The Sims Freeplay- When To Construct Buildings

This post will help you to decide when you need to build certain buildings to complete a quest.

* means that you can build the building early to save you time when you come to that quest

So you can only build the park when you get the goal to build the park but in the seniors quest you need to go to the snow park so it is helpful to build that early.

You should try and build all of the buildings in this list you need before you build others such as the supermarket.

  • Park– Tutorial (cannot build early)
  • Children’s Store– Two and a Half Sims Quest (cannot build early)
  • Real Estate Agency- Ocean View Estate Quest (cannot build early)
  • Bridge to Mysterious Island–  The Mysterious Island Quest (cannot build early)
  • Promotions R Us*- Need for Steed Quest
  • Stables– Need for Steed Quest (cannot build early)
  • Swim Center– All Going Swimmingly Quest (cannot build early)
  • The Hidden Unicorn- Showjumping Gate (cannot build early)
  • Simtown Elementary– Preparing for Preteens Quest (cannot build early)
  • Restaurant– Sous Judgemental Quest (cannot build early)
  • Community Center– Multi Story Renovations Quest (cannot build early)
  • Town Hall*- Higher Education Quest
  • Snow Park*- Seniors Quest
  • Bingo Hall– Seniors Quest (cannot build early)
  • Car Dealership*- In Stitches Quest (or build a house with a car)

* means that you can build the building early to save you time when you come to that quest

NOTE: build the Pet Store before you complete A Puppy Odyssey and DIY HOMES: Basement of Kings Discovery Quests as you won’t be able to complete these quests without it built

Thanks for reading!

Links for all main quests can be found here


24 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- When To Construct Buildings

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  2. It will not let me build the pet shop yet, I am lvl 14 so I already am at the above level, but I’m finishing the need for steed quest and to build the pet store it says I need to have the toddler quest done…

  3. I’m on level 8 and unlocked the two and a half sims quest and have completed 70% so now I have to build the children store but whenever I’m clicking the built button nothing is happening plz suggest what I have to do even I have 5 sims and loads of money and lps plz help

  4. I was thinking about building the costume shop after the Community Center, but now I know I should build the Snow Park instead. Thanks!

  5. Do you need the snow park for the senior quest or can you figure squate on your pool using the weather machine?

  6. Hi
    I havent Build the snow park and im about to start the pirate quest
    Do i need it for the quest?

  7. Are the grocery store and car dealership worth building early or should I wait till I finish all my other quests? I’m on the preteen quest now and I do have a couple mansions. Based on your other posts it sounds like I should save up my money, but it also sounds like the grocery store will save me money as well.

    • If you can’t afford them, don’t build them yet, it would be cheaper to spend the extra few simoleons on the full priced plants than buying the supermarket if you can’t afford it.

  8. Thank you so much for all the posts ❤
    So do you suggest to buy one story mansion instead of car dealer ship? If I don't have the car dealer ship, the quest like "have 3 sims driving" won't appear, right?

    • It depends what is cheaper, I would build the cheapest.
      You need to have a car to do this goal so you don’t need the car dealership, if you build the mansion you will get a car to do this task

  9. I’m level 21 and it won’t let me build the bridge, and it says to build it but I click on it an nothing happens?? Any suggestions???

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