The Sims Freeplay- Luxury Living Live Event

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA GameChangers) may differ from actual version


ONCE THE 10 DAY TIME LIMIT IS UP YOU WILL HAVE 2 DAYS TO PURCHASE ANY PACKS YOU HAVE LEFT– you will not be able to collect anymore arts and crafts items or coins, you have to use the resources you have, if you don’t have enough resources all you can do is use social points to buy the requirements or wait until the event returns!

The Luxury Living Live Event unlocks new luxurious items for your sims homes, including cinema screens and popcorn machines, you also unlock the gorgeous luxury living house if you complete this event in the time limit. This event will be available from the 28th August for 10 days! Update your game to the new Luxury Living Update now to start this event

Check out my Guide to Completing Live Events (including tips!) HERE!

This event is only here for 10 days and the aim of it is to collect enough arts and crafts items from the arts and crafts stations (found in the event tab of buy mode) to unlock all the items in this event

NOTE: if you did another Live Event then you will find your arts and crafts stations in your inventory (or in the house you left them at) you will only be able to use the candle ones until you unlock the other stations in this event

Can’t find your arts and crafts stations? Click on the craft station in your event tab to get the option to find your station, it will take you to the house where your stations can be found!

Place a crafting station (find the candle station in the events tab of buy mode (or your inventory)- you can only buy 4)

Make some arts and crafts items (click on the candle station to make)- 23 seconds

This takes you to the prize progress tab (you can get to it by clicking on the gate button in the corner of the screen)

Here you will see you have collected enough items to unlock the Cinema Walls pack! When you unlock each pack, before the items are available in your home store you need to purchase them with the arts and crafts items you make- this goal is coming up!

Restock a crafting station (when the stock runs out you will have to restock before you can make anymore arts and crafts items)- You can restock instantly for 18 uses for 10SPs or restock for 2 uses which will take 10 seconds this time

Buy the Cinema Walls pack (click on the gate event button, scroll down and click purchase- this will cost you 50 candles)

Use a coin flower patch (buy the coin flower patch from the event tab and select the spin plant option)

Check the daily goals (click on the gate event button and find the daily goals tab- claim the ones you can!)

Remember to claim your rewards each day!

Collect bonuses (while collecting after a certain amount of time you will see the arts and crafts item appear above that sims head, click to collect the bonus item!)

Continue collecting arts and crafts items- this is the last step but the event is not over, keep collecting the arts and crafts to unlock everything!

If you want to speed up a collecting arts and crafts action it will cost you SPs, you will get the bonus gems as well if you speed it up!

Stuck on these tasks? Watch my video here:

Arts and Crafts Stations

Candle Station costs:

1st- Free
2nd- S2,000
3rd- S4,000
4th- S10,000

(maximum of 4)

  • Collect 250 Candles- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 360 Candles- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 455 Candles- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 510 Candles- 8 hours 30 minutes

Pottery Station costs:

1st- S5,000
2nd- S7,500
3rd- S10,000
4th- S15,000

(maximum of 4)

  • Collect 375 Pottery- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 540 Pottery- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 680 Pottery- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 765 Pottery- 8 hours 30 minutes

Jewelry Station costs:

1st- S7,500
2nd- S15,000
3rd- S20,000

(maximum of 3)

  • Collect 565 Jewelry- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 810 Jewelry- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 1025 Jewelry- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 1150 Jewelry- 8 hours 30 minutes

Glassware Station costs:

1st- S7,500
2nd- S25,000

(maximum of 2)

  • Collect 620 Glass- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 890 Glass- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 1125 Glass- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect  1260 Glass- 8 hours 30 minutes


Each station (apart from the first candle one) comes with a stock of 9 which means you can use the station 9 times before it needs to be restocked (if you got your stations out of your inventory they will all need restocking first (apart from the first candle one) When you need to restock you will have two options:

  • Restock 18 uses which happens instantly but will cost you 10SPs


  • Restock 9 uses which will take you 2 hours 30 minutes but will be free


  • if you store the station you will lose all the stock so when you place it again you will need to restock
  • if you cancel making something using a station you will lose that stock so if you had one stock left and then you cancelled that action you would need to restock before you can create anymore arts and crafts items

Your Progress:

Click the gate event button in the top corner of your game to see your progress

Daily Goals

Check on the first tab every day because if you complete all the daily goals you will get additional constructor coins

NOTE: remember to click CLAIM once you have completed a daily goal to collect the reward and remember to claim your free constructor coins and free items each day!

Prize Progress

The prize progress is how far you have got on this event, the more arts and crafts items you make the more prizes you will unlock

NOTE: the bar at the top of the personal progress tab shows you how close you are to unlocking an item, the more arts and crafts items you collect the more the bar will fill up. Once you have unlocked an item on the bar at the top you will be able to use the arts and crafts items you have collected and constructor coins to purchase that pack which you will then be able to find in the home store.


1.Cinema Walls- requires 50 candles to buy

Unlocks Luxury Grey and Black Wall Panels which can be found in the walls section

The first one of each is free, after this they cost S50 each

2.3 Constructor Coins

3.3 Constructor Coins

4.Cinema Acoustics– Cinema Speaker Pack and Cinema Wall Panels and Flooring

Cinema Speaker Pack- requires 1,150 candles and 5 constructor coins to buy

Unlocks Wood and Black Roof Speakers and Wood and Black Tower Speakers which can all be found in the decorations section

The first one of each is free after this:

Wood Roof Speaker costs S8,000

Black Roof Speaker costs 2LP

Wood Tower Speaker costs S6,000

Black Tower Speaker costs 1LP

Cinema Wall Panels and Flooring- requires 3,500 candles and 25 constructor coins

Unlocks Black and Purple Wall Panels which can be found in the decorations section and Black and Purple Luxury Carpet which can be found in the floors section

The first one of each is free then the carpet costs S50 each, the black panels costs S12,000 and the purple panels cost S12,500

5.Pottery Station

6.4 Constructor Coins

7.4 Constructor Coins

8.Cinema Essentials- Screens and Sound Systems and Cinema Seating and Popcorn Machines

Screens and Sound Systems- requires 10,400 candles, 8,000 pottery and 70 constructor coins to buy

Unlocks Black and Grey Cinema Projectors and Black and Grey Deluxe Hi-Fi Systems which can all be found in the electronics section

The first one of each is free then:

The Cinema Projectors cost 2LP each

The Black Hi-Fi System costs S50,000

The Grey Hi-Fi System costs 10SP

The hi-fi system works like a stereo and the only option on the projectors is turn on so they are quite disappointing!

Cinema Seating and Popcorn Machines- requires 13,900 candles, 10,600 pottery and 95 constructor coins to buy

Unlocks Black and Red Cinema Seats which can be found in the living room section and Black and Red Popcorn Machines which can be found in the decorations section

The first one of each is free then:

The Black Cinema Seats cost S10,000

The Red Cinema Seats cost 2SP

The Black Popcorn Machine costs 8LP

The Red Popcorn Machine costs S40,000

Your sims can relax in the seats for 1 hour 50 minutes so if you have the projector turned on it looks like they are watching a movie

9.Jewerly Station

10.5 Constructor Coins

11.2 Social Points

12.5 Constructor Coins

13.Luxury Kitchen- Luxury Benchtops and Luxury Appliances

Luxury Benchtops- requires 15,070 pottery, 15,900 jewelry and 135 constructor coins to buy

Unlocks Corner, Bench, Wall Corner and Wall Countertops in Navy White and White Black which can all be found in the countertops section

The first one of each is free then:

Navy White Corner costs S7,000

Navy White Bench costs S8,000

Navy White Wall Corner costs S9,000

Navy White Wall costs S18,000

White Black Wall costs 4LP

White Black Bench costs 5LP

White Black Corner costs 1SP

White Black Wall Corner costs 2SP

Luxury Appliances- requires 16,000 pottery, 17,000 jewelry and 145 constructor coins to buy

Unlocks the Stoves, Twin Ovens and Island Sinks in White Black and Navy White, the sinks can be found in the countertops section and the stoves and ovens can be found in the kitchen section

The first one of each is free then:

Navy White Stove costs S65,000

White Black Stove costs 13LP

Navy Twin Oven costs S75,000

White Twin Oven costs 15LP

Navy White Island Sink costs S65,000

White Black Island Sink costs 10SP

Sims cannot interact with the twin ovens which is a shame but I love the sinks!

14.Glassware Station

15.7 Constructor Coins

16.2 Social Points

17.7 Constructor Coins

18.Luxury Bedroom– King Size Beds and Bedside Lamps and Side Tables and Dressers

King Size Beds and Bedside Lamps- requires 17,000 pottery, 18,000 jewelry, 18,000 glassware and 150 constructor coins to buy

Unlocks Black and Rose King Beds which can be found in the bedroom section and Luxury Pink and Grey Lamps which can be found in the lighting section

The first one of each is free then:

Black King Bed costs 25SP

Rose King Bed costs 25SP

Luxury Pink Lamp costs S25,000

Luxury Grey Lamp costs S27,000

Side Tables and Dressers- requires 18,500 pottery, 19,500 jewelry, 19,500 glassware and 165 constructor coins to buy

Unlocks Copper Gloss and Gold Gloss Bed Tables and Mirror Chest which can all be found in the bedroom section

The first one of each is free then:

Copper Gloss costs S70,000

Gold Gloss costs 10SP

Copper Gloss costs 2LP

Gold Gloss costs 3LP

19.10 Constructor Coins

20.2 Social Points

21.10 Constructor Coins

22.Luxury Living House Template– You will only unlock the Luxury Living House if you manage to buy all the other prize packs in the time limit

The first one is free, after this the house will cost simoleons (the price varies depending on how many other houses you have already built)

The house can be built on a standard and premium residence, the only difference is the garden and balcony, the interior of the house is the same:

Is it worth it? Yes! I love this house, it is gorgeous! There is a really nice fountain in the garden of the premium residence too and unlocking this house also unlocks a karaoke machine and aquariums in the home store!

The Karaoke Machine can be found in the electronics section and costs 30LP and the White and Black Aquariums can be found in the decorations section, the first White Aquarium is free then they cost S135,000 each and the Black Aquarium costs 21SP

Watch my tour of the house here:

Constructor Coins

You earn constructor coins by:

Personal Progress prizes

Completing Daily Goals

Coin Plant Patches

Earning Constructor Coins? Previously on these events I used social points on the Mega Spin Plant to win constructor points. I earn social points by completing the cooking hobby and earning LPs, I can then turn the LPs into SPs using the social point plant on a normal garden patch- this was when it cost 5LPs- the social point plant now costs 20LPs so you may want to try the option below first instead:

Or you can use 450 candles for the Spin Plant (a good way to use up any spare candles) which will also earn you constructor coins but the amounts are less than they are from the Mega Spin Plant

What is the minimum and maximum amount of coins you can earn on the mega spin plant? The minimum is 10 and the maximum is 500

Now on the coin flower patch you can see the chances of getting the different combinations on each spin plant, click on the green i button to see:

Laura Craft? You may have noticed at the front of one of your houses there is a board with a bubble of a person holding arts and crafts items above it, this is Laura Craft, you can buy her for real money to help you complete the event. When you buy her, you select the item you want her to make from the options: 200 candles,  300 pottery, 450 jewelry or 500 glassware (the amounts seem to differ for most of you and I have no idea why that is!) (you will unlock all the options once you have unlocked all the stations) and you will be able to collect them after 2 hours.

Do I think she is worth it? They have improved Laura Craft a lot since the first event (although it would be great if she made constructor coins) she used to be able to collect every 8 hours, they have now changed this to 2 hours so she is more useful now so if you are struggling then you may want to splash out and give her a try but remember you will only get her for this event, you will have to buy her again to use her for a live event in the future. I personally don’t ever buy her, if I don’t manage to earn enough items or coins in the time limit I just wait until the next time the event is available!

If I brought Laura Craft in the last event do I get her for free or do I have to buy her again? You have to buy her again for this event.

Check out my Guide to Completing Live Events (including tips!) HERE!

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22 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Luxury Living Live Event

  1. Is it worth using the candles on the daily reward or dont use ..collect as many candles and turn them into construction coins..i did this the last everything but the main piece ..and i worked day n night to win all the prizes..i did have. However i only have 2sp so hard to know what to do..their holding back on thecspin plant to force you to buy something or miss out..very discouraging. Use to have community help ..not that it matters if i have to work the event alone ..but i have to say if it becomes impossible to win all the prizes probaly going to stop wasting my time and set my own goals for my game..if you have any idea if this is possibls to complete without buying plz tell me..your excellant gamer..i did use to turn 5 lps to get its 20 lps..working myself to death on this game to complete these events..ty

    • These live events are impossible to complete in the time limit, I have realised this now and I just unlock as many of the prizes as I can then I wait for them to bring the event back again and finish it then so to answer your question, yes you should use your candles on the spin plant but don’t use them all straight away, each day you need to earn 10 constructor coins on the spin plant to complete the daily goal so just spin until you have earned at least 10 coins and then save the rest of your candles for the packs and once you have brought all the packs that cost candles you can then use them all on the spin plant.

      • I’ve managed to complete most within the time limit with some careful planning …some of this I’m sure you all know but just to reiterate.

        1. Do NOT buy prizes unless you need them for your daily bonuses. The bonuses are the absolute easiest way to get guaranteed constructor coins. If you hit one of the constructor coins or social point bonuses based on your materail, that counts for the “unlock or buy a prize” bonus. When I first started doing these events I would buy prizes as I got the ability to do so…meaning I didn’t always have enough candles to spin the wheel for collecting those bonuses, and if all prizes were already unlocked except the ones I really had to save up for, I couldn’t get the bonus for unlocking/buying a prize.

        2. Plan around which time to use – 2.5 hours gives the best amount material for the time but sometimes an alternative is better – If you have time to collect one more set before bed, choose the 6.5 or 8.5 option depending on how long you sleep so that you are collecting bonuses while you are awake and material all night, and restock in the morning, instead of restocking while you are asleep.

        And if all else fails, just pick your favorites and buy them 🙂

      • Oops – clarification to my other comment on #2 – If you have time to collect one more set before but and only have one more available usage on that craft station, then select the longer option.

  2. Why isn’t the update available to me yet?? Do we have to do a special quest or be on a specific level to avail this update??

  3. Hello!
    Thanks for all the info on all the quests and events. I’m almost done unlocking the last prize. I had my sims crafting round the clock for it. Can’t wait for the luxury house.

  4. Do you think this live event will come back soon? If so, will the previous progress do saved?

  5. This event was brutal. I thought a few of the last events they had eased up based on our requests. But this one felt back to being impossible within one go round. I only managed it because I had been planning on using some gift cards on some store stuff anyhow, two of which were the SP/LP cards and only just managed to have enough SPs to buy the last pack to unlock the house. And oI came down to the wire, hoping once my sims finished right before the final minutes there’d have been enough items to drop the SP purchase within the amount I already had prior to purchasing the SP card. No such luck. I guess the developers won this time and I did make the purchase…otherwise I would have just had to grumble about having an almost-but-not-quite complete collection and no house or pretty fish tank for however long it takes to come back.

  6. Is there a specific wall I have to place the projector in? I have plenty of wall space and it still won’t let me place it.

  7. Thanks for your wonderful blog!
    Question please ..
    I do not think I can finish it all in time. Less than two days left. Do you think it will come back again? And if so, when?
    And would I have to start everything from the beginning or from the point where I stopped?

    • These events usually return a lot, there is no set date for the return as it does vary but I am sure it will be back again one day. When it returns you will start from where you got to this time.

  8. Love your site, use it all the time even though I’ve been playing for about a year. I do have a question about the luxury live event. If you haven’t unlocked the house (final prize) within the time frame because 1 of the earlier prizes hasn’t been unlocked, once you unlock it will the house be unlocked even if it’s after the time limit is up?

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