The Sims Freeplay- 15 Ways To Make Money and LPs!

I always get asked “how do I make money and LPs quickly?” so I have come up with a list of the main ways you can make money and LPs!

  1. Buy them– you could always buy them if you are struggling, if you were to buy one of them I would go for LPs over simoleons as LPs are harder to make!
  2. Level up– when you level up you get LPs. You can level up quicker by reaching relationship milestones that give you 100+XPs and by completing rows in hobby collections
  3. Complete goals– each goal you complete gives you a reward, whether it’s money, LPs or XPs and when you complete a selection of the weekly goals you receive more money and LPs.
  4. Increase town value– you receive LPs when you reach certain values!
  5. Garden and bake– if all of your sims are gardening you can earn loads of simoleons. If you are busy put your sims on gardening and baking tasks for that length of time, e.g. While you are sleeping make all your sims plant beans for 9 hours. Or if you have a spare hour or so you could set up a plant growing plot for lots of your sims as shown below and grow some carrots or corn over and over to make even more money! Remember if sims are inspired they earn more money!
    Thanks Nige for the picture!
    Thanks Nige for the picture!

    Thanks Nige for the picture!
    Thanks again Nige!
  6. Pets finding treasure– the more expensive the pet the more likely they will find LPs but they mostly find simoleons
  7. Go to work– the more they go to work the more money they will make as they get promoted
  8. Party boat– the more neighbours you have the more prizes you get, you mostly get simoleons from this but it is possible to get LPs
  9. Competition center– this will give you a certain hobby and you enter a sim who has the highest level in that hobby for 24 hours and it will give you a position and a reward, if you are first you will get 3 LPs! You still get a reward wherever you are placed in the competition.
  10. Bingo hall– you can enter your seniors in this for a day, I have never won at bingo yet though!
  11. Hobbies– you get simoleons for finding a new piece and once you’ve completed the collections to collect the main prizes, complete it again for an LP reward! The cooking hobby is my favourite because you can make lots of money and LPs relatively quickly with several of your sims working on it at once! How Do I Have So Many LPs explains this in more detail.
  12. Collect revenue from car drives– if you buy the 1 story mansion you get a free car with it, you can use that to drive about town, click on the music notes and collect the money- the more expensive the car the more likely you will find LPs
  13. Daily reward– the mailbox gives you simoleons every 24 hours, the amount is based on your town value, the higher your value the more money you get but there is a limit on this
  14. Money from houses (house revenue)- click on the money and XPs signs on the town map for simoleons
  15. Free Simoleons/ LPs/ SPs from the paperboy- a paperboy appears in your town with a film reel in a bubble above his head, click on this to watch an advert, once you have watched it you will earn either furniture, simoleons, LPs or SPs! 

Don’t cheat! Using the time cheat is more trouble than it is worth, if you use it other things will go wrong with your game, for example:

  • Buildings take longer to build
  • Daily rewards don’t arrive
  • Babies take longer to arrive

It is possible to get lots of money and LPs without cheating, you just have to work hard.


Need Social Points? Watch this video: 

This method still works but they have unhelpfully made the social point flower cost 20LPs now instead of 5 so a bit more cooking is needed!

Thanks for reading!


262 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- 15 Ways To Make Money and LPs!

  1. I created the gardening house, and while it is very expensive to create with all of the coffee machines, fridges, showers, toilets, etc… I think it was worth it! At this point, it’s kind of just paying for itself. This is one of the best ways to get simoleons in the game if you ask me. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. The best to get Lp for me is to either buy some, ride a luxury car and it sometimes give you lifestyle points, level up, raise town money to however much to get, collect some from a sat or dog, and a goal

  3. The fastest way I’ve found to make money is through a couple of my “rich” neighbors. I was fortunate enough to come across, not one, but two strangers who I friended on fb who each have houses with dozens of the most expensive pets, there for the express purpose of harvesting currency. I don’t know how they managed it but I swing by daily to collect. A ten-minute visit is usually worth 7,000-10,000 simoleons and 2-5 LP.

  4. I got the amount of 6 million in three days doing the following: I got enough money to buy the Japanese nook and I sold everything there and also the rooms.
    In those days, I was just with one fixed home, with four sims fulfilling the tasks.
    it is important that this is done early in the game, as all furniture that sells are discounting the price in town.

    • that is the quickest way i know to earn money.

      You can sell all the stuff in a jap. house for around 65000. So as long as you’re paying less, you’re making money.
      And if you are really desperate you can remove most of your sims, and most of your houses, becouse the less houses you have the cheaper it is to build a house. And it takes less time to build a house. Thats the fastest way to earn money

  5. I haven’t read all the comments, so maybe someone is already doing what I’m doing. I figured a great way of making LPs and money!
    Diving, horse tricks, vaulting and showjumping hobbies all end up unlocking 3 LPs each, plus 1 LP somewhere in the middle. Once the prize is unlocked, hobby can be reset. So I have 4 sims diving at the swim center, many more diving at their homes, and 3 sims practising horse hobbies. I easily collect 20+ LPs a day! Horse riding hobbies take more time, but diving takes 10 minutes to collect a medal, and you need 12 to unlock the prize of 3 LPs! Medals don’t always come easy, but seriously this is the fastest way I can imagine.

    Now, the money. Give all those sims practicing diving a sporty life orb. Those practising horse riding can use either sporty or entertainment life orbs. You collect LPs while fulfilling their life dreams! And once the dreams are fulfilled, you receive an orb which you can sell. The cheapest Bronze life orb goes for 90.000 simoleons. Silver, gold and platinum orbs make you even more money.

      • Do you have to invite friends via the Game Center app? I only see the Facebook option to add friends in the game. I have sent several requests to people in Game Center (even you weightless magic) but I haven’t seen any new friends show up in my game.

      • well my game center is full up so I can’t accept any more requests
        Yes you should just invite them by the app then when they accept they will appear in your party boat

      • Please how do you use Game Center to get friends. I don’t know how to join Game Center.I am loged in under FB but only have two friends that play. I need to play guitar in a neighborhood but nobody has a guitar. Thank you for your time

  6. Does anyone know the % of a chance a pet will find a LP? Is it by so many digs or is it random? I was told that by buying the pets more expensive bowls/toys/beds the better chance of the pet finding a LP and its worth it. Well I wasted my LPs on the pet items and its been over two weeks and still no LPs. Anyone have any suggestions?

  7. I am on level 9 and on the real estate agency quest and I have a baby in my Sims game however I stupidly accidentily bought two mobiles for the baby do you think by the toddler quest I will have enough lp’s for the baby’s birthday cake for it to age up (I have 6 working Sims who work for 1500 each)-(I’ve read this page but could you explain it more if you don’t mind)for example do you think I should the competition center to earn lp,s(p.s I would really like to use buying them as a last resort) thx for reading

    • Its hard to say, you might be able to, you might not- it depends.
      This page explains everything as best as I can, I’m not sure if there is anything else I can add, sorry!
      Yes you can, I’m not going to tell you you should do that to earn Lps but that would work, as will any of the other ways on this post.

    • Me too! I plant beans every night and I have 23 Sims and tend to earn $17,000-$19,000 a night. U can also plant while at school, or just when ur at home (I plant 2-4 hours whenever I leave the house or something like that) I’ve been playing The Sims Freeplay for around 2-3 years (not consistently) and when I first downloaded it it was WAY different than it is now… haha! Anyway I had it on my Kindle Fire HD for a while (I didn’t play it much) then in January I got it on my IPod touch and I play it so much it has become part of my daily routine… 😁😂 lol yeahhhh haha plz add me on Game Center my username is AlizaBug ❤️❤️❤️

  8. The best ways to get LPs (Lifestyle Points) is ride

    luxury car (you can get it on buying a home called mansion) like I get 4 LPs in 1 single driving car

    • It’s even better to have like four or five or six sims going for a drive all at once. Usually harvest 1-3 LIps every two mins doing this

  9. Haha. I got so desperate for LPs the other day, I wanted to finish multistory renovation on time, I spent 4 hours making 8 Sims doing 1 minute cooking over and over just so I could complete the collection to earn LPs. By dammed it worked but that was a crazy way to do it

  10. I found the best way to collect simeleons is to have most of your sims plant peppers. They’re free already and if you have the island monument upgrade you can get a bonus pretty easily while planting these. 🙂 I have to save up for the horse stables and I have made over 60,000 in 3 hours.

  11. With the teen idol sign to get the items for it do u need to do stuff with the teen idol¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?

  12. I just have one question, based on this:
    “Hobbies- you get rewards for finding a new piece and once you’ve completed the collections to collect the main prizes, complete it again for an LP reward! The cooking hobby is my favourite because you can make lots of money and LPs relatively quickly with several of your sims working on it at once!”

    I can’t sell the food I cook in the hobby, I just can sell the food that is not in the hobby.
    Like, cookies I can sell, but I don’t receive any cooking hobby experience for that. On the other hand, bacon and egg I do receive the cooking experience, but I can’t sell (and it is acumulating at my floor). So how can you make lots of money with the cooking hobby?

    • cookies aren’t cooking, they are baking
      bacon and eggs are cooking
      You need to click on the hobby page and find cooking, then click restart collection- or you won’t get anything, then you cook cheese on toast, it will go on the floor and you will find a utensil and get a reward for each new one you find, once you have them all you get 5LPs.

  13. I’ve noticed a problem. Everytime I decide to plant beans over night will have two sims planting at the same house a s one plot will tell me I’m getting over 1,000 and the other one will be 860. Its not just one house it is all my houses are like that. Is it because I expanded some places? Because that was my first intial thought but then those houses will give me the lesser money. Has this ever happen to you?

      • What more can I do if sims won’t be inspired when I think I have fuLfilled all their needs and don’t want want to use what few lps I have as I am saving them to complete a quest on time?

      • Just fill up all their needs to make them inspired, they might look full but some need to be completely full for them to be inspired, so just fulfil each need again until they sparkle.

  14. I find that the best way to earn money is just by taking your car for a drive! I put my Sims cooking, baking and gardening and then just take one out for a drive. You can get plenty of money and maybe LPs in just a few minutes!

  15. My party boat thing isn’t working. When I click on it it just say connecting for ages. Do you know how i can get it to work? Thanks

    • You may need to log out of facebook in the game, log out, turn your device off then log back in, if that still doesn’t work you might need to disconnect your game from facebook, you do this in facebook by going to account settings and selecting apps. it will say what is logged in to facebook and you can disconnect the sims freeplay, then close facebook and go back onto the game and connect again, it should work (but your neighbours might take a while to reappear) I had to do this yesterday because mine hasn’t been working for weeks.

  16. Regarding the Competition Centre and the Bingo Hall… these are poor options. You can make more simoleons and LP by doing hobbies or planting.

  17. I didn’t complete the long hair quest in time. Is there still a way I can get the long hair?

  18. Don’t cheat! Using the time cheat is more trouble than it is worth, if you use it other things will go wrong with your game, for example:

    My question is, what do you mean with time cheat? I still don’t get it..

  19. I have a problem…the Simoleon Sprout and Lifestyle Lotus have vanished from my plants list, and now at the top it goes straight on to bell peppers. Nothing else is has changed so it can’t be an update or anything. What should I do? Has anyone else had this glitch? Thank you.

  20. Hi I love you page. I have a question hopefully you can answer it. How come when I have some Sims plant they make more than others. I had all my adult Sims plant to try to figure out why but I have no clue. Example: most my Sims make S148 and 148xp but 3 female Sims don’t they make S100 and 100th. Do you know why?

  21. The max number of sims living in the same house is 4, if I make a multi story house will more sims be allowed to live there?

    • I have a house that is designated to planting. I have 10 gardens (5×2) and I enclose 10 Sims in using trees and have them plant all the time the less time the more overall money. Ex planting corn (20min) 3x will get you more than watermelons (60min) 1x I have earned a couple millions and a ton of granite pick axes and bronze and lately gold

  22. I visited my neighbours, but when i arrived at their town, my sim’s needs went low. They went stinky, hungry although i sent an inspired sim. Then it automatically sent my sim home. How is this?

  23. Hi I need your help do you know how to ‘Reach Nirvana’ in the park coz I don’t know how to do that and Im in that quest for social points

  24. The best way to earn LPs I’ve come across so far is to have a toddler collect toys in the toddler playhouse hobby. After completing the first collection, every subsequent collection you complete gives you 6 LPs, which is the most I’ve come across for any hobby. And what’s more: because you can choose which type of toy to “play for” (bear, cat, monster or supersim), the odds of finding new toys are much much better than in any other hobby: for most hobbies the odds are 1 in 12 at best, but for the playhouse it’s 1 in 3.

    The only hobby that’s arguably better is cooking, because the fastest recipe takes only 1 minute to complete, and a full collection is worth 5 LPs. However, this has the downside that it requires you to spend quite a bit of time actively occupied with the game, plus you need a whopping 18 items to complete the collection.

    • The Toddler Playhouse hobby is great, don’t get me wrong… but it’s great because it’s something for toddlers to do that generates LP. It shouldn’t be the primary way you want to generate LP.

      I know that not long ago I said I liked the Fashion Hobby for my go-to for collecting LP, but I’ve changed my mind. The cost to cook is minimal when you are only doing the 1-minute option and the cash rewards for getting each new medal pays for the cost of cooking that 1 minute option. (If you were doing longer options each time, the cost per medal wouldn’t come out so favourably.)

      Yes, fashion is awesome too, because it has a 10-minute option and doesn’t have a limiter as expensive as building a pool (after filling up the community centre), but cooking really is the way to generate LP the fastest.

      • Yeah, I’ve changed my mind a bit actually since posting that last comment. I’ve realized that to really take advantage of the playhouse hobby, you’d have to get several toddlers to play at the same time, but raising all those toddlers and buying them playhouses is quite expensive (both in terms of the LP that’s directly required, as well as the long-term cost of having a toddler around instead of an adult sim). I was just going by the odds of obtaining missing collection items every time you had a go, but not taking into account how many ‘goes’ it was feasible to actually have in a given timespan.

        Cooking is now my main source of LP as well, using the 1-minute recipe. Tbh I didn’t even consider cash cost as I find cash is very easy to come by (I just have a bunch of actors working at the highest level, and make all my sims do gardening when I don’t need them for anything else).

  25. Is there’s way to skip a competition at the Competition Center? If not, will it go away in a day? The latest competition for me is for teenagers, but I only have infants and toddlers.

  26. Where is the free button located in the store? I’ve tried looking for it but I can’t find it on my game.

  27. Hey! Whenever i click the free lp icon in the goal tab it just closes the whole app or it says that the offer is no longer valid.I am really getting frustrated about this and wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this and if you know how to fix it.
    Also wanted to say that i love ❤ your blog, its very helpful especially that post that you wrote about the cooking hobby!
    thanks for your help

    • A lot of people are having this issue, I am hoping they will sort out this in the next update, I just don’t use the button because it always crashes
      Thanks! I’m glad it helps 🙂
      You’re very welcome!

    • I run into the crash occasionally. I just restart the program and then it works usually.

      As for the expiring thing, each offer is only good for a few hours. Check back more often and you won’t run into this problem.

  28. After the artifacts quest, you get a chance to find a bonus 100simoleons(increases as up upgrade the earth thing on the island. In 20 minutes I got about 8000simoleons from constantly planting peppers. While peppers is very little, the chance of getting 100simoleons is worth it. Plus the more actions you do, the better the chance of finding the ingredients to level up the earth thing.

  29. Ever since the Royalty update, when I have tapped on a video to view it and get one LP, it says, ‘ Sorry, this offer is no longer available please try another one.’ Before the update, I could see 5 videos in a row. Now, I can’t even see one! Is this happening to everyone, or is it a glitch on my iPad?

  30. So I was fooling around with the iPad and changed the time so that it was 10 pm and not 1 pm, then I went to the sims. I saw the time was changed, panicked, and quickly set the time back to what it was. What’s going to happen to the game? I didn’t want to use the time cheat- it was an accident!

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