is up to date. I have also downloaded all software updates from my carrier, AT&T, and restarted my phone (Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge). Always got the in-game notices of updages before, but I can’t figure it out. Should I email Firemonkeys and see if others are having this issue with this phone? (Thanks for your blog, it is amazingly helpful!)

      • Did you have the Halloween Quest? If so then your game is up to date. If it bothers you then definitely email the makers and let them know so they can fix this issue for you! You’re welcome!

  25. Lately I have realized if I am on the last task and ignore that area until it would be completed I get the token. This did not used to happen so I think it is with a new update. I also keep my storage at 3/3 so if I have a day left I make sure to get tokens before finishing so that the next event I start with three. HTH

  26. I have a time extension from a previous market event. I haven’t used it yet. My new market event prize is a time extension.
    Question 1. Do they stack ? Will I have 2 once I finish the new market event? I don’t know if there is an option to see how many you have…
    Question 2. Can I use both in one hobby? Like, one after the other.

    Thank you! (:

    • They do stack so you can collect more than one time extension but you can’t see how many you have so far as for your second question I am not 100% sure as I have never used one, it would make sense to be able to use more than one but I don’t know if this is actually correct, maybe someone else can let us know!

      • I have used multiple time extensions to enable me to complete quests. I think I needed 2 extensions to get through the toddler paintings, I definitely used one and when the extra 24hrs was up and I still wasn’t done it asked if I wanted to use another. It also tells you how many you have when it asks if you want to use one, but I know of no other way to find out how many you have.

        Re the courier ‘staying around’ the above comment is correct – if you start your final action with the courier and then leave the workplace and do not return until after the full required time has elapsed you will get the token, even if it is a 2hr action and the courier was due to leave in 1minute. Unfortunately if you go back to the workplace after the one minute but before the action is complete the courier will leave so you lost the coins for that action and the token.

        I usually have two sims working a shift, do the shorter courier actions during the shift and help everyone else as quick as possible (non specialized sims always much shorter tasks) and then when I have both my two sims only 1 person off finishing the shift early, I start the final 2 hr courier action with one sim, finish the last customer with the other sim so they have both now reached the full shift quota for the bonus resources and coins, and I can leave the workplace so I don’t accidentally lose the courier before my sim has finished the 2 hr activity. As long as your sim who is staying behind has started with the courier before you finish the last action the sim will stay, and so will the courier as long as you don’t go back (easy to do if you do this at the end of the day, then you can wake up to a token).

      • Yes you can use multiple on one event. When you click “extend time” it will tell you how many you have.

  27. I’ve noticed lately with the courier that if I’m on the last task with not enough time remaining, it still completes successfully, as long as I’m not in the game when the time runs out. (So leave before courier timer is up, and come back after the task is due to complete). Hope that works out for you too! I always get distracted mid-courier and end up a few minutes short.
    Thanks for an awesome blog. So happy to see there’s still such a community for this game.

  28. I love your blog and can usually find any answers here I need for sims freeplay. I do have a question after the last marketplace event. Usually if you unlock a prize (ex: rugs they will be available for purchase even after the free ones for each size) but lately I’m winning a lot of “single” items. For example I won a blue retro bar stool but only one. It’s in my inventory but when I used it and went to get a second one it is nowhere to be found in any category of my home store. Why in the world would they give single items that are useless without being able to match them somehow?

  29. For those who like to use “Social Points” to speed up when the courier comes for the token, or you just don’t have enough time due to the 4 hours limit, here’s the breakdown you may want to know:

    Tips: Try to look time range before you spend SP on the courier 🙂

    Time Remaining:
    103 mins to 120 mins: 8 SP
    72 mins to 102 mins 59 secs: 7 SP
    47 mins to 71 mins 59 secs: 6 SP
    28 mins to 46 mins 59 secs: 5 SP
    14 mins to 27 mins 59 secs: 4 SP
    6 mins to 13 mins 59 secs: 3 SP
    2 mins to 5 mins 59 secs: 2 SP
    Less than 2 mins 1 SP

  30. Hi! I am in the middle of an event and I unlocked a prize (chocolate fountain from the gingerbread furniture) but I can’t find it anywhere in the home shop. Do you know if it’s a glitch or do I get all the prizes at the end of the event?

    • Have you tried looking in the decorations section? It should be there once you unlock it if it isn’t then it may be a glitch and you might want to contact the makers to see if they can fix this issue for you.

  31. I won the Robodog Market town event, and was supposed to get a free Robodog as a prize. It said that it would be in the pet store after. However, I can’t find it anywhere- it’s not in my inventory, and at the pet store the robodog is still 80LP. There’s nothing for free in the store.. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks

  32. Well, I find it difficult to play the game without SPs and still always have a small amount of LPs. Until I can afford to buy SPs and LPs, which are stingily earned throughout the game, I am going to have a very tedious experience with keeping up in the game…

  33. I’ve discovered the best way to work the marketplace events is to send lower-level Police and Film Sims to work — level 6 or below. That way you only get the easy tasks — food truck, check ID, escort; front desk, video truck, motivation. If you send your specialized Sims and get a customer with a task only that Sim can help with, but that Sim is tied up with the 2 hour token segment…it can really slow down achieving your quota for the shift. Also if you send Sims to work at both places you can score at least two tokens a day, maybe three (or four!) if the delivery man shows up fast enough at the beginning.

    I am sad I didn’t figure this out sooner, and also sad that I didn’t notice the chocolate fountain prize recently. I will hope it comes around again sometime!

  34. I just completed the Easter sleepwear simstiwn marketplace event and the clothes are not appearing anywhere for me. Why is this? Where are the clothes? I really want them.

    • I am having the same issue. I have contacted firemonkeys as well but am awaiting a response. We work hard to earn things like this so i think it really isn’t cool when this hapens, but knowing i am not the only person this has happened to is making me hopeful that it is a glitch that they will fix if enough people write them about it. I am sure that we aren’t the only ones this has happened to, so I am hoping they will resolve this matter asap!!!!

  35. I don’t like doing the Simtown Market because I keep getting the ads to watch and when I click on them there is a black screen and I have to delete it. When you delete you have to wait 3 hours for a new order. Also, you have stated that the courier points stay for the next event but mine don’t, I have to start all over again when an event is complete. I use a ipad for this game so I’m just curious if anyone else has these issues. I love your page it is so useful!!

  36. I finished the Easter Pyjamas event and was told that all of the pajamas from the pack would appear in any wardrobe. I cannot find them for any age group. Whats going on?

I will be taking a break for the rest of 2020 so I will be unable to reply to any questions until further notice

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