The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Completing Quests [FAQs & TIPS]

Quests are a main part of The Sims Freeplay, in this post I will explain the different types of quests and the frequently asked questions I get asked about them as well as some tips to completing them.

What types of tasks are there to complete?

Quests aren’t the only type of task in The Sims Freeplay, there are:

  1. Weekly Tasks (complete all the weekly goals in the week to earn a key, keys can then be spent in the Mystery Box Shop on prizes!)
  2. Main Questsย (once you get to level 5 you will unlock the first of the main quests, these have to be completed in order)
  3. Discovery Quests (discovery quests can be started by talking to different sims around simtown, click on the link to find out how to start each discovery quest)
  4. Feature Quests (feature quests can be started by talking to Lee the mechanic at the nightclub but will cost simoleons or social points to begin)
  5. Seasonal Quests (these are available for a limited time, find a list of them here)
  6. Player Favourite Quests and Events (these are available for a limited time, find a list of them here)
  7. Social Tasks (Social tasks have to be completed at a neighbours town once unlocked at level 7- complete these to earn social points to buy items)
  8. Simtown Market (once you unlock profession careers you will be able to complete simtown market events to unlock prizes)
  9. Time Limited Events (include hobby events, live events, SimChase, Downtown Developer and Influence Island, these are also available for a limited time, find a list of them here)
  10. Pregnancy Events (if you complete all the support tasks and daily goals in a pregnancy event your baby sim will be born with the baby bonus, if you also complete a pregnancy event when a time limited prize is available you will earn that too)

To find out what goals, events and quests you currently have available go to the active tasks (goal) tab.

Where is the active tasks tab?

This can be found at the bottom left corner of the screen, it will say something like 3 active tasks, this means you have 3 different goals, events or quests to be completed, if you click on this it will open and show you all of the available goals:

If it says ‘limited time prize available’ this means you need to complete it in the time shown, for example with the An Alien Concept: Weather Machines Quest the time limit is 2 days, complete in the time limit to unlock winter clothes for your sims, if you don’t manage to complete in the 2 day time limit you can still complete main and discovery quests once the time limit is up, you just won’t get the time limited prize:

Can I complete all goals once the time limit is up and still get the prize?

Main Quests– no, once the time limit is up you will still need to complete the quest before you can move onto the next main quest that is waiting in your queue but you will not get the time limited prize if you don’t complete in the time limit
Discovery Quests– no, once the time limit is up you will still need to complete the quest before you can move onto the next discovery quest but you will not get the time limited prize if you don’t complete in the time limit
Feature Quests– there is no time limit for these but they are a lot shorter than normal quests
Weekly Tasks– once the week is up a new week will begin giving you another chance to earn the keys to buy the mystery boxes
Social Tasks– there is no time limit on social tasks
Seasonal Quests– no, once the time limit is up the quest will end and you will have to wait for the seasonal quest to return before you can try and complete it
Player Favourite Quests and Events- no, once the time limit is up the quest/event will end and you will have to wait for the quest/event to return before you can try and complete it
Time Limited Events– no, once the time limit is up the event will end and you will have to wait for the event to return before you can try and complete it
Pregnancy Events- no, once the time limit is up you will miss out on the baby bonus and any time limited prizes but the baby will still be born
Simtown Market– no, once the time limit is up you will have to wait for the next simtown market to try and earn the next prize, they usually repeat the prizes so if you didn’t manage to get it the first time you can try again in the future

It says there are quests waiting in the queue, what does that mean?

These are quests that will appear as soon as you finish the previous quest goals, for example at level 7 you receive the Money Grows on Trees Quest and it will say the Love is in the Air Quest is in the queue as that is also unlocked at level 7. Once the Money Grows on Trees Quest is complete, the Love is in the Air Quest will begin straight away:

It also works if you are behind in completing quests, if you are on level 17 but are still on the Alien Concept: Weather Machines Quest (which unlocks at level 16) it will tell you that the Multi Story Renovations Quest is in the queue. The number in the green square under the current quest goal tells you how many quests are in your queue so for me it is 2:

Read more about the Quest Queueย here

I’m on level 12 and the toddler quest hasn’t appeared yet, what’s wrong?

Nothing is wrong, you are probably still on a previous quest. You need to complete all main quests in the order they appear, it says it unlocks at level 12 but cannot be started until quests that unlock at lower levels have been completed, you will probably see that it says A Quest for Toddlers is in the queue.

The order of the quests can be found in this post, you can’t skip quests and all goals have to be completed before moving onto the next quest.

What does the orange LP symbol next to the weekly tasks and social tasks mean?

This means that the goal can be skipped for 10LP, you cannot do this with normal quest goals.

I can’t find an item I need at a neighbours house, what do I do?

You could skip the goal for 10LP or add another neighbour via the neighbours needed page

I struggle to complete quests within the time limit, how do you do it? [TIPS]

  • Start goals early– A lot of the quests contain goals that you can start early, if it is a task you can usually do, for example reading the big book of stuff in the Raiders of the Lost Artifacts Quest. This goal can be started while still on the Mysterious Island Quest so the quest can be done in a few hours instead of taking 20 hours or more! This also works for all baking and gardening goals. This post explains Starting Goals Early in more detail.
  • Speed up tasks with LP– Lifestyle points are actually quite easy to make by completing the cooking hobby, you earn 5LP each time you complete the hobby (after the first time in which you earn chopping boards). This post explains how this works in more detail. Once you have the LP click on the sim completing the task you want to speed up and click on the orange LP button:

TIP: You need an LP to speed up for each full hour the action will take so if the action will take 2 hours 30 minutes this will cost you 2LP to speed up but if you wait until the timer reaches 1 hour 59 minutes it will only cost you 1LP

  • Plan ahead– if you take a look at all my quest posts here you can plan ahead to know exactly what tasks are coming and how long you have left
  • Set timers– it is easy to lose track of time so if you set a timer on your phone for when the task will complete you will be able to finish it as quickly as possible
  • Use 3 star items (if possible)- 3 star items give you the shortest amount of time to complete a task

Last Updated September 2020

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146 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Completing Quests [FAQs & TIPS]

  1. I’m on level 34 and I now only see weekly and social tasks. Does the 1st quest reappear or is there a problem with my game?

  2. There is a weekly task that says build 2 dating relationships. However, all of my sims are already dating/married, which means I have to make 4 new sims, which will take too long. Can I do this quest with one of my sims and one of my neighbor’s sims?

    • I dont think it will work, If you already have two dating relationships then it should complete straightaway, if you only have one dating couple you could always take a sim from couple 1 to be romantic with a sim from couple 2 or just skip it with LPs

  3. One of my weekly task is i have to take 5 sims to the beach, but there is no beach in my town and im only level 9. My friend told me i have to reach to level 26 to unlock beach task or something like that. Is it right?

  4. I have to check the mail for a weekly task but I’ve tried the computer and the mail box but it doesn’t complete. How do I Finnish this task I don’t want to use LPs to skip it

  5. I have apparently completed the weekly talk enough to get a key, but tasks are still popping up for this week. Should I bother completing them?

  6. So I’m stuck on a social task which has asked me to ‘Practice painting in a neighbours town’. I’d love to. if I had a canvas to paint on!!


      • Ah well, I’ll just have to part with my beloved LP things! Thanks for the heads up, and the neighbour request! Unfortunately my lack of Facebook renders me a bit useless (not only in Sims Freeplay…).


  7. I’m stuck on a social task which has told me to โ€˜practice Makeing a movie in a neighbours townโ€™ but none on my friends have a movie studio and I don’t have LPs or Facebook. What do I doooo!!

  8. Hi I’m having trouble completing the ‘Ocean View Estate’ quest.
    Every time I get to the banana bread part I bake it and it congratulates me but then goes back to the feed the ducks part which is one before the banana bread part.
    If there’s anything you know that could fix that I’d be very happy to finally complete the quest.
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hi,

    ‘I just got the ‘make double smoked pulled pork on a BBQ’ task on both the weekly quest and the higher education quest. Do you know if I have to do it twice (with two different sims) to complete both the tasks, or will they automatically be completed once the one sin has finished?

    Thank you for such a great blog! I use it all the time!

  10. For some reason my game won’t connect to Facebook. I can log in but as soon as it does it shuts down both the sims freeplay and Facebook apps. I have a dell streak 7 tablet. Does itthis make a difference??

  11. Hi, I’m level 24, I have completed task look at diving board apprehensively in a weekly task, now on the main tasks it is asking me to do again. All my sims know how to use the board and I can’t buy my way out of it. Any advice would be welcome, thanks.

  12. How do I complete the breadwinner quest? I am currently on level 9 and i noticed that the quest started at level 6. Did I run out of time to complete the quest or something?

  13. Will you be adding a page on social tasks? Or is there one already and I am just blind?

    I just had ‘practice making movies in a neighbour’s town’ and it wasn’t clear that this was using a video camera. I wondered why it wouldn’t let me go to the movie studio workplace! Think it would be useful to have your wise guidance ๐Ÿ˜€

    • You can’t do this quest until previous quests have been completed.
      if you are stuck on a quest because you can’t cook you will need to contact EA about this problem so they can sort it out

  14. This post helped me very much, thanks for your dedication to the Sims FreePlay community. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. If I restart my sims freeplay game, do I get to redo every previous quest? I only ask because I didn’t complete the pet dragon quest on time and I really want a dragon.

  16. Hi I’m playing sims freeplay and have 3 quests waiting but can’t complete as don’t have a toddler to move on. Any tips please so frustrating

  17. Since the most recent update, they fixed the weekly quests so that once you finish this weeks quests, it comes to a stop and has a count down until next week starts. I didn’t realize the problem with this until now, as I just collected my 10th key for the mystery box. Since the quest box cannot be opened once completed for this week, you cannot access the mystery box shop until the quest restarts. Do you know of any way to access the mystery box shop somewhere else, or are we stuck waiting until next week to use keys? Looks like something they overlooked when they fixed it.

    • No you have to wait until the next week, I don’t think it is a massive problem as really it should take you a few days to complete the tasks so you don’t have to wait that long before you can access the box shop

  18. Hi,
    I am having trouble forming budding romance in the bar. Everytime i try it always remains the same, even if I click be romantic, it is always the same. So what should i do?

  19. Hi, I’ve got the movie camera neighbour task so I’ve used my boyfriends phone to get the movie camera & added him as a neighbour. But when I go to his town, the movie camera isn’t showing on my screen but it is definitely there on his. What do I do? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  20. hi!! i cant understand something, i have to start again if i couldnt do some of the quest in the time it has to? i mean i have 5 quest waiting in queue, how can i do them ? is there a chance? please help me! Or i have to redo all the game again? thanks!!!!!!!!!

    • No, you have to complete previous quests before you can unlock the ones in your queue, this isn’t a problem, complete the quest you are on right now and then you can do the next one in your queue.

  21. One of my weekly tasks is ” Have a Toddler Play With Building Blocks” where do i find the building blocks? Because the only thing in the toddler section close is play blocks and those cost 12 Lp, do i have to buy those or is there something else?

  22. I am on the dancing quest, but there was never a car at the park. Is there a way to restart a quest?

  23. I started the game and somehow managed to get 4 active tasks (two quests, weekly, and social). It was kind of nice, I was able to get a lot done at once, but I have no idea how I did it. I decided to restart the game for various reason and I can only get 3 active tasks. I was hoping that as I got more quests done, two would open and I would have 4 active tasks again, but it isn’t working. Was what I got the first game just a lucky glitch, or can I get it back?

  24. Im on Level 21 but i didn’t complete the levee 7 baking task. can i go back and do it or can you only complete them on that level?

    • it will be in your quest queue, you can’t go back but you will be able to do it once you complete the quest you are on now and any that come before it in the queue.

  25. I can’t complete my social task, it says to use a neighbours fire hydrant to practice firefighting but it doesn’t show up in my neighbours town, even though it’s there on their screen. Why? And how do I fix it please help

  26. Uh yes hi I have a weekly task that says build 2 dating relationship. How do I do that exactly?

  27. Hi, first of all your blog is awesome and very helpful so thank you.
    I’m having trouble with my weekly task, I have to ‘have three sims speculate between 9am and 12pm’. I have tried keeping them all together in one house during that time and making them speculate in a living room chair but that action only takes 11 or 12 minutes, not 20 hours. What am I supposed to do?

    • you just need 3 sims to do this task at the same time between 9-12, it will complete straight away once they are all doing it at the same time during those times

  28. I just finished the ghost hunting quest and now it comes up with just weekly tasks and social task and I still haven’t done the life dreams and legacies quest , in stitches , or bird feeding . What do I need to do…

  29. Hi
    I haven’t played sims in a while and now I came back to find 11 quests waiting in a queue…is there a way I can open them and complete them now? Only two are active, teen idol and the neighbour one

    • no, you have to complete the teen idol quest before you can do the quests in your queue. And you have to do those quests in the order they appear in the queue.

  30. First of all I would like to say I love your blog. You have become my sims free play go to guide Goddess. Thank you so much! I was wondering how to use my keys for the weekly quests if I have already finished my quest for the week. Do I have to wait for a new batch of weekly quests before I can use the keys? Thank you so much!

  31. […] This is a list of all the main quests that appear on sims freeplay and what levels they are unlocked at. You need to complete the previous quest before you can go onto the next one, so you need to complete bread winner before you can do money grows on trees! For more information on completing quests please click here […]

  32. i cant do the practice guitar in another sims town and i dont know how to do it ive checked all the houses in the tow but they dont have any guitars how am i gonna do it ca you please helppp mee ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  33. Hi I am really stuck. I didn’t know the quests had to go in order. I started the money grows on tree before the bread winner quest. I now cannot finish my quest because I have to bake it some donuts but I can’t do that until I do the bread winner quest but I have finish this quest to move on but I cant…..ahhhh what do I do?

    • Don’t panic, EA have only changed the order of the quests in the last update so you might be on a previous version of the game, and you don’t choose what quest appears when so if you got money grows first then you haven’t done anything wrong
      Doughnuts come under bake on the stove not cook so you can bake doughnuts, not that they are needed for the money grows on trees quest- are you sure that isn’t a weekly goal?

  34. I am on the ocean view estate quest and have played sims on the computer but it won’t let me phone the estate agent. It says technical support on hold. Have I done something wrong?

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