The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Profession Careers

There are now three profession careers; Police, Filmmaker and Medical Staff so I thought it would be a good idea to make a post explaining how these profession careers work.

You can find specific information on each profession career by clicking on these links:
Police, Filmmaker & Medical Staff

What is the difference between professions and normal careers?

Professions are still careers but you can go with your sim to the workplace and while they are there they help sims to earn resources, these resources are used to build and upgrade areas inside the workplace called workstations.

Professions Training Quest

Once you have built a profession workplace the Professions Training Quest will begin (there is no time limit to this you just have to complete it before you can send anymore sims to work there- and yes you can complete it at the same time as other quests)

It is more of a tutorial than a quest

NOTE: you will only receive this quest the first time you build a profession workplace so when you reach level 6 in another profession it will not appear again, this quest below shows the police profession but it is the same for all professions.

  • Visit the police station
  • Send a sim to work at the police station (give them a job at the police station the same way you usually give them a job then click on the suitcase to send a sim to work- select accompany sim to go to the station with them)
  • Help a sim at the police station- tap a bubble that appears over a sims head and complete one of the tasks
  • Help again at the police station- complete the second task on the bubble
  • Check workplace overview (found in the profession menu in the top left on your screen while at the police station)
  • Check workplace storage (second tab in the profession menu)
  • Help a sim at the police station
  • Check the work shift quota- this can be found on the work bar:

  • Fulfil special requests- this is a task where the bubble shows a question mark instead of the resource, complete the tasks to find out what resource you will be rewarded
  • Trade resources (third tab in the profession menu)
  • Upgrade a workstation- click on a green arrow at one of the workstations to get the option to upgrade it

  • Complete the remaining work day- either keep helping sims, leave your sim to work or click on the red cross on the work bar and then on complete shift (this will usually cost you LPs


Once you complete the quest you can send other sims to work there

How do I help sims?

When you send a sim to work sims will enter with bubbles above their heads, you need to click on this bubble and select one of the tasks that appears, the amount of grey sections there are tells you how many tasks you have to complete before you earn the reward (which is a resource) that is pictured in the middle of the bubble:

Each task has to be completed in a different workstation and only one sim can use a workstation at one time (new tasks will be added when you unlock new workstations)

Each time your sims complete a task (that section will turn from grey to green) a coin bubble will appear above their head, click this and they will earn coins and XPs, the experience points are towards levelling up, so they will level up quicker than if you just sent them to work.

Once all the tasks have been completed all the grey sections will now appear green, click on this to receive your reward.

Sometimes you may see a question mark appear in the bubble instead of a resource, this is a mystery resource, you will find out what it is when you complete the tasks:

these are important sims needed to collect badges

Does the same sim have to complete all the tasks when they help a sim?

No they don’t

Can I send one of the sims away if I don’t want to help them right now?

No, they will stay at the workplace until you help them

What are resources used for?

The resources are used to build and upgrade the different workstations within the workplace.

Build new workstations to unlock new resources

 What are coins used for? 

Coins are used to increase your storage and trade for resources


Can I send my sim to work on their own like a normal career? Will they still collect resources?

Yes you can send them to work on their own and they will still level up however they will level up slower than if they help sims and they will not collect any resources.

What is the work shift quota?

The work shift quota shows how many sims you need to help within the shift to finish their shift early and earn bonus resources

What are the workstations?



  • Training Center
  • Front Desk
  • Surveillance Van

Once your sim reaches level 6 you can decide which career to specialise them in: either Metro Police or Special Agent, you will need to have a sim as each to be able to unlock the other workstations

Metro Police:

  • Squad Car- level 6 Metro Police
  • Jail Cells- level 7 Metro Police
  • K-9 Unit- level 8 Metro Police
  • Chiefs Office- level 9 Metro Police

Only the metro police officer will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above

Special Agent:

  • Interview Room- level 6 Special Agent
  • Sketch Room- level 7 Special Agent
  • Forensics Lab- level 8 Special Agent
  • Division 51- level 9 Special Agent

Only the special agent will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above




  • Security Booth
  • Golf Cart
  • Catering Area

Once your sim reaches level 6 you can decide which career to specialise them in: either Director or Performer, you will need to have a sim as each to be able to unlock the other workstations


  • Costume Department- level 6 Director
  • Hair and Makeup Department- level 7 Director
  • Stunt Set- level 8 Director
  • Directors Trailer- level 9 Director

Only the director will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above


  • Audition Room- level 6 Performer
  • Voice-over Booth- level 7 Performer
  • Film Set- level 8 Performer
  • A-list Celebrity Trailer- level 9 Performer

Only the performer will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above


Medical Staff


  • Janitor Closet
  • Admin
  • Physical Aid

Once your sim reaches level 6 you can decide which career to specialise them in: either Nurse or Doctor, you will need to have a sim as each to be able to unlock the other workstations

NOTE: you can only have one sim as a nurse and one sim as a doctor


  • Pharmacy- level 6 Nurse
  • Triage- level 7 Nurse
  • Radiology- level 8 Nurse
  • Ward- level 9 Nurse

Only the nurse will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above


  • General Practice- level 6 Doctor
  • Psychiatrist’s Office- level 7 Doctor
  • Research Laboratory- level 8 Doctor
  • Surgery Room- level 9 Doctor

Only the doctor will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above


What do you get for upgrading workstations?

Each time you upgrade a workstation one of the following will happen:

  • The time taken to complete the task will decrease
  • The amount of  coins you receive will increase  
  • The amount of XPs you receive will increase


Each workstation can be upgraded 20 times

Check out my Police, Filmmaker & Medical Staff posts for information on each upgrade

Why do I need to be VIP 7 to upgrade a workstation?
You don’t! If you are VIP 7 you can upgrade two workstations at once, if you aren’t you will need to wait for the previous workstation upgrade to complete before upgrading the next.

Why is it costing me LPs to build a workstation?

This is because you do not have enough resources to build or upgrade the workstation yet, just help sims and collect the resources to be able to build without it costing you LPs

Can I buy another one of each workstation?

No you cannot

How can I earn the resources I need quicker?

Watch this video:

Professions Menu

You can access this using the button in the top left hand corner of your screen when you are at the profession workplace

Workplace Overview- here you can see the workstations you have currently unlocked, what level you are on and what resources you need to upgrade them

Storage- this is where you see your current resources collected and on the right hand side is your coins, the coins are used to increase your storage if you need to and trade for resources (which is in the next tab)

How do I increase my storage space?
Go to the Storage tab and click on increase storage, this will cost you coins:

NOTE: if you don’t have enough coins this will cost you LPs, just collect more coins and you will be able to use the coins to upgrade your storage

What is the maximum storage space for each profession career?

Police is 5000, Filmmaker and Medical Staff are both 2600

What should I do if I run out of storage space?
You can sell any unwanted resources, go to the storage tab and click on the simoleon symbol next to a resource and select the amount you want to sell for simoleons:

Resource Exchange- here you can either spin for resources using simoleons or LPs for the mega spin as well as trade coins for resources

How does the resource spin work?
There are two resource spins:

  • Resource spin costing simoleons- available for everyone, click to spin and it will spin and then you can claim your resources

  • Mega spin costing LPs- only available for VIP level 2 players, works the same as the other spin but will give you more resources.

NOTE: You can only use both of these every 4 hours unless you pay 4LPs to spin again straight away
How does trading for resources work?
On the left you have the item you are trading and on the right you have the item you will receive for trading, click trade

Reaching Level 6- Specialising a Sim

Once you reach level 6 for the first time a new quest will begin (it isn’t really a quest and yes you can do it at the same time as other quests) It shows you how to select the specialist for your sim and how to get promoted

Professions: Specialisation Training

  • Assign a specialist to a level 6 sim- click on the occupations (career) tab, find the level 6 sim and choose one of the two options for that career:

NOTE: you can only have one sim on each of these options

  • Fulfil a profession badge- check the occupations tab to find out what you need to do to complete this, I had help 3 sims, to complete this I needed to help 3 sims that came to the workplace by completing all of the tasks

Each sim can only earn one badge per shift and you need all badges before you will be able to level up in that career 

If you don’t manage to complete a badge in a shift the progress for that badge will reset and you will have start again on the next shift (for example, if your task is to help 2 important sims and you only help one, in your next shift it will reset so you will have to help 2 important sims in that shift to get the badge)

Each level requires you to complete more badges, you cannot level up until all the badges have been collected.


  • Build a workstation at a profession workplace- if you do not have the right amount of resources it will say it costs LPs to build- just help sims to gain resources and it won’t cost you LPs

Who are the important sims I need to help to get a badge?

These are the sims with question marks in the bubbles above their heads

Reaching Level 10

When you reach level 10 in a profession career you unlock the work outfit in that specialist for a female and male adult sim to wear at any time!

Left- metro police outfits Right- special agent outfits
Left- director outfits Right- actor outfits
Left- doctor outfits Right- nurse outfits

Find them in the wardrobe under outfits once you reach level 10

Orange Suitcase? Can’t send your sims to work?


This is because you have already sent them to work once today, if you are VIP level 1 you can send them to work twice in a day (this will cost you 15LPs still if you are VIP)

Wait until tomorrow and you will be able to send them to work again without being VIP.

Do I need to be VIP to use profession workplaces?

NO! If you are VIP you can send your sims to work twice a day (VIP level 1), upgrade more than one workstation at a time (VIP level 7) and use the mega spin (VIP level 2) but you do not need to be VIP

How do I cancel a work shift?

Click on the red cross on the sims need bar and select cancel shift

My sims are ageing to seniors before they have reached the highest level, what can I do?

I have given my sims who I want to specialise in each of the profession careers a platinum orb (read this post if you are unsure how to do that)

You could reverse their ageing (again read the post linked above) when they come to the end of their time as an adult but this is going to cost you a lot of LPs! It may be worth doing this while you are working on getting a platinum orb so you don’t have to start from level 1 with another sim and have to go through the ageing all over again!

How do you level up quicker?

The only way to level up quicker is to go to work each day and help the amount of sims needed to fulfil your work quota each day but you need to remember that each time you level up it will take you longer to reach the next level

If you are trying to complete the movie star career quicker you can use the movie camera from the promotions r store to level them up quicker

TIP: the higher level a workstation is the more career experience points you will to level up quicker

Who is this sim (pictured below) who appears?

He is the courier for the simtown market event, he will appear at the profession workplace where the event is taking place. If you complete all the tasks he has before the time above the bubble is up you will earn a market token needed to ship some orders (other orders need workplace resources to ship) You need to ship orders to fill up the bar and earn prizes:

What is the simtown market?

Give this post a read for more information on the simtown market and events!


  • You can only send two sims to work to help sims, all other sims will be working ‘offsite’ so they will still go to work but you will not see them, like normal careers (even when your level increases you can still only have two there)
  • Only one sim can use a workstation at a time
  • Important sims are the ones with question marks in the bubbles above their heads
  • If you send a sim to work without going with them they will still level up but just slower than if they help sims and they will not earn any resources
  • You can only upgrade one workstation at a time unless you are VIP 7
  • Each workstation can be upgraded 20 times
  • It will cost you LPs to build a workstation if you do not have enough resources, help more sims to collect the resources to build the workstation without LPs
  • You can only have one sim in each specialism
  • Only the sim in that specialism can use the workstations, for example only the Performer can complete the Film Set actions
  • If you are VIP you get some perks but you don’t need to be VIP!
  • There is no time limit on completing a profession career and workplace, you can take as long as you like!

Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions About Profession Careers:

Profession Careers: Police, Filmmaker & Medical Staff


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372 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Profession Careers

  1. In have a question about careers…. I have several sims working offsite.. Do they still earn daily income like the regular careers? I am asking this because I don’t ever see the XP or coins when they finish offsite work. Thanks, Matt.

  2. I love your blog its been very helpful, and I’ve read most all is these comments but I can’t seem to figure out how much money is made at different levels in the police and film careers (up to levels 5/6 anyways). I currently have most sims working as athletes and am working slowly on the levels in the careers, but wondering if I should switch more sims to work at the police station and film studio even though the additional sims cant specialize. Just trying to make the most money with them that I can right now. Thank you!

      • I have 3 or 4 sims working in each profession. In your opinion, does it benefit at all to have more than 2 in the professions? I’m just wondering if it would be easier to switch them to something else. I just dont want to switch if I will be missing an opportunity later on.

      • Personally I have 4 sims, 2 for each of the specialist roles and the other two for when I need to complete a shift quickly and earn a lot of resources as if you send your specialised sims to work to complete the jobs only they can do and leave the other jobs you can send the other two sims to work afterwards and they will only get the tasks they can do using the first 3 workstations so it is a great way to earn resources quickly.

      • Hellllp!!! I realize I’m far behind cuz most comments and questions are from 2017 but I’m desperate for help!
        I’m trying to upgrade a workplace station at the police station. It’s taken me FOREVER to get 230 radios but I still need almost 600 more! Without having to buy lifestyle points, can someone PLEASE tell me what I can do??

  3. My sim has reached level 10 and i have all the resources to build the chiefs office but it is not allowing me to, it says i need 690 lifestyle points to build? anyone else having this issue? what can i do?

  4. Hi

    Can you tell me which career earns the most money at level 6? I have read the post but can’t find a list of the levels and how much xp and money they earn at each level like you have on the other profession pages. This would be really helpful. Thank you

  5. I finally reached 100% at the police station with 2 sims as level 10 specialties in the 2 options. My question – is there any benefit to keeping these sims with the highest level? Or could I switch their careers now? Would I lose anything? Right now I have these 2 sims plus 3 more all working for the police station and I’d rather switch them to something else now that the police station is 100% but I don’t know if there is a reason I should keep them there.

    If I switched and then came back would I have to complete the “goals” again to get to level 10 (on the same sim), or would I have to start over? Would it just bump me back 1 level like normal? Help!

    • If they have reached level 10 then you will have unlocked all the workstations to be able to build them so if you want to change them to a different career then I don’t see there being an issue!
      If you came back they would have to start again from level 1 but you won’t lose your progress at the workplace.

      • Actually… a former Level 10 professional… comes back at “non-specialised” – ie level 6 if they quit and restart the career. The only reason to keep them, is if you want to complete the SimTown Market events…
        I’m quite well into the game… and I have two specialists in each career “frozen” – normally I send them to work off-site… If we have a SimTown market event – I’ll use them “as normal”…
        My “end game” is to have frozen players in each profession, each hobby…. so I can just switch users… to do any tasks !
        Hope that helps, Malcolm

      • Thank for that, I haven’t completed the profession careers yet as they are incredibly boring so I just went with what would be logical! I just don’t really understand why it works like that! Surely they should have to start at level 1 and work their way back up to level 6 to pick which specialisation they want if they quit their job!

    • Hi, when i got my sims to level 9 it said i needed vip points or something to build the last two workstations on the second floor of the police station. Did that happen to you?

      • You do not need to be VIP, you need to wait until another workstation has finished building or upgrading until you can build another one like it says in this post.

  6. Hi! I’m now currently at level 6 at the movie studio. For me to level up, I need to help 2 important sims. I only get one important sim for one shift. How can I complete it?

  7. Would you recommend using resources to upgrade the workstations as soon as it’s possible to or leave the workstations as they are and just gather the resources to build new workstations? Do you start earning more resources or coins if the workstations are more upgraded in order to build the new workstations?

    • I save up to build a certain workstation, if I resources I don’t need for that I will use those ones to upgrade any I can
      You will earn more coins when you upgrade and you will be able to complete actions faster but you don’t earn more resources.

  8. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the blog and its quick updates! Hard to believe that you actually manage to do all this even with you being occupied as a student! 🙂
    Anyway, I have a q regarding how many client/customer sims is the max no allowed? It’s because I have a new sim in & she can’t perform the existing 4 sims’ tasks. Thank you again!

  9. Let’s say one of the bubbles say that i have to do 3 tasks but if my sim is specialized and can only do 2 of the 3 tasks because of this, who will end up getting the credit for helping that sim? My specilaized sim or the other sim that completed the last task that my specialized sim could not?

    • Thankfully, both sims will get credit or whichever sim had that requirement.
      Some examples: if both of your sims need to help two important people in a shift and one sim finishes the last task for both important sims, both sims will register that they have helped two important sim even if the second sim had no involvement whatsoever.
      Second example: sim one needs 15 handcuffs, sim two needs 15 fingerprints. If sim two collects handcuffs, it will register under sim one because sim one needs them.

      It didnt used to be this way, it used to be that the sim who collected was the sim who got credit.
      Hope this helps.

  10. Help! First I love your blog, it’s super helpful. I’m kinda stuck in two professions . I have two sims at separate professions that have a task to complete for workstations that haven’t been unlocked or built yet. Now those sims are stuck there until I c an complete the locked task. Any suggestions?

    • There isn’t much you can do until you build the workstations unfortunately, they will hang around for about a week until they finally leave and a new sim will show up with hopefully a task you can complete!

      • Yesterday I had someone requesting hair and makeup but I couldn’t help as I don’t have the workstation. She didn’t turn up today.

  11. Hello! If I do a double shift with 15LPs, does the progress I’ve made towards my goal (ex: help 3 important sims) reset? I’m finding it impossible to finish the police officer goals and reach level 10!

  12. Does upgrading the hospital increase the town value?

    I’m in the process of finishing the upgrades to the hospital. Since the last update, my town value has gone from about $70 million to $190 million.

    I’ve only built one house in that time, which wouldn’t account for the increase in value.

    A couple notes. I didn’t see an increase in town value when upgrading the movie studio or police station, but I completed those before the last update. Also, I had been upgrading the hospital before the update and saw no increase in town value.

    The only other thing I’m doing currently is going to work for money and hobbies for LPs. But they don’t appear to be connected to the value going up.

    • Upgrading the hospital shouldn’t increase your town value! Maybe when they updated they increased the town value on some of the places you had already built so that is why your town value has increased.
      You will get 10,000 town value in most hobbies when your sim reached level 5 but I can’t see that being the main reason for the increase!

      • I figured it out. It was the neighbor’s town glitch. My town value was going up every time I visited a neighbors town. It’s at 2,147,483,647 now and has stopped increasing. It doesn’t even go up when I build new houses or buildings now.

  13. so I have the police station and the movie studio but I can’t find where to build the hospital for the medical career!

  14. Hi! I am having an issue with my Nurse occupation. There is a sim there waiting to be helped and I can tell she is an important sim because she is sparkling pink. However, there is no question mark above her head or anything to be clicked on. I haven’t seen anybody comment on having this issue and was wondering if you know how I can get it resolved? It is getting frustrating because in order to get to level 7 I have to help 2 important sims.

  15. Do you have to have a sim at high enough level to unlock and perform a certain task in a profession to upgrade that space, if it’s already built? For instance, I have a level 9 doctor, with all the doctor tasks unlocked and built, but not completely upgraded yet. If I retire him, or he ages out, can I still upgrade the surgery machine, say, with only a level 6 doctor, or even a non-specialized sim in that profession? Assuming I have the resources, of course.

    • Well only a specialised sim will be able to complete the tasks for workstations that require a specialised sim so you couldn’t use an non specialised one but I am not sure if the specialised sim needs to be at the high enough level to perform certain tasks, sorry!

    • I had level 9 stunt person at the movie career. I ended up kicking her out of town. When I went back to play and appoint someone else. Level 6 I had to redo all the missions for badges to each level up. If the work stations are unlocked as long as you can gather and collect the required resources you can level up.

  16. I have a question about professions. My doctor sim needs to collect 10 blood pressure resources, but it’s only generating bandages! Is there a way to ge the game to give her sims that would give her bandages as a reward? I tried searching for an answer to this, but couldn’t find one, so maybe no one else has had this problem yet lol

    • Oh believe me we all have this problem! You never get the sims with the reward that you need, if you complete the quota each day then one think you could do to earn the blood pressure is to check the reward you get for completing the quota, if it isn’t what you want cancel their shift and send them to work again, repeat this until they will be earning what you want, other than that there isn’t much you can do unfortunately!

      • Also, be sure you do the VIP customers. I cannot count the number of times they’ve come through with the needed resource for a badge. It’s often enough that I could be persuaded it’s a deliberate bit of programming.

  17. So recently (last month or so) I’ve noticed that I can’t collect coins/resources from completed tasks after my Sims shift ends. If I try, the coin/resource bubble disappears but the “+100 coins”/”+ 8 resource” doesn’t appear and the number in my storage doesn’t change. Is this a glitch in the game or am I the only one having this problem?
    Ps, love your blog, it has helped so much!

  18. The game doesn’t allow you to increase storage space with coins anymore, “Go to the Storage tab and click on increase storage, this will cost you coins”. You now have to use life points which suck!

  19. Hi!! I’m having trouble leveling up to level 8 on all professions and I don’t know why. The bar is filled all the way to the top but I still don’t level up. Could you please help? Thank you so much!

    • Have you completed the badges for that sim? They will not be able to level up until they have the badges they need, read the ‘Reaching Level 6- Specialising a Sim’ part of this post for more information on how to do this.

  20. I’m at 33% on the profession quest. I don’t have nearly 500 LP to build a workstation example like the K-9 dog house or the jail? so i’m wondering can you buy LP with a google gift card? I have the sims free play on my tablet(currently on laptop) so it’s not like I can screenshot it.

    • You can buy LPs with a gift card but you don’t need LPs for this, you just need to collect the resources and then you can use those to build it without it costing you any LPs, read this post for more details.

  21. I have three sims in the filmmaker career. One is a level 10 specialize in being a director. I’m required to build a work station, but the only one unlocked is the costume department. Is this the one I’m supposed to unlock??



  22. I just wanna say that you rock! I have found your blog the only help I’ve found since I began my sims journey after quitting a a couple years back:)

  23. I have built the professions workplace but when I am trying to send a sim to work it’s saying that my other sims can’t have the normal career as in the scientist or real estate agents. Can you please tell me if I start the professions workplace what will happen to the normal career ? Because most of my Sims have a normal career.

  24. Is there away of getting more lifestyle points without me having to pay for them with my own money, i just want to move things on faster,

  25. Hi! I have a problem with reaching level 10 in director specification. I’ve collected all the badges but the game still says that I have to coplete all requirements. Is it a bug or I’ve missed something? I’ve already on level 10 in actor and special agent and as I remember there wasn’t anything else than collecting the badges. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  26. This is more of a rant than anything else. My police officer with the Special Agent specialization needs to help three important sims to earn his third badge toward level ten. I finally have the station fully upgraded but some of the actions take so long, I only see one or two. My metro police is at level ten at least. I tried using officers without specializations, thinking it may speed things along but they end up doing nothing because they cannot complete the request. I thinking of a double shift if I get two again but I have more things to do than play the game. I dunno. Maybe one day…….

  27. How to shoo guest? I am at level 6 and i have sim before this and my old sim died already and my new sim couldn’t finish the guest that already there.. this is sooo frustating.. i must handle 2 important sims and the important sims is the one that i cannot handle yet…

      • I tried to send one specialised with an unspecialised together – but often I got the case, when I had some requests for the other spec – so just one of them could have work, because no new people arrived (I guess, the max is 4). Do you send the 2 spec together and the 2 others together? Is possible to finish with all people (like 15 in movie) in time? if there are so many half our tasks… For the unspec: In this case no spec request are coming in? HOw do you deal with it?

      • The best thing to do is send the specialised sims and get those to complete the tasks on all the sims that only they can do and leave all the other tasks then cancel the specialised sims shift then when you send the unspecialised sims to work they will be able to complete all the tasks and all new sims that come in will only have unspecialised tasks that they can complete so they can complete the shifts a lot quicker 🙂

      • OMG – I concentradet so much to finish as much people as possible, that I didn’t thought on this combination heehee 🙂

  28. Hello, thank you so much for this blog, it’s helped me out on numerous occasions. I have put myself in a muddle and I’m not sure I can get out of it again. I let my Director-track Sim age into a senior, but I didn’t realize she’d left an Important Sim at the movie studio with unfulfilled Level 8 and 9 requests. I’ve got another Sim on the Director track now, but she obviously can’t fulfill those requests since she’s stuck at level 7… and she can’t level up because her next badge needs her to help two important Sims. It’s been a week now, and I haven’t seen any Important Sims come in.

    The reason this is an issue is because I haven’t finished upgrading everything yet – I’d only just been able to build the Stunt Set!

    Is the reason I’m not seeing Important Sims because I already have an Important Sim, even though there’s no way I can complete that Sim’s requests and send them on their merry way? Do I have any other options to get this poor Sim her badge so I can move on with the game?

  29. How do you complete a shift at level 8?! I am beyond frustrated. Do you need to use a lot of LPs? My second sim is doing a lot of standing around.

  30. My level 10 head nurse can not complete the look at charts task. Whenever I seen her to do this task the bubble reverts as if I am just starting it. I now have 3 Sims waiting to perform this task.

  31. I am having trouble completing one of the badges. Movie studio has to help 11 sims in one shift. I have found that the sim gets “credit” for helping if it’s the last one to help. I have sent her to work alone, with another sim at the director level 7, with a lower level 6 to do the easy stuff and she just does the VOs or Meet Fans, etc. Point is: I CANNOT COMPLETE IT no matter how I try. Tips?

      • FYI I think I was wrong. In the end, I sent a non-specialiazed Sim to work. I got all sims that showed up completed helped except for the shortest thing (verify ID badge.) Then I sent my sim I’m trying to level up to work and BAM, I have 4 of the 11 right off the bat. Also figured out that the sim earning the badge gets credit for any sim helped or any money made during their shift. In other words, she doesn’t have to individually help 11 other sims or collect 7000 simoleons. It just has to happen during the shift.

  32. My sim is a Lvl 7 Lieutenant and I have my squad car upgraded but it says that I can’t help my sim because he needs to be able to use and get to a bbq. I already did one team building task and it was no problem.

  33. I have a level 6 metro police and the squad car is upgraded 2 levels. I’ve tried using the sim to complete squad car activities, but it gives me an error saying “sims needs to be able to get to use, use, a bbq”

    What else do I need to do?

  34. Why my sim can’t finish the jail cells task? I keeps cancel while the sim put the person in the jail. It makes me annoying so much. Please help me.

      • So do you know when this issue will be fixed Bc it has been 3 days? I saw it has been updated but the error for my sim to complete the “jail cell” task still have error?

      • This appears to be the same issue as the stairs and that involved issues in quests so it required an actual update not just a push so it takes a bit longer to fix and go live.

      • I haven’t been able complete any tasks in the jail for about a week now. Very frustrating especially now that a live event is in progress.

        Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  35. Hello – I love your blog, it’s super helpful. I was wondering what the progress bar means that is on the bottom left of the screen, that has their role name? It goes green and blue, do you know what the green and blue progress means?

    • Thanks, the progress bar is how long before they can level up, once the green bar is filled and you have collected all the badges they need they will level up. The blue part shows how much they have levelled up from that shift.

  36. Hi I would like to ask regarding the professional careers. So I’ve 6 sims working as a film maker and 2 is already specialised where the other 4 is non-specialised. I’ve sended the non-specialised sims to work however how am I going to help the sims with the bubble on the head when some of the requirement requireds some of the specialised area?

    • They were probably there from when your specialised sims went to work, the best way to fix this is send your specialised sims to work to complete those tasks but leave the other tasks and then when you send your non specialised sims to work they will be able to complete the other tasks and when new sims arrive for help they will just get tasks they can complete.

  37. I can’t upgrade any workstations as the green upgrade icons were suddenly missing from all the departments. I have all the required resources and XP. Have tried re-installing to no avail. it is most annoying!

  38. Recently, the bubbles over new work stations in all professional areas have disappeared. I was waiting for one station to finish when this started. Any suggestions?

  39. Isn’t it insane how the police require 25 to receive bonuses, within an 8 hour time limit? Meanwhile, the hospital allows only 15 sims, within 12 hours. So backwards! Film is the only proper ratio of time and sims.

    I really hope they expand other careers into professions we can visit and have them perform tasks. I think politics, science, music, and athletics would be the most fun. But really, I’d like to see them all developed that way. Just not all at once!

  40. The suitcase is red and when I click on it a vip 1 perk window appears wanting me to buy pack for $5.99. I can’t find a way to make it go away, and I can’t send the sims to work.

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