The Sims Freeplay- What We Want To See In Future Updates!

This is a list of things that Sims Freeplay players would like to see in future updates, if you would like to add something to this list please read it first before posting the same suggestions then leave a comment below!

 Opening game

Stop the bombardment of pop ups when you open the game:

  • Stop saying when bingo and competitions are on, they are always on
  • List everyone who has to go to work or has finished work together so we don’t have to click on several different pop ups


  • More outfits/ clothes/ shoes:

-“because it seems like everytime I get more outfits from completing a quest in the time limit or something it’s just outfits that they deleted from the game in the past”

-Bring back some of the clothes you took away from adults but gave to teens

  • More hairstyles:

-‘better hair styles like longer hairstyles and Katniss hair.’ Not just by completing the quest!

  • Be able to have more than 4 sims living in one house.
  • Be able to have more than 10 sims in one place
  • Maybe make sims be attracted to other people like when they see someone they like they have a heart bubble over their head
  • Different sizes and body shapes
  • Different heights
  • Pregnancy DONE!– maybe even with twins?
  • Different range of face shapes DONE!
  • More personalities
  • Sim limits should be per level as you get higher up the game
  • Higher Sim limit DONE!
  • Ability for Sims to talk with others while sitting down
  • Eating with forks, not hands! DONE!
  • To be able to create a family, more than one sim at once (like other sim games)
  • Changing last names of sims only when married not when roommates
  • Woohoo on the bed DONE!
  • ‘The main think I’d like to see is the sims inspired meters go down while doing certain actions that would qualify. Like when gardening, you would want to clean yourself or relaxing in a pool or long periods of time makes your sim want to have more fun, so that meter would go down.’
  • Interact the way they should ‘Like if two sims are married they should randomly kiss or when their both sleeping in one bed, they should snuggle or something’
  • Sims should change into PJs when they get into bedDONE!
  • Sleep underneath the sheets DONE!
  • Add ability to meet all needs in less than a minute in each of the community lots so you don’t have to send them home to inspire them. For example, it should be simple to add “wash hands” as an option to public restrooms and “eat snack” to the vending machines without having to add additional items.
  • It would be nice to have some tasks that take longer than 1 minute when doing relationship building. Maybe something like “have heart to heart talk” that takes 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Your sims should have the option to woohoo FOR BABY then the woman would get pregnant as a result of that(or it could sometimes be unsuccessful to make game more interesting, like the sims 3)

More things for teenagers and preteens to do:

  • Teenagers and preteens should be able to babysit (so adults can go to work)
  • Teenagers should be able to have jobs, maybe at the supermarket
  • More things for preteens to do. Toys for them to play with, etc. Why does the spaceship just sit there, why can’t my preteen play with it? Why can’t they play with some of the toddler toys the way they can use the swimming pool?
  • Preteens/ teens work at a hourse riding studio
  • Let more than one sim play the teen idol instruments. DONE!
  • Stop preteens skipping.
  • There should be the ability for a preteen to be able to carry her/his sibling(etc, a baby or toddler) under supervision of an adult
  • Preteens should be able to be romantic to teens and other preteens!
  • Be able to play video games on TV


  • Letting the toddlers play together with toys, at the sandpit in the community centre.
  • More things for toddlers to do DONE!


  • High chairs, walkers, to get them out of their cribs  DONE!
  • Able to pick up babies/ carry holder  DONE!
  • Babies crawlingDONE!


  • Pets should be less money and more variety, also should be more active, could also have a life bar do you can see what they need.
  • Be able to walk dogs

More pets:
-exotic pets like lizards and snakes that you can actually interact with. It should be a hobby
-more breeds of existing ( how about equestrian ?)

  • More furniture DONE!
  • Bunk beds! DONE!
  • Making your house a 2/3 storey should not be so expensive DONE!
  • building pools also should not be so expensive. DONE!
  • More decoration/clutter items
  • More building lots
  • Balconies! DONE!
  • Inside Swimming Pools
  • Gazebos
  • Patios DONE!
  • Gates for around front of houses
  • Tree houses
  • I wish we could save our customized houses as a template, like if we want to make the same house on another land plot we could click the button to make a new house and the saved house would be there. Or that we could move a currently built house to another empty land plot (a bigger one for example).


  • More ways to earn money because just planting and baking seem… unrealistic. Part time jobs? In real life, we usually do part-time jobs such as working at a library/restaurant/salon… or babysitting, writing novel…
  • Timings to be more realistic, not take so long to do things forcing you to use LP’s.
  • The building times and prices go up far too steeply between levels, change this as I feel it would keep people more interested in the game.
  • Easier ways to earn money


  • I want to be able to queue actions. By that I mean some things have to be done at certain times. Mainly sims job start times. That conflict with real life schedules. I want to be able to tell it to send my sim to work at that time when I am able to play the night before or what not. But this can also be a do this now and then this after. Like how the PC game we could queue 5 or 6 tasks. That would be beneficial for short tasks such as needs maintenance.
  • Minigames ‘For example for the store we could bag groceries or for school do simple math problems like two plus two or five minus three. For the club we could mix drinks. For the stadium we could play a game of soccer or something. Just to name a few. These could be optional like a window would pop if u wanted to play or not. Or a seperate bubble for the minigames. The prizes could be mostly money but occasionally lifepoints.’
  • I’d like to see that when you different actions with the same appliance that it looks different. For example when it you select the microwave to do pot noodles the sim sits and eats what looks like a hamburger! Exactly the same as if you select microwave hot snack! shouldn’t be like this!!
  • More realistic book reading times
  • Able to have a party and decorate house
  • Able to keep a photo album in the game (like in deluxe sims)


  • Houses or items as goals to work towards when doing weekly quests/tasks DONE!
  • During the tutorial stage of the game there are some aspects of the game that go untouched after it is over. I can’t quite put my finger on what is missing other than inter-sim relationship building.
  • When you get a goal that says something like ‘go fishing at the park’ you should be able to click on the goal and go straight to the park (will be helpful for those of us whose game crashes on the town map)

New quests:

  • Driving instructor
  • Hobby tasks, this should be like social tasks line no time limit to finish a variety of tasks associated with hobbies and mixed up such that it doesn’t feel too repetitive.
  • Hotel quest


  • More levels


  • I wish you could see how many xp before leveling up. Like 500 earned out of 1,000 needed. DONE!


  • To be able to send your sims to work whenever you can- “There are jobs I really want my sims to take but they don´t fit my schedule :’(” DONE
  • Send sims to work automatically
  • Tasks within the careers DONE!

More careers:

-Law enforcement (catch criminals) DONE!
-Medical DONE!
-Waiter/waitress (at a cafe/ restaurant maybe?)



  • More than one person being able to fish at one time (if several sims have this life dream its not possible for them all to do it)
  • More special content unlocked through hobbies (a way to add that extra customization). I do like getting LPs, obviously, but maybe if it alternated every collection, one earns LPs then the next gets a new set of furniture or clothes.
  • More than one hobby for each sim

More hobbies:

-Horse riding studio for preteens to work

horseback riding as hobby DONE!
-Exotic pets hobby

Surfing hobby DONE!
-Swimming hobby
Gardening and Baking

  • Make the later-unlocked veggies and baked goods make sense. It’s been a while since I unlocked anything that’s actually a better deal than the ones I already had.
  • Stop the sit and wait mode, e.g. do some short stuff for 5 minutes give or take then this big long wait for 24hr give or take. And with all those other sims left there is basically just farming to do. Which makes me feel like there is no more to the game than that. Seeing as this is a quest/goal oriented game perhaps the solution to this area is more simultaneous quests/goals (without more simultaneous time limits). I’m in a farming cycle or get to next long task and put all my sims to work farming until that long task is done. So that I’m only popping in game for 1 minute give or take to set sims on 2-9 hours at a time farming until long task is complete. Rinse an repeat.
  • cakes less expensive to bake.
  • Plants should constantly regrow- like in real life so you can go away for a few days, even weeks, it would be fine cos you’d always have something growing so it will always be ready to harvest.


  • No dead zone buildings like schools work etc. all buildings can be visited.
  • The supermarket should be given the ability to give you the items straight away, instead of waiting for instance 1 day for a birthday cake, this would help with tasks and growing up.
  • I think that it would be great if Fire Monkey and EA added colleges so that adults/ teens can work on their careers/hobbies. Their could be three different colleges: 1 star (costs less money but the sims get a better education,) 2 star (costs more money than 1 star and a better education,) 3 star (most expensive but best education.) The better the education, higher tour skill level goes up each time you go to college. You could go to college for your personality (I haven’t done the quest that unlocks the orbs yet so I am not to familiar with how that works) or for your hobby or even where you work. At some work places, you should be required to have a college education.

New places:
A horse stable DONE!
-A zoo (where you can work and pay to visit!! That could be a whole task in itself to put on the island!)
Have a restaurant as we have a nightclub but no other social establishments. DONE!
-A nursery for toddlers to go to like school they earn the town money
-Icons on town map for player generated public spaces, a museum?

-Church and decorations to buy for houses, e.g. crosses
-The survey they did mentioned a Harry Potter-like area with magical careers and hobbies. I’m all for that!

-An airport
New worlds: Maybe magic, alien, or supernatural? (like in other sim games!)
Social Points and Neighbours

  • Get rid of social points or make them easier to earn
  • Message board when you visit a neighbour
  • More than one sim being able to visit another neighbourhood
  • The ability for sims to go on holiday to another sims world and for the other person to be able to interact with you
  • Stop all sims looking depressed when you visit another town, there is no point to this
  • The GIVEN neighborhood, Another Sim Town ought to be set up with most if not all things in case a person playing doesn’t know others or didn’t want to connect with facebook or game center or not want to add strangers
  • Be able to connect via twitter or just online (for those who don’t play on an apple product facebook is their only option- some people don’t have facebook or any friends who play)

Life Points

  • Free LPs for every achievement unlocked
  • More activities to generate LPs
  • Earn LP for babysitting
  • Easier to earn LPs

Fixes to life dreams and legacies update:

  • Stop automatic ageing- “I want to be able to decide myself when my sims should age/die.” DONE! (can reverse their age for free)
  • Longer ageing time
  • Faster ways to complete the life dreams and upgrade life orbs because it takes forever
  • Stop the grim reaper from following our sims around, why can’t he just appear at the end? DONE!
  • Option to stop a sim’s aging indefinitely for a reasonable # of LPs (5 or 10? Even 20 would be ok, just not an orb that requires killing off several sims to get.)
  • Make life dreams easier to achieve (go up by more than 0.something%) DONE!
  • Make life dreams all with exact options (for example, don’t just say ‘go snowboarding’ but instead do ‘tricks til tomorrow’)
  • Make age stages longer so we are able to get further in jobs and hobbies
  • We need a graveyard or urn when a sim dies, they can’t just leave nothing behind.
  • Have life dreams achieved by doing variety of things, e.g all sporty actions should increase the life dreams %
  • Adult sims should be able to get higher than a silver orb, don’t say they have completed their life dream- what about trying to get a gold or platinum? If they have time to do it, why not let them!?
  • family tree- remember the departed
  • Go up in years maybe, not stages of life?


  • Specials, half price sales on simoleon/LP packs.
  • Fix bugs with store

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this post! There are some really great ideas here and the makers have already listened to a lot of them!

Thanks for reading!


382 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- What We Want To See In Future Updates!

  1. Add a church and let sims get married and have more stuff for the females like clothes and hair curly hair should also be in the game and basement, patios, and balcony, and 2/3 story’s should not be as expensive teens should be able to woohoo and adults should be able to go on dates and lps and money should be easier to get and the houses should not go up money every time your town value goes up

    • I would love to see The Sims be able to interact with their children even when they’re grown instead of chest bumping also I would like to see Sims be able to push their infants in a stroller or toddlers in a stroller instead of letting the baby crawl all around and push them in strollers in the park and I would like them to be able to hold their children’s hands whenever they go someplace and I would like to see Sims adults hold hands and cuddle on the couch or in the bed damn for toddler Sims to be able to go to school like Nursery School and for Sims infants to be able to go to daycare

    • I would love to see my son’s be able to interact with the game like I do I’m life. We have the salon chairs and nails salon items but I have to take another Sim to work just to see it happen.

  2. There should be mor magical stuf! I know there are wizard and spell casting already, but something more. Like vampires and mermaids XD. And all the stuff you mentioned here are great!

    • Update the graphics on the old objects. For example the new windows look like they have glass in them so why can’t the old ones. And lots of original items look fuzzy close up

  3. -more hair
    -relationships with pets
    -more interactions
    -fighting (like in the pc sims)
    -sims time (1 real second=1 sim minute, 1real minute=1 sim hour, ect.)
    -to be able to change the color of clothes
    -sims can walk around town
    -you can control where sims’ cars go
    -traits (kleptomaniac, alluring, ect.)
    -more toddler beds (easier to get)
    -more cars (like ferraris would be very expensive and hondas would be for less)

  4. Mucking out horse stalls!! Lunge horses. Preteens riding horses. More than one horse doing a hobby. Horse halters. Rodents as pets. Hay lofts in stable. Lol a lot of horse requests from me!

  5. hi I would like to see more sims in a town. we have all these houses with not enough sims to put in them. we are only allowed 33. could we please have more sims, and I would like to see when are sims bake an item they can actually eat the item. thanks

  6. I would like it so that you could decorate your house with as many items as you want instead of it telling you you have too many different items. Right now if you have too many you have to either delete something to add something new, or just keep adding the same stuff. One of my houses is huge and because of this I’ve maxed out on the number of different items I can add and decorate my house with.

    I wish that you could have bigger families. I’d like my sims to be able to have more kids.

    I’d like it so that you could have other relatives live in the home…ex., grandparents living with their kids and grandkids.

    Be able to have more sims in one place at a time.

  7. Hi,
    I would love to have some of the following changes:-

    • the ability to make non-box shaped rooms,
    • designing the shape of rooms like shaping pools
    • interior pools
    • pools on different floors
    • cheaper stairs, lifts, escalators, etc.
    • cheaper basements
    • sliding doors
    • L-shaped stairs
    • porches, including roofs for different floors
    • more variety of pillers
    • attics or lofts
    • dormers
    • chimneys
    • skylight
    • stairs just above another stair
    • raised platforms, both indoors and outdoors
    • feature walls for exterior walls

    • useful stadum, where Sims can visit, watch matches, participate in in-game sports
    • public aquarium
    • accessing the lighthouse
    • new lake
    • remodeling the existing locations like music studio,
    • countryside

    • more hanging items, especially for double Hought rooms
    • variety of fountains
    • sculptures, from many parts of the world from different periods, like Roman and Greek statues, vases,
    • indoor games

    • sculpting, earning sculptures as rewards
    • rock-climbing
    • artist hobby for adults, unlocking some brilliant artworks
    • boating

    • more facial hair for men
    • more tattoos for all age groups except babies and toddlers
    • more costumes for all age groups
    • hairstyles for women with bangs, braids, etc.

  8. i want to have
    New railings and patio,balcony pavings
    New stairs
    More clothesCand hair For all sims
    New Make up
    New Accesories
    Body and more facE typE

  9. I’m not sure if this is already on the list…but I’d love to be able to add more longer properties, several of rewards are houses that do better on bigger property but I got none left.

  10. I’m very frustrated with Sims losing surnames just because they move in with someone else. I would like for them to be able to get their surnames back when they get a place of their own again, divorce, or any time they chose, really.

  11. Please add free will!
    More personalities
    Sims with different personalities act differently
    Have sims be attracted to other sims
    Have sims be able to start conversation and flirt on their own

  12. . To be able to walk around town, mysterious island, downtown area
    . Can visit places & buildings while walking, boating, horse riding or driving
    . Cars can accommodate 2 or more passengers depends on car type
    . Have different vehicles like bicycle, scooter, motor bike etc
    . Couples can cuddle while sleeping in bed, they can have a sweet convo also. Kids can be able to stay with them in their bed.
    . More hobbies for each sim
    . Customise appearance like height and body size
    . Sims should age up in a year or more than 5 months not in days
    . Preteens helping their parents on house chores and can be able to take care their baby siblings, more interactions with other sims also
    . Furnitures, curtains etc can place wherever you want
    . More than 10 sims in a building like the mall, it should have a lot of sims
    . Can have more than 2 kids in a family and also pets
    . Church wherein sims can visit and would only take 1 hour to attend mass
    . Banks wherein sims can borrow money and then pay in a month
    . Airport wherein they can enter and visit to travel any places
    . They can carry things like for example after cooking they can place and carry the food to the table
    . Bake items can be eaten
    . Building price should remain the same not increasing while the sim town is increasing
    . Quest time should be realistic
    . Giving birth in the hospital
    . Sims should get sick to visit the hospital
    . Get married in the church
    . Not too expensive things

  13. I think that they should make it so relationships aren’t a thing that both have to agree on. There should be like one of the sims feels different about the other.

    Also there should be interactions which involve more than two sims, for example a group of sims chatting or dancing together etc.

    AND I think that preteens should be able to play with toys because at the moment they can only Listen to music on their little mp3s, watch tv, dance to stereos, study and read. They can’t really play apart from the paddling pool and trampoline and those are more active and outdoorsie things. They should have toys to play with.

    Next one is that things shouldn’t be so expensive. The prices of houses and buildings are ridiculous and that’s not even the most expensive. Community buildings can cost up to 3 MILLION simoleans. It’s absolutely ridiculous. The most money I’ve come across for a house (architect house) is 5 million I think, and I’ve been demolishing my earlier lots so they can be a little bit cheaper, but they still cost millions and an empty lot now costs hundreds of thousands to buy, so I have to wait ages to save up for a decent house and I usually end up selling all of the expensive things I got in events which sell for thousands.

    This is another issue. I love live events and I love winning the prizes. BUT once I have used them up, they cost hundreds of thousands simoleans to buy another, or in the other colour for quite a few lps or sps. It is infuriating as they are so nice but most of the time I can’t afford them and end up selling them anyway to afford other expensive things.

    This is super long now so I’ll just do one more.

    My last one is the fact that ALL males have a six pack, and ALL females are curvy. We should be able to customise our sims a bit more, for example, their fitness, if they are super skinny or quite big, if they are muscley or not, only a bit, but enough so each sim is unique and doesn’t look like a clone.

    (Ok I lied I have another) Adult female faces. On ONE FACE TYPE and I mean ONE. There is some base make up. I like the fact that there is now a makeup section, BUT ONLY THE ONES YOU BUY ARE THERE AND NOT THE ORIGINAL ONES. For example, one of my sims has a different face to the normal one which you can put base makeup on. The only makeup I can put on her is the one I bought from a sale that was on ONCE. The basic face can have a base makeup AND ON TOP OF THAT they can have the makeup I bought and it’s so frustrating.

    Anyway that is my rant 🙂

  14. I wish to :
    -have university for sims to study and having job (such like professor,lecturer) just like the Brichester in SIms 4
    -add more dishes in more varieties,such like kimchi,fish chips, some porridge, soups
    -sims can eat their cakes or pastries which they bake
    -more interaction between the sims such like hug, flirt, embrace, ask about another sim, cloud gaze,stargaze, do impression and so on.
    -have more new town world area,such like riverside, bay, harbour, modern city, countryside nd so on
    -different customise body sizes and face type(eyes,nose,mouth that can be customise in Sims 4)
    -add more empty plots and can let us to decide whether can be housing area or community area, and
    can set different icon on it either in residence and community.
    -teenagers can employ part time jobs such like barista,babysitter and so on
    -different room shape such like T , round, hexagon and so on
    -can build single wall without attached with other wall
    -add more sims in towns to make it merrier
    -add some npcs at community area(like Sims 4) besides they appear during doing quest and having more interaction with them.
    -add colour swatches in CAS to prevent it become lagging when each time access.
    -add some more outfit can being set for sims when press the wardrobe such like formal wear1, formal wear2 , activewear1, party wear 1, everyday wear 1 and so on
    – add more jobs such like lawyers, high school teacher, professor, journalist,photographer,fashion designer, style influencer, freelancer,writer and so on.
    -for those profession jobs, let more than 2 sims work together in same work site(more than 2 sims can work alone in work site)

  15. Hi, here are my wishes:

    -different body shape options(slim,normal, fat)just like in sims mobile
    -more face shapes which can customize the eyes,nose, mouth and so on…………..
    -more skin tone colours,which have warm,neutral and cold tone for each skin colour
    -more new towns area with empty plots,the new town areas can such like desert,beach(for example California ),snow mountain,lakeside,riverside,midtown(like Manhattan),harbour,greentown,rustic farm areas,countryside………….
    -can customize those empty plots as community area such like cafe,education,retail,restaurant sand so on
    -can access those workplaces such like in movie studio,police station and hospital,which also for stadium, fire station,music studio, town hall, schools for elementary and high,science lab,art gallery……..
    -can let sims work as teacher for high school such like the game already have elementary school teacher
    -more jobs and professions,such as journalist, news presenter, lawyers,professors,lecturer,photographer,architect,technical programmer, investors, freelancer such as writer,blogger,and style influencer,models and so on……………………….
    -can access to supermarket and make some minigames or activities at there,such as can go shopping, grocery……….
    -teen can take part time job such like barista, babysitter,supermarket cashier, retail cashier and so on
    -build university and college institutes for sims to get best education
    -for those job already have such like politician, can increase the highest level position,which from mayor to Member of Parliament, until President/Prime minister
    -add more different shapes of room,such as T shapes, U shapes, H shapes, round shapes,hexagon shapes,triangle shapes and so on……………….
    -add more different roof shapes……….
    -introduce different shapes of foundations to houses and also platforms just like in Sims 4
    -sims can running or take a jog at the park and add some more sleepwear,activewear and also pregnancy wear to the stores for us to purchase

  16. I want them to fix the graphics up a bit more like Sims 4, custimize their body shape, able to get CC (Custom Content), less expensive stuff, some of my buildings cost 100,000 and I usally have 2,000. Also what is with the super short time limits? More functions for items, like maybe it was hot out so the my sim decided to turn on the fan, and it increased their fun because they weren’t hot and sticky. They should also add queus so you can get basic needs fulfilled. It would also help with quests. The Sims should have board games they could play like Monopoly, Sorry, and maybe a deck of cards that has multple uses. They should also have Seasons, maybe a add-on that costs 100 LP or maybe real money. One thing that should be added are Sim Time that can be speeded up, other hobbies like gardening, bird watcher, cooking that isn’t part of the hobby so you can cook food without resetting your sim’s other hobby, computer coding should also be a hooby, there should be bikes that your sims can ride, maybe like a trike for the todders, training wheel bike for preteens, and a normal bike for teens. There should be a life stage imbetween toddler and preteen, maybe child? Grade Schooler? And there ends my humongous list of wants!

  17. Search tool in the inventory/build mode. Would love to be able to type “pink” in a search bar and all pink decor, furniture, rugs etc. pop up so I can find things more easily. And whoever said babysitting for teenagers…YASSSS, please and thank you!!!

  18. So I’m not sure if other people have had this idea or if anyone else has suggested this. I was wondering why hasn’t there been an update that turned the rest of the careers into professions? I think adding professions and giving the players the opportunity to interact and play with Sims at their jobs was one of the best ideas yet. It gives us more gameplay rather than home design and everything else I see most of the updates cater to. It would also be cool to go inside some of the buildings that have been on my map for the longest LOL. Also, being able to specialize in the careers would be cool. I imagined it going something like this (and if any of you have better ideas, please comment):

    Artist: Painter or Sculptor
    Athlete: I could say just different sports (Baseball Player or Basketball Player, etc.) But the amount of sports there are made it hard to choose. I was also thinking Professional Athlete or Olympian. But I know there is a lot of crossover with that. So I ended with Athlete or Trainer.
    Firefighter: Firefighter or Paramedic (I guess you’d have the change the main name to something else, I can’t think of another word for it other than first responder)
    Musician: Musician (like instruments) or Producer (I thought about singer or Musician, but I guess the Sim Teen Idol thing covers that, idk)
    Politician: for this one I’m thinking like Legislative branch or Executive branch. So like on a national US level, like President or Congressman/woman. But I guess on a town or city level, mayor or council member.
    Real Estate Agent: This one was the hardest because…yea real estate agent. But after doing some research, I finally came up with Realtor or Broker. I know, not the best. Open to new and better ideas.
    Scientist: Chemist or Astrologist (or Physicist or Biologist, the hospital has a research laboratory so that’s biology.)
    Teacher: Teacher or Principal (or Counselor) (Also, it’s weird how teachers only work at the elementary school and not the high school. I can’t think of any difference it would make. So oh well. Now if there was a university? Now that’s a different story. There should be a whole university update. But that’ll be another post I guess.)

    The actions and rooms to unlock in the buildings are easy to come up with, I came up with a few myself. I just didn’t feel like typing all that out.

    Add a courthouse with Lawyer or Judge. Okay bye.

    Lastly, this concept should be applied to preteens and teens with going to school with them, similar to the downtown high school. But not as a hobby of course.

    Also, add a preschool for the toddlers.

    Okay I’m done. Thanks for reading! Standard smile

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