The Sims Freeplay- Starting Goals Early

For some quests you really need to be good with time management but sometimes that still isn’t enough, if you want to complete a quest in time you can use the posts on this site to see what goal will be coming next. Another great way to be able to complete these quests on time is by starting certain goals earlier than required which I will be explaining in this post.

What goals can be started early?

Any goal that you can normally do can be started early because you will have access to it, for example:

  • Bake rocky road (any baking or gardening)
  • Watch a documentary

Any goal that you can’t normally do you will have to wait until you get the goal to be able to complete it, goals such as:

  • Post bridge schematics
  • Look up locksmith on computer
The tip with this method is to put the sim doing that action early in a different house that you cannot go to until you get that goal or it will not work

I will explain an example with the Raiders of the Lost Artifacts quest, so while on the previous quest (Mysterious Island) I had a quick look at my quest post to see if anything needed to be started during the previous quest. As you only have 2 days to complete this quest it is a good idea to get a head start (I completed this quest within a few minutes because of the early start)

Goals below in bold can be started early:
  1. Go to the mysterious island
  2. Tap on a monument
  3. Read big book of stuff- 19 hours
  4. Leftovers from a fridge- 18 seconds
  5. Search for artifacts in the garbage- 8 minutes 30 seconds
  6. Find the third artifact
  7. Upgrade the riches of terra to level 1

The first 2 goals cannot be done early but they don’t take any time at all.

Goal 3 takes 19 hours to do which is almost half of the time limit.

I started goal 3 while my mysterious bridge was building, but you could start it even earlier! It’s a good idea to do this in a house that no one lives in (or the person doing the goal lives in on their own) so other sims don’t get in your way. Once I finished the tap on the monument goal I then go to the house where the sim is reading the big book of stuff and they should be done by now so it will complete straight away!

Goal 4 can also be started early but it is very short so there isn’t really any point.

The last 3 tasks cannot be started early but they are relatively quick.

Watch this video for a full explanation on how this works:


22 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Starting Goals Early

  1. I’ve just started the quest for toddlers. What tasks could I start early because I have to go to school during the week. My sim is watching the documentary but by the time that’s finished I’ll be out of the house! Thank you in advance!
    Ps. I have got lots of lps but I was going to use them for the pet store.

    • Have you read this post? It explains clearly what goals you can start early. The documentary is the only one you can start early as it is the only goal that you can usually do.

  2. Hey Girl, I use your blog all the time to help me with my chaos, so thanks for that. I am using an iPad and cannot search your blog for some reason. I normally just your blog name and my question in google search. So, I have a question and forgive me if you have answered it before but I can’t find it. I swear I even read your comments for tips. It is funny how many times people ask questions that are in the comments above or on your blog. I hope that I am not doing that right now.
    I am on the “Need for Steed” quest, but I want to save up as many simoleans as I can before I get onto the Quest for Toddlers. Because you listed the order of the quest actions, I know that my next action will be the last one in this quest. I have about another 17 hours to meet the deadline, and even though the picture isn’t worth it, it seems a shame to let the prize go when I could easily get it.
    Here is my question: Is there anyway to delay the start of the next quest without losing my prize?
    If I do my last 30 minute action right now, and do not return to the stables for a few days, will it be considered to have been completed within the time limit and help me delay the start of the Quest for Toddlers? I am guessing no, since actions seem to be determined complete at the moment you return to a building, but I am hoping that you might have some suggestion for stalling the next quest without loosing my reward for this one.
    I have about 150,000 Simoleans, and since that is what I paid for the stable building I guess the pet building will be more than that. Possibly 200,000 Simoleans. I am farming like mad, but that will still probably take me a day or two. I use your link for making Simoleans and LPs all the time, so I am already following your money making advice. Now I need your stalling advice!

    • Hello, I’m glad it helps!
      No you can’t delay the start of the next quest unless you aren’t at that level yet, so if you are already on or past level 12 quest for toddlers will start straight away.
      The only stalling thing really is to leave it until the last possible moment to get the prize
      I personally prefer the prize from the toddler quest so I would save up plenty of money before that quests starts to do that one in time (last time I built it it cost me 100,000 but it does vary depending on how many other buildings you have)

  3. Can No Longer Start Goals Early After Tjis update. After You Complete The Weekly Goal It Grays Out. This Also MeaNs You Can’tAaccess Your keys.

    • You can still complete goals early, you just can’t do more than your weeks worth of weekly goals in that week which I don’t see as a problem as you didn’t get any more keys for completing more than needed.

  4. As others have stated previously, thank you for putting together this blog and website. I checked in every day of the Xmas quest, and I got my living teddy bear thanks to you!

    I wanted to verify with you, if a quest involves hibernating, the hibernating for a day can be started early since it’s an ordinary action?

    Thank you.

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