The Sims Mobile- 12 Days of Wumples Quest

Presented by EA GameChangers


This Wumples is slightly different from the usual Wumples Wishlist Quests, we have 1 goal to complete each day to earn a prize (a bit like the Star Wars Quest back in May) Pictures of all the prizes can be found at the end of this post.

Day 1 (16th December)- I don’t have a TV. Can you summarise the latest ‘Popular Fantasy Series’?

Tap a table to watch ‘Popular Fantasy Series’

Takes 15 minutes

PRIZE: Traditional Menorah

Day 2 (17th December)– I could use a snack. Could you grab something for me?

Find Wumples a snack

Takes 15 minutes

PRIZE: Happy Hanukkah Garland

Day 3 (18th December)– It’s good to learn about where you live!

Read up on the town’s history

Takes 15 minutes

PRIZE: Garlands of Eden

Day 4 (19th December)– What’s better than selfies? Selfies with friends!

Snap a selfie with another sim

PRIZE: Landgraab Strands

Day 5 (20th December)– It’s sofa appreciation day!

Clean your sofa

Costs 5 Energy

PRIZE: Starstruck

Day 6 (21st December)– Maybe we’re all doing it wrong and should live like cats.


PRIZE: Family of Firs

Day 7 (22nd December)– Don’t freak out, but there’s an escaped gator on the loose

Check toilet for escaped gator

Costs 10 Energy

PRIZE: Auld Lang Shine Garland

Day 8 (23rd December)– One of your tables is a bit wobbly!

Assess table legs

Takes 30 minutes

PRIZE: Freezer Bunny Bells

Day 9 (24th December)– Dust bunnies sure have a way of multiplying!

Search for dust bunnies under the bed

Costs 5 Energy

PRIZE: Presents O’ Plenty

Day 10 (25th December)– The Science Center needs volunteers for their sleep study!

Sleep for science!

Takes 30 minutes

PRIZE: Elegant Kinara

Day 11 (26th December)– Yikes! You still have spinach in your teeth. Find a mirror!

Check mirror for tooth spinach

PRIZE: Joyous Kwanzaa Artwork

Day 12 (27th December)– Weird that the sun is out so much, but at least it’s great for plants!

Read ‘Gardening in Eternal Sunshine’ book

Costs 15 Energy

PRIZE: Cold Feet Carl


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