The Sims Freeplay- The Cloud: Saving the Game

Connecting to the cloud is how you save your game so if you ever have a problem with your device or want to change devices knowing how to connect to the cloud will stop you from losing your game, for example, if you wanted to change your device you would be able to get your game onto that new device within 7 days and you won’t have to start all over again- it is a good idea to do it everyday just as a back up in case! (it does automatically do it if you connect to the party boat but it is always useful to know how to do it yourself)

Connecting to the Cloud

To connect to the cloud you need to firstly be connected to Facebook, Apple, Game Center or Google Play Games (how to connect to Facebook and Game Center are covered in my Adding Neighbours post as both these can be used to add neighbours)

Sign in with Apple is a new option for Apple products so you can sign in with your Apple ID (on the settings screen- see under ‘uploading’ in this post- click on the key button (bottom right) to sign in with your Apple ID:

Sorry I no longer have an Android so I cannot show you how to connect your game to Google Play Games (this is where you download your games from)


Once connected go into settings in the game (click on the green button with 3 white dots on it) you will then see these options:

Click on the cloud button and you will see this window appear:


Click upload save data and your game will be saved

Click here to watch my video on how to save to the cloud

Help! My neighbours can’t see an item in my town, why is that? They can’t see it because they aren’t seeing the most up to date version of your game, you need to connect to the cloud for them to see this version of your game.


If you are transferring to a different device you can select on that device from in the game ‘download save data’ and you will have your game back as long as you are connected to the same account that you saved your game from on your other device:


NOTE: if you are planning to go from an Android to an Apple or the other way around and you want to keep your game, make sure you save to Facebook as this is the only option to save available on both devices.

Unable to connect to the cloud?

If you can’t connect click on the Facebook icon in the settings and it will probably say unknown user so log out and log in again and it should work! If it still isn’t working you may want to contact the makers to see if there is anything they can do to fix this for you, this post explains how to contact them if you are unsure.

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175 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- The Cloud: Saving the Game

  1. i have a problem w cloud and visiting another sim town. its been going on for a couple wks now. if i wanna go to another sim town it goes to FB then goes back to the game, just noticed it does the same with Cloud. thanks :))

  2. I have a problem with downloading my game data onto my android tablet. It just keep trying me it is unable to download and I don’t know why? How do I fix this?

  3. I’m using a windows phone and when I reach the Seniors Quest, the app always crashes. Every time I enter the game, the logo “The Sims Freeplay” appears for a few minutes and then it turn back to the start screen 😦 Oh and I can’t connect to the cloud either 😦 Do you know how to fix this? Thanks a lot!

  4. I have the same problem with the seniors quest and have tried everything. I asked for help but got none – they closed my case as they decided the problem had been resolved! I gave up trying as I think this is an unfixable bug with windows phone and, of course, they are no longer doing updates for us. I’ve just been playing the game without progressing through the seniors quest which is less than satisfactory. Now, for the past couple of weeks I have not been able to connect to the cloud either , it just comes up “unable to connect” every time. Again, have tried all the recommended steps to resolve this but nothing works. So if my game crashes now I will lose so much progress I doubt I will bother to reinstall the game. Very disappointing but I guess that’s no more than you can expect from free games!

    • I’m sorry they didn’t fix your problem
      If you are connected to facebook in the game, go into settings and click on the facebook icon, it will probably say unknown user, log out and log back in, hopefully that will help.

  5. My android is the new device and it says that I need to update Sims on my new device before I can download.. Ugh how do I fix that?? Please help!!

    • If you are playing on the same device then don’t worry, your game won’t disappear, it just means you need to update at least every 7 days to have a version of your game available, incase your device broke, if you didn’t then you would have to start the game all over again.

      • I haven’t login in 24 weeks and when I download it from the cloud and played it, there’s no simtracker and I can’t go to the town, buy things, or press the globe button. Should I start all over again?

  6. I’m trying to upload my saved data that I’ve been playing on my tab to my phone, once I log into Facebook and download save data a screen comes up with lps, money, sps, level etc. (Listed above as all games do) and it ask if i would like to use this file, but it doesn’t reflect my level, lps, sps, etc… is this just a sample page and will upload my real progress or is that the exact progress at which your download will be at? Thanks!

  7. Hi, I was wondering, if I dounloud my game to the cloud, will it save if the game is reset? Thanks 🙂
    I hope this makes sense……..

    • I can no longer connect to the cloud to save my game. I just get a message saying ‘unable to connect’. I have never had an option to connect to Facebook in options or anywhere else. I’m playing on a Windows Phone which it seems they no longer support so I’m guessing these issues are due to that and I’ll just have to give up playing if I somehow lose my progress which is disappointing! I guess it’s no more than you can expect from a free game and I certainly wouldn’t risk spending real money on this one.

  8. Since the mall update my shortcut of the game doesn’t work anymore I have to enter Google Play Store to open the game. I was wondering if deleting and reinstalling the game again will help me with this issue. So if I save to the cloud and I delete the game and reinstall it on the same device I will be able to recover my progress up to date, right? Just wanting to be sure I am not making a huge mistake here. You dont’t need two different devices and one of them to still have the game on it when you do that?

  9. I wanna ask, i want update my The sims free play. But i am worried if i update it will be reset.
    Do u have solution ? Or u ever update ur sims free play and never be restarr the game ?

  10. How do i get my game from android to windows becuase it tells me no cloud game is saved blah blah i dk… but im kinda far and i dont wanna restart HELPP lol

    • If you have saved the game on the android and then logged in to the same facebook account on the windows phone you should be able to downloaded your saved data but you won’t be on the latest version of the game as windows phones are no longer updated so you may not be able to open it on an earlier version

  11. I wonder if is it worth resetting your game? Because I’ve been through trial and errors until I’ve learn the trick. any advice? bc im on level 19 $230,000 and 60 LPs but I feel like i want to restart but is it worth it?? 😕

  12. Man…that’s disappointing. Are there any alternatives to backing up/saving the game via facebook, if you’re on android?

  13. I want to save my progress on the sims and put it on my iPad but I’m afraid that if I do that I’ll lose what I got on my phone.basically my question is,can I have 2 of the same game running on 2 different devices(both Apple)?

    • I’m not sure whether you can or not as I have never wanted to try it, I like having different games, but I don’t think it would work very well, but even if you could you definitely couldn’t have them both open at the same time.
      Why don’t you just start a new game on your iPad?

      • I did and at least now I know I could save it and always put it back on my phone so that’s good and I can tell it doesn’t work cuz it shows my sims doing something different on my phone so it’s a nope:/ oh well.

  14. Hello ..
    Help me, I can’t autosave my sims .
    I have to save the latest task i’m doing to cloud than downloaded from the cloud when i’m play
    (When i’m open the sims freeplay, it start with task that i have finished a long long time ago),
    When I visit my neighbor, the sims that come isn’t the sims that I choose to come, and the sims just go back home . it saysl the sims feel over stayed their welcome, when I at my town I can’t go back to the latest task i’m doing.

    Hope you can understand what I mean 🙂

    I love your blog ❤

  15. what to do if you click on ”upload save data” instead ”download save data” but you wanted to click on ”download save data” ??? because i think my game is lost.. 😦

  16. I am on windows cant complete social task cuz the neighbors dont have a pool n no one seems to play this much so if u play on windows add me it Kristen but my player thing is PLAYER242419485

  17. I’m using my iPad to play the sims. But the problem is I have an iPod 4g where I started playing the sims but since the screen is tiny I decided to play it on the iPad. You see I have 2 different iTunes accounts I use a different one on my iPod same for iPad. So now that I’ve been playing the sims on my iPad i have a family,kids, preteens, and I wanna download the game from my iPad to my iPod. But every time I upload and save data it doesn’t show anything else and I only use iCloud not Facebook because my parents blocked it. How can I download my sims from my iPad to my iPod using only Game Center? Thanks for the help!😊

    • You firstly need to sign in with the same game center account that contains the game you want, then you can delete the game on your iPod that you don’t want. Now upload your iPad game to the cloud then on your iPod you can choose download saved data

  18. Hi. I need some help if possible. My tablet stopped working for some unknowen reason so I have purchased a new one. I have downloaded the app again and when I try to log in via the cloud it is telling me it cant connect….I am definatley logged into facbook but it will not connect so I can go back to where I was 😦 I am heartbroken

  19. So just to be 100% sure…if I’m connected to the game through Facebook & need to remove the game & reinstall it…I will be able to access the same game connected through Facebook? I’m having issues with the game right now & want to try reinstalling it, but I’m afraid to lose all my progress…

  20. can you have 1 city on two devices using the cloud? Will it keep the same? Do you just use the same method as you do to move to a different device? My main thing is, will they sinc properly, or will one of them not have the most recent thing I did?

  21. Hi, what if I used to use Windows phone and now I want to use Android or iPhone, how do I download my save data? The sims on Windows phone cannot connect to facebook, you know.

  22. I just downloaded the update for my game..will I have to start from the beginning again because I was already on level 15

  23. If I delted and redownload on the same device with the same Game Center information, but with a different Apple ID would it still work? I originally downloaded the game a long ways back before I had my own account and am trying to convert as many of my long term apps that would kill me to restart as possible so that she can have the account to herself again with a more secure password that I wouldn’t know. Plus if I’m ever desperate enough to make an in-app purchase I’ll be able to do without spamming her e-mail despite the credit card information being my own. It’d be awkward to have her judge me for in-app purchases should that day ever come.

    • Is it possible to use the same game center account with a different Apple ID? I honestly don’t know!
      You could always save to facebook, even if you don’t have one you could make one for this purpose as you know it will be saved then you can log into that facebook on your new device to get your game then use a new game center on that new device

      • Game Center has friends show up on games I’ve downloaded with both IDs so I think so, but Facebook would be a good safety net as nobody on the Internet seems to have asked this question before. At least not that I can find. Probably won’t be a problem as both my Game Center and iCloud account are tied into the Apple ID I want to switch to. I’ll report back in case you wanna include the yay or nay in the article when I get the chance.

  24. I just got logged out and I don’t think I’m saved to the cloud. I’ve been playing for nearly 2 years and I’m on my third generation. I can’t start over. I just can’t. Please please tell me there is something I can do.

    • You are best off contacting EA as they will be able to look into it for you
      I have just lost my game that I have been playing for about 3 years too- really hoping they can find at least a version of it somewhere 😦

  25. I only have on device(Apple IPad Air 2) that I play on, since it’s my only device. I don’t have a laptop, I share with my parents and I don’t play games on it since its there laptop.if I were to save to the cloud would I have to do it every 7 days? If my game crash on my device and I went to download again can I upload from the cloud? Thanks.

    • No, you should really upload everyday so you don’t lose progress
      If the game crashed and it came up with the options to restart a new game or download saved data your data should be available for you to download and start from when you last saved

      • Hi, ok I uploaded to the cloud it was easy! Thanks. I am getting my sisters old iPhone 5 to replace my old cellphone, and have it set it up I can personalize how I want and if I can DL the sims on it I can have another game other than this one. I never had an iPhone before since to buy it is very expensive! So I’m fortunate my sister is offering. It might be a good idea if I can have a second game.

  26. Hi! Love your blog! Very helpful!

    So, I want to delete my game to temporarily free some space. I was wondering if I can save it somehow so months later I can download it again with all of my previous progress and data?
    Thank you!

    • Thanks, I’m glad it helps!
      Honestly I wouldn’t like to suggest that it will still be there if you saved it to the cloud and came back months later to download it again as I have no idea, sorry! I would recommend contacting EA, they will be the best ones to ask to make sure you don’t lose your game, sorry I couldn’t be more help!

  27. Hi I was just wondering if when I upload my data onto a new device, will that mean that I won’t have the data on my original device…. If that makes sense…And btw I really love your blog!!!!!!!!

  28. Hi, I’m swithed to another tablet and downloaded the could before I got my tablet, and when I started the game it didn’t save my data. Do I need to do my same account to go back to my own sim town with the same data? 👈

  29. Do you know if I were to use Facebook on two different devices, would the game be the same? I wanted to start a new game on my phone but I have android so that would mean no neighbors if I don’t connect to Facebook. I wasn’t sure if the game would sync from the cloud onto my phone if I connect to Facebook.

    • It can be the same game (if you save to the cloud while connected to facebook before logging into facebook on a different device) or it could be a different one (if you just start a new game on the other device) but if you save to the same account everytime you save the data from the other game you have will be overwritten so if the last game you saved was game 1 and game 2 crashed and you lost it you would only have game 1 saved.

  30. Can I do game share? I asked my friend to share her town to me since I accidentally deleted my old town. What I’m planning to do is to log in her gamecenter account on my phone and play. I’m just worried, I don’t know what if for example I make changes will her town be affected on her device? And also is it possible after I downloaded her game on my phone I will log out her account and I will tell her to change her password for her to be comfortable? If I log out her account on mine, will the game be deleted on my device as well?

    • You can do that, once you have her game you can log out of hers and log back into your account and then save it, that way you won’t be saving over her game but obviously if she doesn’t want you to know her log in details then you can’t force her to share her town

  31. I am not very good at English but I want to ask you that If I am using ios and I up load my save data to the cloud ( the game center ) therefore can I download it back in Android? Of course I think that android doesnt have a Game Center so how to download the save data now?:( sorry if my English is confusing you or annoying:(

    • You wouldn’t be able to get your saved back from an apple device to an android if you save on game center. You will have to save by logging into facebook in the game on your ios then log into facebook on your android and you will be able to get your game on the android.

  32. uh miss what if I saved the data.. and uninstall the game? if I came back a month later and install it again, will I ever start over or continue where I left off on the same phone?

  33. Hello Charlotte,

    I am trying to transfer from iOS to Android, but whenever I upload to the cloud from my iPad and try to connect my data to my LG phone, there is no Facebook option available and I can only use Google Play Games. What do I do?

    • If there is no option on your phone for facebook then unfortunately you will probably not be able to transfer the game across, unless you can borrow an android from someone else who doesn’t play but has the facebook option on the game so you can then save the game to your google account and then you would be able to play it on your phone, that really is the only way you’ll be able to do it

  34. hi! what if i would just like to uninstall the app first, like take a break from for a while and install gain when i want, do i have to start all over again?

    • You will need to connect your game on your apple device to a facebook account and then upload your saved data, then you can log into facebook on your android and download your saved data.

  35. Hi, so I cleared my game data to restart because I was mad for so many poor decisions. When I restarted the game, everything cost more and I get less in daily rewards AND job salary. I ended up having an issue AGAIN, and had to restart the game and prices went up again while rewards and salary went down. Is this common? Is there something that makes rewards and salary increase?

  36. Hi! Just want to make sure so I want to ask this question. My game is connected to Facebook and Google Play games. I have recently uploaded my progress. I’m planning to temporarily delete the app in my phone since I will be busy with college for four months. If I reinstall the app in my phone in December, either android or apple, I will still retrieve the progress since it’s connected to my facebook, right? The “7 days” only applies to the googleplaygames or game center, right? 🙂 thankyou!

    • I don’t really know what the 7 days applies to to be honest, some people delete their game and reinstall it months later using the cloud so your game should still be there after that period of time but I am not 100% sure.

  37. I’m going to have to return my (school) iPad back to my school in a few days, where I have this game stored on. I had it on my phone for about a year, but it had to moved to my iPad because of storage problems. When I return my iPad to school, they are most likely going to delete the game off the iPad. What I’m worried about it that, since it will be a minimum of 10 days before I can get my iPad back, and apparently it only backs up save data for a week, is there any other way to back up the game data, like on an SD card?

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