The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Cooking


Once you complete the Bread Winner Quest your teen, adult and senior sims will be able to complete the cooking hobby by using kitchen equipment such as the stove, toaster and fridge that you can buy from the kitchen section of the home store or you can use the restaurant kitchen once you have completed the Sous Judgemental Quest and built the restaurant (you will need different equipment depending on the dish you are making in the hobby)

To begin select cooking on an oven to open up the list of dishes:

  • Cheese and Tomato on Toast- 1 minute (needs 1 star toaster)
  • Bacon and Eggs- 5 minutes
  • Level 2- Burgers- 20 minutes (cooking level 2 and needs 1 star toaster)
  • Level 2- Pizza- 40 minutes (cooking level 2 and needs 1 star microwave)
  • Level 3- Chili Con Carne- 1 hour (cooking level 3 and needs 2 star microwave)
  • Level 3- Spaghetti- 2 hours (cooking level 3 and needs a 1 star chopping board)
  • Level 4- Quiche- 3 hours (cooking level 4 and needs a 2 star fridge)
  • Level 4- Nachos- 5 hours (cooking level 4 and needs a 1 star chopping board)
  • Level 5- Spicy Tuna Rolls- 8 hours (cooking level 5 and needs a 3 star fridge)
  • Level 5- Chicken Salad- 2 hours (cooking level 5 and needs a 1 star fridge)
  • Level 6- Tacos- 12 hours (cooking level 6 and needs a 1 star chopping board)
  • Level 6- Roast Beef- 1 Day (cooking level 6 and needs a 3 star stove)
  • Complete restaurant to unlock- Lobster Thermidor- 5 hours- costs 3LP (can only be cooked at the restaurant)

When each of your sims first start the cooking hobby they won’t be able to make all of the dishes above even if you have the the right equipment in that house as they will need to level up in the hobby too (it will say on the greyed out box for that dish what you need to do before you can make that dish)

TIP: I only make cheese and tomato on toast as the level up percentage increases the same for all dishes so its more beneficial to make the cheese on toast as it only takes 1 minute!

After the time has passed come back and click the food plate bubble above your sims head, they will put the plate down and you will find one of the cooking utensil collectibles. Every time your sims cook their cooking hobby skill level up percentage will increase, once you reach 100% you will level up, there are 6 levels. You need to reach level 6 to be able to unlock all of the cooking utensil collectibles, once unlocked you will be able to find them.

The table below shows the level up percentage:

This may change in future updates

 LEVEL Cheese and Toast- 1 minute
1-2 50%
2-3 25%
3-4 12%
4-5 7%
5-6 3%

The next table shows you for each level what new dishes you can make, the cooking utensil collectibles you unlock (so you can then find those ones too) and also the level up reward that a second and future sims will receive when they level up in this hobby:

1 Water Burner
  • Bacon and Eggs
  • Cheese on Toast
Bronzed Spatula, Silver Spatula and Gold Spatula are unlocked in the hobby collection
2 Hot Mess Maker
  • Burgers
  • Pizza
Bronzed Grater, Silver Grater and Gold Grater are now unlocked in the hobby collection 250XP
3 Ready Meal Maestro
  • Chili Con Carne
  • Spaghetti
Bronzed Chef’s Knife, Silver Chef’s Knife and Gold Chef’s Knife are now unlocked in the hobby collection 500XP
4 Home Cooking Hero
  • Quiche
  • Nachos
Bronzed Whisk, Silver Whisk and Gold Whisk are now unlocked in the hobby collection S750
5 Flavour Savior
  • Spicy Tuna Rolls
  • Chicken Salad
Bronzed Rolling Pin, Silver Rolling Pin and Gold Rolling Pin are now unlocked in the hobby collection 10,000 Town Value
6 Hail to the Chef
  • Tacos
  • Roast Beef
Bronzed Measuring Spoons, Silver Measuring Spoons and Gold Measuring Spoons are now unlocked in the hobby collection.

You can now complete the collection!


NOTE: only the first sim completing this hobby needs to get to level 6 to unlock all the collectibles, future sims will be able to find any collectible even if they are only on level 1 in this hobby but all sims need to level up to be able to cook all of the dishes

You won’t find a new collectible each time, you will get repeats, if this happens just keep going, you will find them eventually! If it is still taking too long you can use the lucky spin on the row where you cannot find the item, this will cost LPs, when you click on the LP button it will clear the row and give you a random collectible on that row so you aren’t guaranteed a new item (you will get back any other collectibles you already had in that row) Need to earn some LPs to use the lucky spin?


The completed cooking collection is shown below, once you complete the collection you need to click ‘start a new collection’ at the top of the hobby collection screen, this clears the board so you can complete the collection again to earn more rewards (you will only get the option to restart the hobby collection when you have completed the collection):

You will earn XPs when you complete a row in the hobby but to complete the collection you need to find all 18 of the collectibles

The rewards for completing this collection are chopping boards and 5LP:

  • The first time you complete the collection you unlock chopping boards which can be found in the kitchen section:

  • From the second time onwards each time you complete the collection you will earn 5LP

This is my favourite hobby as its really quick to get LPs and money by doing it, you just need several sims in a room with a stove and toaster for each person and then do the 1 minute option over and over and within about an hour or so (depending on how many sims you have) you should be able to find all the utensils as long as you have unlocked all 6 levels! But there will be so many dishes laying around you should have a few sims there to clean them up BUT if you completed the HANs On Quest and unlocked the dishwasher you will be able to load all plates instantly! How Do I Have So Many LPs explains in more detail.

Patrick says: “have all ten Sims in the room cooking and cleaning. That second it takes to present the dish can be used by the previous Sim to clean. I know it seems small, but over the course of that hour, ten Sims as opposed to six will yield a lot of money. ” And if you send your level six chefs to do another hobby then, restart them on the cooking hobby to get more money and an LP (as they will start at level one again they will get the rewards for levelling up)

Confused about hobbies? Read my Hobbies Frequently Asked Questions post

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198 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Cooking

  1. Hi. I have followed your advice re using the cooking hobby to earn LP’s and it is great. I have noticed that since the last update (camping grounds) that you now earn 7 XP’s for cleaning the plates. I now have a few sinks in use to add a few more XP’s to my game.
    Great blog really helpful. Thanks!

  2. In the latest update, you have to wait slightly longer to cancel cleaning up the dishes. :/ If you cancel before the dishes disappear, they will stay on the ground/table. If you have more than one Sim pick the dishes up around the same time, some of the Sims will still get the footprints above their heads and cancel the action after they pick them up. That’s still the same as in the previous update.

  3. OMG I am so mad! LOL. I’ve been spending forever trying to get my sim to the highest cooking level and cooking long options like quiche and pizza thinking I was doing something, only to read your blog and realize that the one minute option yielded the same % increase! LOL. I was on level 5 and quickly got my sim up to level 6 in a few minutes after wasting hours making quiche and annoyed that it only went up 3% SMH. Love your blog and glad I came upon the cooking page or I would have never realized my mistake. Gonna make some LPs on my down time 🙂

  4. Firstly, thank you for this guide it helped me a lot 💖 but when I leveled up my Sim to level 6 in the cooking skill and it said I got the 1lp reward, I didn’t get it at all, it happened twice so I didn’t get the 2 LP from leveling up the 2 sims , do you have any idea why?

  5. I LOVE your blog!! Just wanted to comment that I get at least 7 XP for cleaning up the dishes and sometimes bonus XP and stuff to build the monuments!! So it’s kind of worth the 3 seconds! Just a thought 🙂 If I hadn’t found this post about the cooking hobby I would never be done it!! Thank you so much and please please keep blogging!!

  6. This is so helpful. A quick question though. Is it not possible for a sim to have more than one hobby?
    I tried having my level 6 cooking sim do the salsa hobby but it says the sim will forget the cooking lessons. How do I go about this?

  7. Help! Every time I go to cook something my game freezes and shuts me out. Because of this I can’t complete my quests and advance in the game. Contacted EA a while and a half ago and still haven’t gotten a response back.

  8. I can’t get the bread winner quest to start. I click on the TV and there is no option for the cooking show? Is there another way or are my sims stuck eating leftovers forever? Lol

  9. Hi, I was trying to finish up my bread winner quest and I accidently cleaned up the plates before my sims got to eat them, now I can’t call them to the meal of the burgers because I can no longer make it. What do I do?

  10. Hi just wanted to say awesome I did not have any life points at first so I hope I get some but on my game it says I have to eat the plates before I throw them away I now have at least one hundred plates sitting everywhere do you know how to get rid of them easy and fast ps thank you so much

  11. Thanks x 1,007,532,577 for blogging about Freeplay!


    1) the DISHES!!!! I’ve been trying to rush and complete fruit collecting to get the bungalow with 15 hours left, so cooking for SP is helping, but it takes 15 minutes to finish a collection & 1 hour to clean the dishes. I have a room with 10 stoves, 1 toaster in the corner so that I only need one, and 10 sinks. Even though there’s a lot of sinks, the footprints always come up, because they all want to use the same sink. Is there a work around?

    2. 10 of my Sims are level 6 chefs. Would switching hobbies and switching back to cooking help at all?

    Thanks a bunch!

    • You’re welcome!
      1.I always clean up each plate as a sim finishes cooking, I just find it easier than waiting until there is a huge pile to clean
      For some reason which is very annoying the sims all want to use the same sink, there isn’t really much you can do, maybe just have one sim clean up and the rest of them still cooking?
      2.Yes I definitely recommend switching to a different hobby then back again as they will get the rewards for levelling up again (they will earn 1LP when they reach level 6 again)

  12. I received the bronzed amd gold spatula and the bronzed and gold cheese grater…. will I earn the silver spatula and silver grater later or did I miss them somehow??

  13. Can dishes that require one star appliances be cooked in a house that only has the higher star equivalents?

  14. Hi there 🙂 your blog is useful and i always view your blog before i begin a new quest!!
    Anyways… I’ve been stuck so long on getting my last level 6 item ( i guess it’s the silver measuring spoon) I’ve tried to let my “chef sim” to cook all the dishes and all of my equips are 3 stars…
    are there any tips or only keep trying?? XDD

  15. Hi,

    I’m in level 9 and have bread winner quest but i’m not able to buy toaster or microwave,Both are unlocked but not able to buy it :(.I’m trying it in same house where i have my stove,even tried getting high star stoves still no luck

  16. I went ahead and kept track just to see, and (not accounting for the initial costs of cooking) it adds up to 4,790 simoleans. It seems like it might be the fastest way to make money, depending on how many tries it takes to get all the utensils.

  17. Hey guys I was reading through about the plates!! CLEAN THEM! I had so much plate “data” in my cooking house (and the mountain of plates was way to high to clean that at first my cooking became suuuuuuuper slow (I thought it was because I was using an old iPad) then it started to crash and rob me of LPs! I went to a new lot and built a new house and it’s as good as new!
    Moral of the story: CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! You get tons of resources from it also

    Oh and thanks for this blog! I LOVE IT!

  18. Please help:
    In doing the cooking hobby my sims level up to the point where it says 10000 now available. Next 1LP.
    But then when I look at my money it hasn’t gone up by 10000!!!! When they level up and it says 750 jow available it increases my simcash by 750. But not for the 10000. Whyyyyyyyyyyy? I’m so frustrated by this. It happens over and over.

  19. Hi the girl who games! I find your blog very helpful and use it a lot! I have used your cooking hobby strategy to get lps, and it is very effective. However, I am having trouble finding ways to spend these lps 😅 any recommendations on what to buy with them? Thanks!

  20. I’ve been working so hard to get the bronze spoons in the last level of the cooking hobby. But I can’t seem to get them. Do you have any suggestions?

  21. If i cook in a neighbors town and dont clean up the dishes, will they still be there when i leave and re enter their town?

  22. Quick question on the cooking hobby. Can I cook 1min meals and still unlock the higher level tools ( grater,spoon etc..) or will I have to cook longer meals to obtain these

  23. Thanks so much for the tip! I have a lot in my town with 10 garden plots, 10 showers, 10 toilets, and 10 coffee makers… now 10 stoves (a toaster, and a fridge)… I call it my slave farm because ten sims are there from the time they come from work to the time they go back in!
    But my question is how do you get the spoons? Do you need to be at cooking level 6? My sims have found everything else except any spoons. Ever. And I’m level 32. I don’t even have the cutting boards yet. 🙁

    • To get spoons you need a sim to be at level 6, keep cooking cheese on toast until a sim reaches level 6 then they will start finding the spoons, you will also be able to unlock the chopping boards once you complete the hobby for the first time. After that you can start earning LPs!

    • They can eat it but there will be an empty plate left which you have to clean up afterwards anyway, its up to you, its just quicker when completing this hobby to clean up the plates instead.

  24. Hi, just a thought but do you think there is any chance of the makers of the games letting you keep stuff you bake, like the desserts and cookies, the sims never seem to get any treats, when they are dating there’s no flowers or chocolates, seems a shame. Love you blog, it’s so helpful 😊

  25. Hello, I noticed that the first time you find a utensil you get a reward of simoleons. do you have a chart somewhere of those values? I noticed some were worth 50 where others were worth 500.

  26. Oh my goodness, thanks thanks a bunch! This is a very helpful website, i just started playing freeplay recently and getting hooked but frustrated in the same time of how slowly things seems to work! I have a question regarding this hobby, i need a 2 star microwave to cook spaghetti (I’m in level 3) but I couldn’t find it in the kitchen section of the home store! Is there anything i should do to get the microwave to appear or something?
    Please help when you have time to read this, thank you! 🙂

  27. I have a tip. If you remove the door after all the sims are in the room, and don’t place a sink in the room, cleaning the plates takes a much quicker time. The sims will not have to find a sink and the plates will disappear without them walking anywhere.

  28. I discovered a great trick for cleaning dishes faster. Kick the garbage can and turn the sinks toward the wall (or otherwise make them unaccessible) and the cleaning time is just as long as it takes the sims to get to the dish. I only have 4 sinks (facing the wall of course) in my 10 stove house and it works great!

  29. DISHES TIP!!
    When doing the cooking hobby, do it in a massive room but DONT ADD ANY SINKS, once all your sims are in the room, remove the door, so when you choose pick up the dishes, they just pick it up and it disappears, you still get XP and bonuses. This really saves time and by removing the door it means that they won’t go to the trash can 🙂 hope this helps

  30. I have a question so i keep on making cheese and tomato plate but no matter what I do it doesn’t let me get the bronzed measuring spoons and i maxed it out it’s being very annoying and I just want to get the cooking boards what do i do!!!!!!

  31. Is the lobster thermidor only available to cook in the restaurant or can my sims unlock it to cook at home? I have a sim at lvl 6 and I’m using a 3 star stove, but the lobster thermidor will not show up, unless my sim is cooking it at the restaurant.

  32. I’m not too sure this item in available in the store, but the Black Dishwasher is really helpful (from the LEGO you DOT you house) when grinding for the hobby. When you click on it it offers two actions: Load Dirty Plates; and Load All Plates.

    When you finish the collection, you click on the dishwasher and you’d want to choose the Load All Plates action. Your Sim will load the washer with all the dishes for 22 seconds then you’ll be back to grinding with a fresh kitchen again!

    After you load it, the washer does need to “go through the wash cycle” which means you can’t load the washer for an amount of time. You can use this time to generate more dishes and complete the hobby though. You don’t have to unload the washer; when the cycle’s done, just load all the plates again!

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