The Sims Freeplay- How To Complete Live Events

Live events are tricky to complete in the time limit so this post explains how to complete live events with tips so you can try and complete every live event the first time around!

What are live events?

Live events are time limited events that last for a certain amount of days (if you don’t play the game during that time you will miss out on these events) The aim of them is to collect arts and crafts items from 4 crafting stations which are the resources you need to unlock and buy items in the event, if you manage to unlock and purchase all of the items in the time limit then you unlock the grand prize.

You can find a list of live events that have been in the game previously here

I think it is important to say that live events are hard and if you cannot be on the game every few hours to collect from the stations then it can be very difficult to complete, live events are often repeated so if you don’t manage to complete it the first time, don’t panic as it will probably be back again at some point. When it does return you will start from where you got to the first time so if you only had one pack left to buy then you will have the full time limit the second time to try and purchase that final pack to complete the live event.

How do live events work?

A pop up will appear to tell you a live event has started, click start collecting to begin the first goal:

The goals for each live event are almost the same apart from the event button and the first pack you buy during these goals:

  • Place a crafting station– find the candle station in the events tab of buy mode. If you participated in another live event then you will find your arts and crafts stations in your inventory (or in the house you left them at) you will only be able to use the candle ones until you unlock the other stations in this event
  • Make some arts and crafts items (click on the candle station to make)- 23 seconds TIP: buy all 4 stations so you can have 4 sims making the candles for 23 seconds, this means you will earn 200 candles instantly instead of just 50!

Once they have made the candles, a bubble with a candle in it will appear above their head, click on this and this takes you to the prize progress tab (you can also get to this by clicking on the event button in the corner of the screen)

Here you will see you have collected enough items to unlock the first pack! You need to unlock each pack and purchase them with the arts and crafts items you make before the items are available in your home store- this goal is coming up.

  • Restock a crafting station- when the stock runs out you will have to restock before you can make anymore arts and crafts items. You can restock instantly for 18 uses which will cost you 10SP or restock for 2 uses which will take 10 seconds this time (after this time you can restock 9 uses which will be free but will take 2 hours and 30 minutes to restock) TIP: again have all 4 sims restock the stations so you have 2 uses on each
  • Buy the first pack– click on the event button, scroll down and click purchase (this will cost you 50 candles) once purchased you will find the item(s) in buy mode to place in your sims houses
  • Use a coin flower patch- buy the coin flower patch from the event tab of the home store and select the free spin plant option. The coin flower patch is how you earn constructor coins which are also needed to purchase packs. After this time it will cost 450 candles to use the spin plant and 25SP to use the mega spin plant- but you will earn more constructor coins by using the mega plant (the minimum is 10 and the maximum is 500)
  • Check the daily goals- click on the event button in the corner and go to the first tab which is daily goals- claim the ones you can right now and check back throughout the day to claim all your daily goals and earn your 20 constructor coin bonus!
  • Collect bonuses- while collecting after a certain amount of time you will see the arts and crafts item appear above that sims head, click to collect the bonus item!

  • Continue collecting arts and crafts items- this is the last step but the event is not over, keep collecting the arts and crafts to unlock everything on the bar at the top of your progress tab and then use those arts and crafts items and constructor coins to purchase all those packs.

There are 3 parts to these events if you want to complete them in the time limit you have to complete all 3 parts; collecting, unlocking and buying


Once you have completed the goals you need to put your sims on the candle stations to continue collecting candles, you can place a maximum of 4 candle stations, as you unlock the rest of the stations there is a limit on those too:

  • 4 Pottery Stations
  • 3 Jewelry Stations
  • 2 Glassware Stations

You won’t need to buy new stations each time there is an event on, I keep mine in 2 houses so they are stocked and ready for the next event

Once you have placed your candle stations you can select one of 4 options:

  • Make 250 Candles- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Make 360 Candles- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Make 455 Candles- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Make 510 Candles- 8 hours 30 minutes

From these stats it looks like the 8 hour 30 minute option is the best but actually if you did the 2 hour 30 minute option 3 times (7 hours 30 minutes) you will earn 750 candles rather than 510! So if you can do the shortest option over and over again throughout the day then you will earn a lot more resources but obviously if you are going to be out all day then it would be better to do a longer option.

Other Station Times


  • Collect 375 Pottery- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 540 Pottery- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 680 Pottery- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 765 Pottery- 8 hours 30 minutes


  • Collect 565 Jewelry- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 810 Jewelry- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 1025 Jewelry- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 1150 Jewelry- 8 hours 30 minutes


  • Collect 620 Glass- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 890 Glass- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect 1125 Glass- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect  1260 Glass- 8 hours 30 minutes

Remember you will need to restock the stations occasionally, you can restock instantly for 18 uses but this will cost you 10SP or you can restock 9 uses, this is free but it will take you 2 hours 30 minutes to restock:

Each station (apart from the first candle one) comes with a stock of 7 which means you can use the station 7 times before it needs to be restocked (if you got your stations out of your inventory they will all need restocking first (apart from the first candle one)


  • if you store the station you will lose all the stock so when you place it again you will need to restock
  • if you cancel making something using a station you will lose that stock so if you had one stock left and then you cancelled that action you would need to restock before you can create anymore arts and crafts items

The more arts and crafts items you make the more items you will unlock

Collecting Bonuses

While collecting after a certain amount of time you will see the arts and crafts item appear above that sims head, these are bonus items (when you click on a sim making arts and crafts items you can see underneath the time how many bonus items are available):

You don’t have to collect the bonus every minute but there is a point where the maximum bonus points have been stored so to avoid missing out to any of the bonuses you need to check the game regularly. The table below shows how often you need to check the game to collect all the bonuses.

Regular means the normal amount you would earn, the bonus is the maximum bonus for that station and the time is how long before the maximum bonus is stored, for example the glassware station will normally give you 620 glassware but you can get 100 bonus, if you check back on the game every 15 minutes you will earn 10 glassware:

 STATIONS 2 hours 30 minutes 4 hours 30 minutes 6 hours 30 minutes 8 hours 30 minutes
Regular Bonus 15 mins Regular Bonus 27 mins Regular Bonus 39 mins Regular Bonus 51 mins
Candles 250 100 10 360 140 14 455 155 15 510 240 24
Pottery 375 100 10 540 160 16 680 200 20 765 290 29
Jewelry 565 100 10 810 160 16 1,025 200 20 1,150 325 32
Glassware 620 100 10 890 200 20 1,125 220 22 1,260 400 40

Thank you so much to Hershey for providing the above information!

PLEASE NOTE: if your sims are inspired you will miss out on some of the bonus arts and crafts items as they haven’t updated the formula AND if you are planning to use social points to speed up you will get all the bonuses anyway


The bar at the top of your personal progress tab shows you the items you have already unlocked and those you are yet to unlock, as well as how many resources you need to collect to unlock the next item:

You unlock different items here:

  • Items to purchase– these are the packs that you need to use your resources to buy once you have unlocked them to be able to find that item in your home store (this is explained more in the buying part of this post)
  • Constructor Coins– these are a resource needed to purchase those items mentioned above. You can also earn them on the spin plants but they are probably the hardest item to earn in these events

  • Arts and Crafts Stations– you have already unlocked the candle station but you will need the pottery, jewelry and glassware stations too to be able to make those arts and crafts items to buy the items you unlock

TIP: make sure you place the new arts and crafts stations you unlock as soon as you unlock them so you don’t waste any time, if you previously unlocked them in another live event you will have to still unlock them again before you can use them in this event

  • Social Points– as this event uses social points to speed up actions as well as purchase any resources you still need if you haven’t reached the required amount, you get a few as a reward in these events- they aren’t that generous with them so don’t rely on them to help you complete the event!

TIP: instead of wasting all your SP trying to earn the last resources you need for a pack why not wait for the event to return again in the future? When it does return you will start from where you got to the first time so if you only had one pack left to buy then you will have the full time limit the second time to try and purchase that final pack to complete the live event.


To buy an item you need to use the resources you collect from the arts and crafts stations as well as constructor coins as currency so if an item costs you 50 candles to purchase and you have 60 candles then you will have 10 candles left after you purchased that item. You can see the current amount of resources you have in the inventory in the progress tab:


Below is how an item appears in your progress tab at different stages of the event:

The first picture shows the item is locked, this is how you will see an item when you haven’t collected enough arts and crafts items to reach that item on the bar at the top of your personal progress tab, keep collecting and it will unlock, the unlock symbol will either be orange or green.

The orange unlock symbol as you can see in the second picture means that you have unlocked this item but you do not have enough resources to buy it yet unless you use social points. You don’t have to use social points though, you just need to keep collecting the resources you need by using the arts and crafts stations and the spin plant to earn constructor coins

TIP: if you are unsure what resources you need under requirements there will be a box for each resource you need, the first number under the resource picture is how many resources you currently have and the second number is how many resources you need, if you have enough resources the box will be orange, if you don’t have enough resources the box is blue. You can tell straight away in the picture that I don’t have enough constructor coins to buy the fine dining items pack yet.

The green unlock symbol means you have all the resources you need, click purchase to use those resources to buy the pack, you will then be able to find the items in your home store or wardrobe (depending on the item)

TIP: a pop up will appear saying you have unlocked that pack and where to find your items so make sure you read it

How do you earn constructor coins?

They don’t make constructor coins easy to earn! In my experience with these events I can collect enough arts and crafts items but I am let down by how impossible they make it to earn constructor coins:

  • Personal Progress prizes– as mentioned in the unlocking section you will earn constructor coins when you collect enough resources to unlock that reward on the progress bar
  • Completing Daily Goals– you will earn constructor coins when you complete daily goals and if you manage to complete them all in a day you will earn 20 bonus constructor coins, make sure you collect them every day during the event!
  • Coin Flower Patches– there are two types of coin flower patches, the spin plant which costs 450 candles each time you spin and the mega spin plant which costs 25SP each time you spin but you will earn more constructor coins (personally I never use the mega spin plant, I just earn as many candles as possible to use on the normal spin plant) When you use the plant it will spin and you will earn a certain amount of coins, usually with the spin plant you only get 1-2 coins most times which can be the difference between completing the event in time or not! If the luck is in your favour you can win up to 125 constructor coins on the spin plant and 500 on the mega spin plant with the minimum on the mega spin plant being 10 coins.

If you manage to unlock and buy all the packs during the time limit you can click claim on the prize pack, you will only be able to claim this pack if you have brought all the other packs:

If you didn’t manage to complete in the time you have a few days after the event is over to purchase any packs you have left but you cannot collect anymore arts and crafts items or constructor coins during this time. If you don’t have the requirements you need you can use social points or you could just wait for the event to return in the future!

Once the event is over it will convert your unused resources into simoleons, the conversion rate is half the amount of resources, for example, if you have 10,000 candles left over you will earn 5,000 simoleons, if you only have 1 of a resource left over you will only earn 1 simoleon. When a new live event becomes available you start from 0 resources


  • When completing the goals place all 4 candle stations straight away and then you can put a sim on each station to collect candles for 23 seconds, this way you will start with 200 candles instead of just 50!
  • Also in the goals when you have to restock, restock all of them so you have 2 uses on each of them instead of just one station
  • Do the 2 hour 30 minute option as much as you can, you will find the most arts and crafts items this way
  • Remember to complete and collect your daily rewards every day- you will earn 20 bonus constructor coins if you do!
  • If you can collect the bonuses every 15 minutes or so then you will earn even more resources, if you use social points to speed up the task (most people leave until the last minute possible to speed up so you don’t have to use as many social points) then you will earn all the bonuses
  • Buy all the stations and have a sim on each to earn the most resources
  • Keep collecting candles throughout the event, you won’t need them to buy all the packs but you can use your spare candles on the spin plant to earn constructor coins rather than using the mega spin plant that costs social points
  • If you want to use the mega spin plant but don’t have enough social points then complete the cooking hobby to earn 20LP and use them on the social point flower to earn social points (this isn’t that great anymore as they have increased the cost of the social point flower from 5 to 20LP but it may still help) Click here to find out how to earn LP quickly with the cooking hobby
  • If you know you won’t be able to complete the event then just buy the packs that you really want- you don’t have to buy them in order!
  • The time limit is the same for everyone, if you start late then you will have less days to complete the event- I create a post for each live event so subscribe here if you don’t want to miss an event or start late
  • Resources don’t transfer to future events they get converted into simoleons, so if you have 100 constructor coins and 1,000 pottery left over you will earn 550 simoleons for them and in the next event you will start with 0 constructor coins and 0 pottery
  • Don’t store your stations at the end of an event, if you store them you will have to restock before you can use them again, create a room for them instead! (only put 10 stations in one house as only 10 sims can be in a house at one time) That way you will still have stock left over from the previous event to use on the next!
  • Don’t panic if you cannot complete an event in the time limit, these events do return and when they do you will start from where you got to last time so you can try to complete it then without wasting all your social points completing it the first time

Is there anything to make the events easier?

Laura Craft doesn’t guarantee you will complete the event but you can purchase her for real money, you select the item you want her to make from the options: 200 candles, 300 pottery, 450 jewelry or 500 glassware (you will unlock all the options once you have unlocked all the stations) and you will be able to collect them after 2 hours.

BUT you have to buy her for each live event

Do I think she is worth it? They have improved Laura Craft a lot since the first event (although it would be great if she made constructor coins) she used to be able to collect every 8 hours, they have now changed this to 2 hours so she is more useful now so if you are struggling then you may want to splash out and give her a try but remember you will only get her for the current event, you will have to buy her again to use her for a live event in the future.


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  1. Hi! I’m not sure if this is true for everyone but I realised after cancelling an action when collecting arts and crafts that I didn’t lose any stocks… I did it multiple times after this but still didn’t lose stocks. I’m not sure wether this is a bug/mistake or wether EA purposely changed it, but I hope it will stay like this!
    I also wanted to thank you so so much for using your time to update your helpful blog, it helps me so much! 😊

    • I just tried this again to see if they had changed it but it hasn’t changed for me, I still lost the stock so I’m not sure what is going on!
      You’re welcome 🙂

      • Hi! I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone, but I realized that if I cancel an action when collecting arts and crafts, I only lose a stock if the Sim actually starts collecting. However, if I manage to cancel the action before the Sim reaches his station, then I don’t lose any stocks!
        I hope this helps! 🙂

    • Thanks alot for those amazing tips!!! btw I have a question: do I have to BUY all the packs to have the house available or just unlock them? Because there’re some packs that I dont want so I think it will waste resources and buying all of them means that I have to start making resources over and over again :(( (Hope this make sense :p)
      Thanks again

      • I’m wondering if the shortest time option is really the best because of the restocking. Does it only count as one use for restocking purposes on any of the time options for candle making? If yes, then couldn’t there be added benefit by doing a longer time option because you have to waste less time restocking? I don’t have much SP to use so I don’t want to waste them.

      • It really is the best option, I’m going to try and explain with the candle station as an example, lets say you could do the 2 hour 30 minute option for 24 hours you can use the station 9 times within 24 hours with this option to get 2,250 candles, even if one of those is restocking you will still get 2,000 candles compared with the 4 hour 30 minute option which can be done 5 times earning you 1,800 candles, the 6 hour 30 minute option which can be done 3 times earning you 1,365 or the 8 hour 30 minute option which can be done twice earning you 1,020

    • The 2 hour thirty option is brilliant. I’ve completed the last few events by doing that. Have to take my phone everywhere and set an alarm lol but worth it!
      Any ideas what is coming up in August 2020? Thanks.

  2. I also have an extra tip for completing live events: if you are out of stocks and don’t want to wait 2 and a half hours restocking, don’t select the “10 SPs” option. Instead select the “2.30” option, then you will only have to spend 9 SPs to speed up instead of 10.

    • If you are spending SPs than I would recommend you spend that one extra SP on the 10SPs option as you will get 18 restocks instead of 9 restocks for just one more SP 🙂

  3. Thanks for the very useful tips. I may add something: I have found that when using SPs to complete events is worth using them to speed up the production of crafts rather than to purchase items directly, and when doing so it might be worth using the 8hrs option.

  4. Hi.. I just want to ask. When there have 2 choice such as traditional and colourful hair. Should I purchase both or just one?

  5. Thank you a lot, you are great 🙂
    I have a question: why don’t i have all the live events or the same prises included in one live event? I read about some Franch Castle or Ice sculpture for example, witch i don’t know about, or, i sow here, uper on the page (excuse my grammar), some prices witch i would have liked to have, but i didn’t get (“ooo la living room” and “fine dining”… )
    Also, i read about same live events coming a second or a third time, for me never happened 😦 I find it not fair, sometimes i have exams or a lot to do at work and loose those moments when i should restart producing crafts, or i forget to take the tablet (with the game) and if there are second chances, why don’t i get them?
    Thank you for your help! ❤

  6. Hi! absolutely love that you post all these tips and I’m so grateful that you do!
    Do you happen to know if all surplus resources are the same when they convert to simoleons? or are constructor coins worth more once you’ve claimed all the prizes?

  7. This one I am confused on… If you can collect the bonuses every 15 minutes or so then you will earn even more resources, if you use social points to speed up the task (most people leave until the last minute possible to speed up so you don’t have to use as many social points) then you will earn all the bonuses… Does that mean if I just want until it says 1 sp to speed it up to finish, all the bonuses i would have gotten every 15 mins, I will now get all at once? Say you would have gotten a total of 150 bonus if you could come back every 15 mins, if you us the sp you will get all 150?

    • Precisely. I set a timer for a few minutes ahead to make sure I’m paying attention, and not distracted by the new boy, neighbor rewards and the like, one click on the first one who started the task….as soon as it goes under two minutes, the sp drops to 1, then I click on it, and collect the full bonus. This makes it much quicker to collect resources, it took me a week to do so. I do use Laura, mostly for candles, and have found over the course of several events I get a return of 4.5 construction coins average per spin, or 1 coin for each 100 candles used in spins. I got lucky this time, and got three grasshoppers once, but this was only the second time I’ve gotten it. However, between all the extra ones they gave us, and the daily goals, I actually had coins left over when I claimed my last prize this time.

  8. Hi I recently had to start all over from the very begining I lost all the things I collected from previous live events and quest do they all repeat or once I collected all in the beginning they are gone for good and secondly how do you play the community events to unlock the boat voyage I had never seen them appear….

    • They are very good at bringing back events so those who didn’t manage to complete them or haven’t been playing that long can try to complete them. One of the community events for the sea voyage boat was a christmas one so I don’t know if they are planning to bring this back again as they usually do something different each year for christmas but they will probably bring back the tropical romance island one on the boat, usually that one appears around February but all we can do is wait and see!

  9. Thank you so much for your blog! It is so incredibly helpful!
    I have 3 questions:

    1. Is it really possible to complete these events, unlock and purchase all prizes and get the grand prize before time runs out?

    2. Do these events reoccur within a few months?

    3. Do you think it’s a better strategy to save all arts and crafts and coins until the clock is almost run out and just purchase the items you really want?

    This is my first time doing a live event. I have 7 (almost 6) days left in the dream daycare event. I have purchased the moon night light, both crib sets, and the daycare toy shelves (which, I’m super disappointed that they’re basically decorative and don’t have any actions for toddlers!) I just can’t see how I’m going to finish! Any help is appreciated!

    Keep up your awesome work!

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad it helps!
      It is possible to complete them but they are not easy, if you cannot do the shortest option as much as possible then you will find it hard to complete in time.
      It is hard to say when they reappear as it is random, it is just when they decide to bring one back so we have to wait and see!
      I would suggest you have one in mind you want to buy and then buy it when you have the items you need, I wouldn’t recommend leaving everything until the time is up to buy it incase you made a mistake in your amounts and don’t have enough resources but definitely buy the ones you really want first and then you won’t be too disappointed if you don’t complete in the time limit.

      • Thank you so much for your reply!

        I did give in and buy the things I wanted.
        I figured you could only really complete this event if you did the 2.5 hour option over and over again. I just don’t have the time! 😦
        I’m ready for when it comes back around though!

      • What about when the time the event returns? Will I still have to grind for the items that I didn’t buy (since I will be starting at 0 resources) So is it better to buy them all now? Or when the event returns all the items that I bought will be gone?

      • You will have to earn resources again but when it returns it is easier as you don’t have to earn as many arts and crafts items as you have less packs to buy. You don’t have to buy any of the packs again you have brought this time.

  10. Love your blog, I have a widget for it right next to my Sims game 😉
    Question ~ it says there is 13 hours left AND that the goals will reset I’m that amount of time as well? Is there one more Daily Goal to complete at the end?
    I just want to make sure I leave an item to purchase and some candles for the spin plant if needed.
    Hope this makes sense lol.

  11. Hi & thanks for your precious help! I was wondering: all unused items (jewels/pottery/etc) get turned into simoleons? Do they all have the same value?

  12. Hello I was wondering, I have trouble completing the live events in the sims free play especially saving up my LPs and social points from other quests. My question is do the live events come up again if I didn’t complete it the first time?

  13. I cant complete the live event..but I need hair wash & cutting station.
    will it be available in home store😒

    • Hi weightlessmagic,

      You mentioned that when live event returned, you will start from where you got to last time. Can you please elaborate on this? Do you mean the prizes that I have already unlocked last time, I won’t have to unlock again the 2nd time round? I just have to unlock prizes that I didn’t unlock the 1st time round and I still able to complete the event?


      • Yes, any items you have purchased you won’t have to purchase again and any items you have unlocked you won’t have to unlock again you will just be able to buy them when you earn enough resources but you will start again with 0 resources. Once you have purchased all the remaining packs you will be able to claim the final prize, it doesn’t matter if you complete it on the first go or it takes you 5 tries to complete it, you will always be able to get all the prizes if the event returns.

  14. I did not plan the live event that well, and I will take note of the bullet points in your post. The event seems SO much longer than community event which I prefer since you get support from other players but the Live Event make you do everything and no one has time to play every two hours. Do you have any clue what event is next? I really missed out on the teen and daycare event.

    I seen the discovery quest with the toddler but I’m not sure if it’s worth doing. I don’t have enough funds to do the other quest which requires the train to be built. I only have 1,054,000 which isn’t much to build with.

    • They aren’t longer than community events, they are the same length and are pretty much the same thing you just don’t have the community prizes, you still have personal prizes in community events you have to earn on your own, it probably seems longer though as when they introduced them they made them hard to complete! I have no idea what the next one will be yet but I will let everyone know when I find out.

      If you don’t want to do a discovery quest right now you can leave it until you are ready, there is no time limit on them so they will be available when you want to do them 🙂

  15. I may have missed it somewhere reading this. I have 1 day left doing Wedding Belles. I have unlocked everything. I’ve purchased everything. I don’t have enough time to purchase the wedding dresses. I want the building. When the time runs out, will Wedding Belles event return and will I be able to pick up where I left off?

    • Yes, when they bring the event back you will start from where you got to this time so if you just have the wedding dresses left that is the only pack you will need to buy next time to complete it

  16. Hi! Thanks for your help. So I’m doing the Wedding Belles Event now and I’m almost out of time. I read that you have two days to purchase what you were not able to in the time limit with SP coins, will I still be able to get the wedding venue at that point or only if I buy everything within the set time frame?

  17. After the event had ended you have 2 days to purchase items.
    I’m short the last bride and groom collection. If I purchase it with SP, will the ceremony and reception unlock? Or do I have to wait until the next wedding event to unlock the reception? Thank you so much for your time answering this!

  18. Hey! I’m wondering how much simoleons you get for leftover event items? Like is it worth Gathering extra or should i just send My Sims to work haha? 🙂 I’ve got enough of everything except glass for The last Item I need to unlock! Thanks for a great blog.

    • It is hard to tell as it converts them so quick so its difficult to work out how much you get for each, sorry! Personally I would just send my sims to work as they will probably earn more money that way but it is up to you.

    • Hi I was just wondering according to this tip given “Don’t store your stations at the end of an event, if you store them you will have to restock before you can use them again, create a room for them instead!” so after I had completed the previous event I did exactly as said with a stock up of 9 for each stations. However with the new event up and I’ve unlocked the 2nd station it seems that all my stations are down to 0 stocks thus needing me to restock. With this, I’m just wondering if this tip still works with the current game update or does moving the stations around the home lots without storing them in inventory cause them to drop to 0?

      • This definitely still works, I do this every time. Was this the candle station? That one always needs restocking to begin with but the rest of them should still have the amount of stock you left them with last time.

  19. Hi 🙂 I was wondering how many days has your record been for completing one of these events. The major reason I ask is if I happen to come in late…wondering how late is too late. Thank you in advance.

    • I rarely complete them to be honest and if I do it usually takes the full amount of time, these events aren’t easy! Don’t worry too much as they usually bring these events back.

  20. Hey – your blog is awesome- thanks! Quick question – you know how at the end of the live event you get 48 hours to buy any unbought prizes? Well in those 48 hours can you still use the spin plant and the mega spin plant if you’ve got left over candles? Also, does 1 SP = 1 constructor coin when you’re trying to buy stuff? It looks impossible to get enough coins in this live event!

    • No you cannot use the spin plants during that time or collect anymore resources.
      1SP is usually 1 constructor coin but the other resources aren’t for example if you need 300 pottery still it wouldn’t cost you 300SP

  21. Hey! If I don’t complete the live event this time, will I be able to complete it the next time around? I started late, so…..

  22. Hi! Discovered this blog recently, it’s been so helpful and has really changed the way I play! I just wanted to ask, if I buy Laura Craft to primarily make candles does she use one of my candle crafting stations?

  23. Hi, you said to leave the arts and crafts stations out after a live event ends, so you’ll still have any remaining stock available for the next live event, but I was wondering if that applies to all four stations, or just the candle station. I’m asking because I didn’t know if the other three stations lose their stock regardless since they need to be unlocked for each live event.

  24. Say I have one item left. I have all the constructor coins I need, I have all the candles I need. Is it better to put extra candles through the spin plant? Do the coins convert to more simoleons than candles do? Or does it not matter?


  25. Thanks for the tips. My tip is that you don’t have to build a room for the crafting stations, I put mine right out in the yard.

  26. This happens to me at least once in every live event where unlocking a prize doesn’t count towards the Daily Goal unlocking/buying a reward. Anyone else run into this, do you have any solutions? I hate actually buying any of the rewards until the end in case I don’t complete everything and I have to prioritize what I want to get. And it always seems to happen when there is a large gap between prizes.

  27. Hello, can anyone help. The live event for the french chateau has just started again, I have played this event before and it has started off where I last finished so half the prizes are unlocked and I have unlocked the pottery station etc, the problem is it won’t let me use the other stations. It Just tells me they will unlock when it get to them but I am already passed them, hope that makes sense. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I have waited to so long this one to happen again and now it think I will miss out .

  28. My crafting station are gone from inventory.The reason is the home have crafting station in that were demolish.Can you explain that situation and how to bring back those station?Thank you

    • It may be they just aren’t showing until a new event becomes available, I’m sure another live event will be back soon and you should be able to place them from the event tab in buy mode even if they still won’t show in your inventory.

  29. This is such a great detailed guide! However one thing that happens to me during live events, is I get right at the end and the only resource I need is the glassware. It seems like it asks for a lot and I never seem to make enough. Is there a tip to make more glassware?

    • Unfortunately this is how they have designed it so these live events are impossible to complete in the time limit! I never complete them the first time, I always have to wait for the event to return again so I can finish it

  30. Hi, thank you so much for all the helpful information you give. I have noticed, in the last 2 live events, my extra constructor coins carry over into the next event. After noticing it the first time, I continued to collect candles until the very end and earn coins to see if it would happen again, and it did! I started this current event with 60 coins. I dont think I’m lucky enough to have my own glitch, so it may be something they have changed. It only works with coins, but I’m happy with that.

    • this strategy or tip has helped me a lot. if only i have read this earlier then maybe i could have purchased some items that i wanted in the past.
      currently i am doing the “french gallery” live event and i applied the tricks that i have read here.
      these are effective for me:
      1. do the 2 hrs & 30 mins. option the rest of the day that you are awake and at night before going to bed. choose the 8hr option. ( this needs patience and a lot of your time wasted. 🤭)
      2. i have learned a tip in restocking instead of doing the 2 hrs restock and this does not require sp.
      3. if you think that you cannot finish the event then i prefer to buy the items that is harder to accomplish 1st and then work your way to the easiest ones.

      i have 3 items left for purchase and i have 1 day and few more hrs left. i have all requirements needed to buy 2 items. i just need to pray for miracles to get the construction points i needed then ill be completing the event.

  31. Do you know how many simoleons per craft you receive at the end of the craft events?

    As always, thanks for the great content 🙂

  32. I’m using your strategy, and it is by far, the best way to deal with the current event!

  33. Where is the pottery station once it’s unlocked? I can’t find it. On another note, where is the hospital so I can build that?!

  34. How often do these events come back? I’ll be 550 ish short on pottery and about 130 short on constructor coins so I’m definitely annoyed by that, but if these events come back often I can complete it easily. So do these come back often, or will I have to wait many months for the magical Morocco event to come back?

  35. I love live events. Yes they’re tough but they are quite achievable. I choose the 2hr 30 option during the day and set a timer on my phone so I’m reminded to collect, then overnight I choose a longer option that fits how long I’ll be sleeping for. Always aim to get the daily reward to boost your points and at the end of the event ensure all your stations are fully stocked so they are ready to go at the next live event (you don’t need to let your sims complete a whole shift , just start them off, then immediately cancel until they need to do a restock, have them restock, then you’re ready for the next live event) Seems trivial but I do think it makes a difference. No need to restock the candles, they reset anyway with each new event. As mentioned don’t put the stations away, leave them out ready to go.

  36. Hey darling, I am using 2 hrs option this time on Tutti Frutti event, it is game changer, I have a favor to ask, can you please update Hershey’s Table above. As inspired sims spend less time (2 hours 23 min) 15 min – 10 max equation is not working fully, I always have some left outs which feels like a waste, thanks beforehand 🌸

    • I’ve tested it out and spoken to Hershey and we are both in agreement that because they haven’t changed how the bonuses work you will always miss out on a few arts and crafts items unfortunately. However Hershey says their ability to complete the live events hasn’t been affected by this.

  37. If we pick up where we left off on our next go at the event, does that mean the craft stations will already be unlocked and we won’t receive the previous constructor coins and SP as progress rewards? Say I only have the last two items left which require glass, will I have to wait until nearly the end of the event to be able to make glass and risk running out of time again?

    • The stations will already be unlocked if you unlocked them all last time the event was available and you won’t earn any of the coins or social points on the bar from items already unlocked.
      It is much easier to complete the next time, if you have already unlocked the glassware station you will have the full time limit to make glassware

      • That’s such a relief! Thank you for your response!
        I just completed the Holiday Home event and filled the Progress Bar, but I ended up being a bit short to buy the Sunshine & Study pack. It’s good to know I’ll be able to start making glass straightaway next time!
        I really like these events. The prizes are so much nicer than anything I can buy at my level. Now that I’ve read your tips, I should be more successful in the future!
        Thanks, again!

  38. Oh, and how can you complete your Daily Goals if you only have one or two things left to buy on your second time through the event? Sometimes I get the Constructor Coins and SP on the Progress Bar in the same day, and then I have to buy something the next day to complete the goal because I won’t unlock the next thing in time.

    I’m sorry if these are silly questions, but I’m a fairly new player, and I’m learning so much from your helpful blog! Your site is so extensive this may have been answered elsewhere, but I didn’t see it, so any clarification would be appreciated. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

    • When the event returns the ‘unlock or buy a prize’ task doesn’t appear so it is even easier to complete daily tasks the second time around!
      No such thing as a silly question 🙂

  39. Bonus Resources – I was obsessively coming back every couple of minutes because I wasn’t aware of Hershey’s schedule. If it’s a resource that has 10 available after 15 minutes but I don’t come back until after 30 minutes has passed, will there still only be 10 available or will there be 20 available? Will I lose out on the full amount of bonuses if I don’t come back at the designated intervals?

    I sincerely hope you’ve found a way to monetize this Sims obsession of yours because it’s very apparent that you yo spend a TON of time on it. This newbie thanks you immensely for your devotion to the cause lol.

    • There will still only be 10 available as that is the maximum amount the bonus can fill up to so you would need to return every 10 minutes to get all the bonus arts and crafts items (which is a lot!)

      You’re very welcome! Hopefully you will find it useful!

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